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Fashion Friday – How I style my hair

Ok everyone.  I finally did it.  I filmed myself doing my hair.  And I can’t believe I am really going to post this video!  I’m seriously so nervous just thinking about it!  Kind of sick to my stomach nervous.  I can’t even watch it because I just start critiquing myself to death and want to crawl into a little hole and hide there!   It is SO hard to talk to yourself in front of a mirror and not look and sound and feel like a complete idiot.  And let me tell you.  I felt like a complete idiot filming it and I am well aware that I look and sound like a complete idiot.  Plus I have to apologize for the lighting.  It’s awful and it certainly doesn’t do me any favors!  I filmed this on a dark, rainy day.  I had a small window of time last weekend when Kenny was home and the kids were occupied and I seized it!  Bad lighting and all.  I started out with Kenny filming me but it was making me too nervous!  He is a loose cannon and I never know what he is going to say or do to embarrass me so I kicked him out of the bathroom and set up the tripod.  And I know he was bummed because he was secretly dying to know how I get my bangs to frame my face.  ;)

So without further nervousness and rambling from me – here is my tutorial on how I style my hair….

(BTW – I really don’t think You Tube could have picked a worse beginning pose.  They aren’t doing me any favors either.  For some reason I couldn’t get it to post any bigger than this on my blog so you can click on the You Tube button on the bottom if you want to watch it larger.)

What do you think?  Did that help?  Or did I completely humiliate myself for nothing?  :)  Are you all thinking that I sound different than you imagined?  I was so nervous in the beginning that I did a really nervous laugh and then said the word “stupider” — is stupider even a word!?  The hard thing with a vlog is there is no proofreading or spell checking or re-writing.  After I filmed it I wanted to re-do it, but couldn’t because my hair was done!  So it was a one time deal.  And I really do feel vulnerable posting that but so many of you have been so kind to me about my hair and have asked over and over how I style it so I’m sacrificing my dignity for you!  I hope it helps!  At least one or two of you!!  And if not I am SO deleting that baby this weekend.  :)

Frequently asked questions:

1)  How often do you wash your hair?

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t wash my hair every day or even every other day.  I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and I do this for a couple of reasons.  Reason one is that I have three kids (one of whom is 19 months old and a tremendous amount of work), a husband who works a lot, obligations and hobbies and a busy, full life.  Something has to give.  For me it’s the hair washing.  Reason two is that my hairdresser actually says it’s better to not wash your hair every day.  Although I don’t know that she would approve of me going as long as I sometimes do! ;)  Reason three is simply because I can get away with it.  I have dry skin/scalp and my hair actually looks better on the second or third day after washing it.  Yes I shower.  :)  I exercise almost every day and I always shower after.  I just pull my hair up in a bun and don’t get it wet.  Gross?  Maybe.  Maybe someday when my kids are in school all day I’ll always wash and blow dry my hair.  But I doubt it.  Because it takes so long to blow dry and I’d rather spend that time organizing, decorating, scrapbooking, exercising, or blogging about how I don’t wash my hair!  :)

2)  What hair products do you use?

Hmmm..  products.  I’ve tried so many different ones over the years!  I don’t have a shampoo/conditioner that I’m crazy about.  I’ve used a lot that I’ve liked, but haven’t fallen in love with anything.  I’m testing a few new ones right now and will let you know if I ever find “the one.”  But I have fallen in love with and married my hair spray and my straightener.  And divorce is not an option.

I have used Paul Mitchell hair spray FOREVER.  Love it.  Always have.  Always will.  It holds my hair in place without being sticky or making it look frozen.  Plus I love the smell.  I’ve tried everything they have to offer as far as hair spray goes and I love them all.  Sculpting spray, freeze and shine, it’s all good.  After I shower, I put Enjoy straightener on my hair (bottle with the purple star).  LOVE Enjoy products too.  The straightener makes my hair so smooth and easy to blow dry.  It’s a straightener, but I’ve even used it on Addison’s wet, curly hair and it makes her curls smooth and manageable without loosening them.

(LOVE her curls!)

The small purple bottle is Enjoy’s shine spray.  It helps with the humidity.  I spray a little bit of it on my hair after it’s styled on really humid days and it helps keep my hair from frizzing all over the place.  I’ve tried Enjoy’s shampoo and conditioner and didn’t love them.  My favorite is by far the straightener.  Another shampoo/conditioner that I really like is Biolage.  If any of you are in love with your shampoo/conditioner I’d love to hear about it!

The above picture from this post is the only one I have of my curling iron.  I’ve mentioned before how I used to use a really expensive one and then bought this cheap Conair 1 inch curling iron at Target for $9.99 for our trip to Italy.  It’s awesome!  Curls my hair so good and fast.  I haven’t used my expensive one since!  You can buy it here.

3)  Where are your kids while you are doing your hair?

Girls are in school or playing with each other.  Kole is hanging on my leg and while I hold the curling iron in one hand I am usually trying to distract him with the other.  Toothbrushes and belts are his latest obsession.  If I didn’t have those little distractions in my bathroom my hair would never get done!

4)  How long does it take to do your hair everyday?  

I think this video is about 8 or 9 minutes long and I spent more time on it than I do on most days when I’m just touching it up.  Probably around 5 minutes most days.  On the days that I wash my hair it takes about 30-35 minutes to blow dry and curl it all so add that to the time it takes to shower and do my make-up and I’m looking at an hour to get ready.  Not possible for every day.  

5)  Do you use color or highlights?  Did you ever make a big color change or just subtle ones?
I highlight my hair every 6-8 weeks.  My natural color is slightly darker than I have it right now.  I usually just make really subtle changes.

Here my hair has a little more of the strawberry blond highlights.  

In this picture with my siblings it has some more of the reddish tones.  See – not a huge difference. :)
I mix it up a little but always stay within my comfort zone.  Once I decided to be daring and go really dark and I hated it!  I went back to the girl who did it and asked if she’d fix it.  I told her I’d re-pay her and everything.  Luckily she was cool and re-did it for free and I’ve never dared to go really dark again! 

6)  How did you do your hair in the Italy picture?

I mentioned this in the video but I just left the ringlets on the bottom and curled the top the same way I showed you.  Curl out and away from your face!

And for my last two cents on this already too long post — When it comes to hair I think so much of it is figuring out what works for you.  I spent years blow drying and straightening my hair to get it to look like this:

I can do that and it looks fine, but it takes me forever to style.  My hair doesn’t want to be straight.  It is really time consuming to fight my natural wave/curl and make my hair look like that.  Plus I live in a humid climate which makes it even harder to maintain that look.  After I started curling my hair and realized how much easier it was to maintain because my hair holds the curl for so long I gave up the fight.  I still straighten it once in a while (especially when I’m visiting family in Utah – a nice dry climate!) but it just isn’t practical for me for everyday.  If your hair doesn’t hold curl and you have to spend forever each day curling it, then this style isn’t the one for you.  Work with and embrace what you’ve got!

And you will have happy hair days from here on out!  
Let me know if you have any more questions and I will answer them in the comments!  
Have a great weekend everyone!
p.s.  If you missed the series so far – First hair post is here.
Second hair post on why I do my hair every day is here.  
xoxo, Erin
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120 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – How I style my hair

  1. Erin! You have totally inspired me to go & curl my hair!! If only my hair held the curls! Also yes your voice sounds very different to how I read your voice in my head (If that makes sense lol) x

  2. erin, love your blog and read it regularly, though i don’t comment. but today i had to tell you how beautiful you look – and sound – on your film! usually i don’t like to watch v-logs, but yours is exception, so i would be glad if you film something for us from time to time!

  3. Thanks Erin! I have thick wavy hair (and also live in a humid climate) and have worn it short for quite a few years but have decided to grow it a little and have just been putting it in a daggy ponytail each day. I will give this a try, you made it look so easy, first thing is to ditch my complicated curling iron! Enjoy the coming festive season, Emma in Australia.

  4. How stinkin’ cute are you?!!! Adorable. And, you sound just like I thought you would. Would kill for that hair…mine is baby fine and fairly straight. My girls both got dad’s curls…the pretty kind, perfect ringlets! However, they prefer to straighten their hair…go figure!

  5. Erin, you have really great hair! You definitely win the “best hair” award. Love the tutorial – but I don’t think my hair would hold curl like yours does. I’ll give it a try this weekend, though! You are so cute on the video – no need to be embarassed at all! Love it!!!!

  6. How cute are you?! Your vlog was GREAT! I think we have very similiar hair as far as thickness and texture go. I also only wash my hair 2-3 times a week b/c it takes so long to blow out. I often use the curling iron too and my hair holds the curl well. I love how you say go with what works for you. I find using a flat iron on my hair time consuming…and if there’s any humidity outside…I am screwed! I am excited to try some of the products you use! Cute headband!

  7. Erin, so sweet and beautiful! This is how I describe you and I am so glad you are the same positive and smiley and sweet voice as you seem in the pictures and text! I can’t find you on Facebook, do you have an account? Thanks! Marina

  8. I watched the video at work with no sound! I can’t wait to watch it at home. That cracks me up that you are wondering if people think you sound the way they had imagined! HA! You were a teacher… Still are. Its in your blood so this kind of stuff makes you a natural. I can’t believe how fast you wipped out your hair. It usually only takes me 5 minutes to straighten my hair. But, watching you curl it that fast. HOLY COW! You are good. I have the same type of hair as you. So, I know how you feel sometimes. I actually bought a 3 barrel iron so I can try to let my hair be a little more wavey/curly. I am a hair stylist by night. I no longer do it in a salon. Paul Mitchell makes some really good stuff. When you talked about the smell… oh my goodness. I love freeze and shine! When you use good products in your hair I think you truely notice a difference. But there is a price to pay for it. I always feel bad when people have to purchase it at a salon when it’s priced 50% more. Anyways… this is getting way to long. Having a good hairdryer makes a huge diffence too. HUGE! Erin, for your hair have you ever tried sleek look by Matrix. They also make biolage. Sometimes I think Biolage can dry your hair out depending on the shampoo you buy. Sleek look is amazing. It smells amazing too. I always suggest it to people that have hair like you and I. They just changed the bottle to white with orange lettering on it. Redken also makes a really good moisturizing shampoo. Dark blue bottle I believe. One more thing. Its always good to buy two different bottles of shampoos and switch it up every other week. Great job Erin! You are beautiful!

  9. That was a great video! I would have been a nervous wreck to do something like that too, but you did great! Unfortunately my hair after having kids doesn’t hold curl like it used to. But I also think I need a new curling iron. I usually don’t watch vlogs, but yours I have been waiting to see how you do your hair! :)

  10. THANK YOU! You are so sweet to share your hair secrets with us :) Also, I’ve been using the Enjoy straightener for about a month (after your recommendation) and I LOVE it! Thanks for the tip!

  11. Hi Erin!
    Thanks for the fun video to watch as I drank my coffee this morning. :)
    I have to say, coming from a hairdresser, you did a great job. :)
    You are too cute.
    I posted my first hair tutorial recently too and I was a nervous wreck. My heart was beating so fast and I felt like everyone watching the video could tell!! ha. Why is it that we feel so much safer behind the computer? ;)
    Well done Erin. You have beautiful hair!

  12. Super cute video, Erin! You did a great job!

    I do miss the days of having my hair long sometimes. It was so nice to be able to pull it back in a ponytail on some days! Mine took such an effor though….it’s so much easier keeping it short!

    Forever jealous of your hair,

  13. Hi Erin! You, girl, are the FASTEST hair-curler in the west! :) I was so inspired that I curled mine this morning. Baby hanging on my leg and all. Ha! Thanks for the encouragement, it felt good to put a little more effort into my appearance, and I’ve been one motivated momma this morning….maybe it’s having my ‘do done? Anyway, thank you for your vlog bravery….you are a great teacher and it was so fun to hear your voice! Going to have to try the Enjoy products, it is so so humid here in FL 90% of the time. Biolage shamp/cond. is my fave. Have a great weekend!!

  14. Thank you so much everyone! You’re making me feel a little better about the vlog (it is so intimidating doing that!).

    Kim – I just added a link for the Conair curling iron at Target. 9.99 baby! I think it’s their cheapest one!

    Anonymous – thanks for the shampoo tips! I actually have tried Matrix and liked it. I just don’t feel like I’ve fallen in love with any shampoos – yet anyway. I’ll have to try Redken! So sweet of you to add your tips and advice!

    Marina – I have a facebook account but I’m NEVER on facebook. I just find that I spend so much time blogging I don’t want to do one more thing on the computer. Especially something that takes me away from my kids during the day. When Kole gets a little older and isn’t so high maintenance I’ll probably check in with facebook once in a while! :)

  15. Thanks for making yourself vulnerable for us! IT is great to see how someone gets themself ready. I had no idea your style could be attained so quickly! That has always been my excuse – with 6 kids – that I don’t have time. But I can handle 5ish minutes….because I don’t wash my hair everyday either. I also like how you encourage us to embrace what is our natural hair state! Good ideas. THanks for the advice on product too. I am excited to give this a try on my head! You looked and sounded beautiful!

  16. So glad you posted! Your hair in the Italy picture is just gorgeous! : ) Don’t delete this video- in fact, maybe you need to vlog once a month! I’d love a vlog of your making of your Christmas cards this year! : )

  17. I love when people post video blogs….and yours did not disappoint, Erin! You are just as cute on camera as you are through your writing :)

    Gosh, I’m jealous of your hair! Mine was always totally straight, then I did a whole lotta crap to it in my younger years (perms, bleaching, constant coloring), and then I went and had 2 kids, and now it’s just frizz central :( But it does straighten very easily (sadly doesn’t hold curl well at all) so that’s what I go with. Mine is a little (actually a LOT) shorter than I’d like right now, but hey it’s hair, it grows right? A cute headband can work wonders!

    And I only wash my hair every 3 days….I actually hate styling my hair freshly washed, it’s so much better with a little “dirt”. I do the same as you, just put it up to shower. So you are not alone there :)

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Love, love, love the video! I have the same type of hair that you do, but straighten it every few days. You have inspired me to curl it! I already have the curling iron and the Enjoy straightener, and now I have the technique. Thanks so much – it was a wonderful tutorial. You looked and sounds great. MORE VLOGS FOR ERIN! :)

  19. Gorgeous Erin!! I had imagined you with more of an accent lol

    How speedy are you rolling that iron? I had to check it wasnt on fast forward!

    Cute as always

  20. One of my most favorite posts ever! Thanks for sharing your technique vlog style. I cannot believe how quickly your hair curls! Mine would come out just as flat before if I released it from the iron as fast as you do. You have inspired me to try for curls this weekend. Thank you!

  21. You are too cute, I loved the video…it was great! I know it will help me tons because I am not a “do your” hair girl (I always have it pulled back). I would definetely look at more tutorials from you. Thanks, you did wonderful!

    vicky t

  22. Great video! I have wavy hair too and have recently decided that if I’m going to have longer hair and I need to stop forcing it to be straight and driving myself crazy and embrace my curl more often – thanks to the curling iron!

    Question: I know you mentioned that you just put your hair up in a bun to shower on the off days, but what do you do with your hair when you exercise?? If my hair doesn’t get completely sweaty from exercise, then the problem is that it gets those kinks from the rubber band holding it back or what not. If I didn’t exercise I could totally go days without wetting/styling my hair, but exercise seems to through the kink in it – – what do you do???

  23. I agree with Savannah, your voice was different from what I expected. It’s not bad at all, it’s sweet…I thought it was kind of “roughy” if that is a word. Thanks again!

    vicky t

  24. Hi Erin — LOVED the video and you sound EXACTLY like I imagined in my head :) You curl your hair super fast!! Plus, I have the same question Katy does about hair after a workout :)

    I am now really being demanding but is it possible for you to do a video of your makeup routine.. please :)


  25. Oh.. one more thing Erin…. By the way… you are already looked awesome before you even started curling it! What the heck! Super duper jealous!

  26. I LOVE reading your blog and was soooo happy to see your video post today. Your voice is exactly how I imagined it. Great video! I’m going to test out the curls today.
    I was wondering if you could do a post on how you organize your girls hair clips and bows.

  27. Hi Katy!

    That is such a good question! When I exercise I pull my hair up in a really high pony tail on the top of my head. For some reason when I pull it up high on top (instead of straight back) it doesn’t kink as much. But sometimes it does kink and I just use the curling iron to straighten it out as best as I can. My hair definitely looks and lasts better if I’m not exercising too! Try putting the pony tail up really high on the top of your head.

    Kelly – I will definitely share how I organize my girls’ hair accessories some time! Great idea. :)

  28. You did a great job on video and I felt like I was in your bathroom! Very well spoken and presented. I tried this yesterday before I saw this post. It turned out o.k. but now that I just spent time watching your video I am going to try it again but use hairspary which I didn’t. I too use ENjoy straightner and my hair is pretty similiar in style and lenght. Tahnk you so much for taking the time to do this!

  29. Ok, you are so cute! I know it’s scary videoing yourself and putting out there for the world, but you don’t need to worry, you’re darling.

    Now for my question… I think we have pretty similar hair. I have natural curl which I’m trying to embrace, but I really just wish it was straight. Anyway, my question is what do you do on the day you wash your hair, do you straighten it first and then do the curling iron?
    Thanks! Megan

  30. I loved this whole post! You have such great hair & I have been wanting to know how you did it since the first time I ever read your blog! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  31. Hilarious! Love the first 20ish seconds and the last, like 12 seconds or so. I WANT YOU TO BE DITZY in the whole video like your blog posts are, LOL!!!! Hehe! You are too serious! I LOVE how you are all done with your video, give a cutesy ‘I’m finished’ smile, then you say, “OH!!!! I was going to show you something else!! The “Oh crap! I forgot something” look on your face is priceless! You are too adorable! No wonder Kenny keeps ya around– you’re super mom, you do your hair AND make up, dress adorable, you maintain a gorgeous house, have all these amazing ideas and CARRY THEM OUT, organize every nook of your house, you make a MEAN lean pocket ;-), and are cute to boot!!! :-) (I’m giving you a hard time again, like w/ the potpourri!!! How did it turn out, BTW??)

    So funny you asked if you sounded how we imagined, because anytime I watch a video from someone for the 1st time, afterwards I usually think, “Hmm, I didn’t think they would sound like that!” LOL I think you surprised me, too, and sounded “older” than I thought…. just in the middle part. Not that your VOICE was older, as in age-older, but like… maturity-level– I don’t think I’m making it better! Haha!!! I think it was b/c of your nerves :-) Like I said above, I wanted you to be cute and ditzy the whole video. Hehe!!! Hoping this doesn’t come off the wrong way, LOL But from all your posts, you’re so darn funny and I love it when you talk about how you hang out with Kole and the girls all day and, well.. you know what I mean, heck, you write the stuff!!! And that’s exactly how I am, so it’s fun to read! :-) Again, hoping none of that came off rude!!!! :-)

    Your gorgeous hair makes me wish I had long hair, but I have to wash my hair every day or it looks like I dipped my head in… I don’t know… something really greasy… can’t think of a really nasty-greasy word right now! LARD! It looks like I have lard in my hair! Haha!! Of course sometimes I think that if you have longer hair that you can go longer between washings because the oils have more hair to “travel” or “spread out” on, therefore your hair doesn’t look so greasy and nasty! LOL Not sure that makes much sense or is true, but it’s just a thought I’ve had! I never had problems with greasy hair until I cut it above my shoulders! Also, it takes about 45 minutes to blow dry my super thick hair! (And that’s with it cut above my shoulders!!!) It doesn’t hold curl either! :-( Bummer all the way around!!

    Shampoo suggestion: I had a sample of John Frieda Full Repair and OH MY LORD. The smell!!!! Ahhhh I seriously think it was the best smelling shampoo ever. Like, in the middle of the night, I would intentionally scoot closer to the hubs and put my head closer to his so he could smell it, ha!!! Pathetic, much???!!!

    Pet peeve: You left the little stand/rest thing of your curling iron down as you were doing your hair, LOL!!! That thing always gets in my way!! I have to fold it up! As fast as you rock your hair out though, it didn’t seem to get in your way! You have that thing DOWN PAT!!!!

    Okay, I’m done giving you a hard time ;-) Love your blog posts and feel like you’re such a fun person, and someone who can take a little teasing!!!! :-) Next time I comment, I’ll try to make it strictly nice!!! Fair??

  32. Hi Erin, Long time reader, first time commenting :-)I’m all the way from Australia and I LOVE your blog! Thank you so much for allowing us all into your home and life! You have really inspired me to just go with the flow! My hair also has natural curls but I’m always fighting them to straighten – plus fighting to find the time with a 3 year old and 13 month old! (Queensland, where I live is, very hot and humid – especially now moving into summer!- and I find it very difficult to maintain the straightness on my thick hair)… I’m thinking Santa might stop and pick me up a curling iron on his visit to my house ;-)btw I love your accent! I visited the US for the first time in August (spent our time in LA and Vegas… have about a million other places dying to visit on the next visit in the not to distant future!!!) I just love hearing Americans talk!

  33. Your voice sounds exactly the same as I remember it. I totally am on an every other day schedule with my hair too, I am drying to stretch it a little longer, but haven’t make it there yet. I think my hair is very similar to yours, but my does not hold the curl like your though, not at all. Have you ever tried the Matrix sleek look line? It’s wonderful, especially the conditioner, it’s my favorite one I have tried so far. Where do you get that straightener? I honestly have never heard of that line before. Cute video by the way.

  34. Just read your other comments about the matrix stuff, so sorry to repeat, but I seriously love the conditioner, I don’t always buy the shampoo, but always end up going back to the conditioner.

  35. Your hair looks great! I have a natural wave to my hair and I have been trying to have “straight” hair for years. Not only is the iron damaging to the ends of my hair, but it’s really time-consuming. Thanks for making me want to embrace the easy and more natural way to do my hair!

  36. I have dreams of having my hair curl like yours. I grew up in a high humidity area and then moved to UT. So much kinder to my curly hair! I tend to straighten my hair b/c I’m not a fan of my natural curl. I want to try curling mine like yours. I have a feeling we both have similar hair types. I’m going to have to pick up a curling iron like yours. I haven’t found one that I like yet. And I second everyone else when I say that I think you were darling in your video. Exactly like I expected and I’m now convinced you need to move to Salt Lake so we can be friends. ;)

  37. It was so great to hear your voice again!!! :)

    I gotta get one of those curling irons, although I know it won’t do anything for my thin hair that does not hold a curl.

    So good to ‘see’ you. xoxo

  38. So nice to “see you” and not just read your blog. thanks for the post. makes a lot of sense. your hair def hold curl sooo well.. awesome tutorial. you have NOTHING to be shy about!!!

  39. Im so glad you posted this Erin! I have been a loyal blog reader for over a year and its so fun to see a video of you because it brings you to life! You should not be embarrassed at all, you were great in the video, in fact I would LOVE it if you would do MORE videos!!! So please do MORE!!! An idea would be if you go shopping you can do videos on your finds. You should do a a makeup tuturial as well.

  40. I’ve never commented on your blog before, even though I read religiously! This video is A-DOR-ABLE! You are so pretty and sound nothing like what I thought. I thought you’d have a southern accent, no idea why! Ha!

    My hair holds curl horribly, so I’m super envious of your hair and watched the whole video just like “wait, you have to hold it longer – the curl isn’t going to take” and then my jaw would drop when you took the curling iron out and had a perfect ringlet! Lucky duck!

    Love your blog!

  41. oh one more thing, do you pull your hair back at night or just leave it loose? I have a hard time leaving my hair loose, it ends up all over my face and just irritates me. But pulling it back makes it not want to lay right in the morning. So I typically have to wash daily.

    I’m guessing you leave yours down at night?

  42. Erin, you are just adorable (I’ve never commented, but I’ve been following you since Clover Lane linked to you after Cole was born and love your blog)! I’ve envied your hair forever, but I’m actually going to try it now…though I have a feeling my hair doesn’t hold curl quite like yours :)

  43. PS I forgot to add from my above post that you voice was completely different then I had imagined, it was the first thing I thought. And dont take that as a bad thing, you are more sophisticated rather then bubbly like I had imagined.

  44. I got a great tip from InStyle for those who have dry scalps (I have the same issue PLUS eczema). Buy a leave in conditioner (or if you have time, conditioner BEFORE you shampoo), then shampoo it. The conditioner will lock in moisture and some oils to keep it soft and your scalp won’t be so dry. I use that tip in the winter because my scalp gets so dry it becomes oily. I use conditioner then an oily scalp shampoo.

  45. Your hair is beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.
    I do have one question, if you don’t mind…

    Do you put your hair in anything to sleep in? I try and only wash my hair every other day but there are days when I wake up and it looks like I’ve been through a tornado.

    I have a cap that I use sometimes but I’m not thrilled with it :(

    Thanks again! Love your hair!!

  46. You are all so sweet! Really – thank you so much.

    Hi Megan!

    Yes. I straighten it first and then curl it. I blow dry it in three sections just like I curl it. But I don’t stress about it being perfectly straight. I just try to get it dry as fast as I can so I can curl it. My hair takes forever to blow dry! Drives me crazy. :)

    Sarah – I love that you think I have an accent! Funny because Australian accents are my absolute favorite! We need to get together to listen to each other talk. :)

    Anonymous – I don’t pull my hair back at night to sleep – I just leave it down. In fact, I get really bad headaches from pony tails! Weird, right? So I don’t wear them much other than to exercise.

    Jill! We would be friends if I moved to SLC! Thanks for your sweet comment. :)

    So many of you are saying I sound more mature than you thought I would! It’s making me laugh. I actually am more bubbly to talk to in “real life” but I was SO nervous filming this video! I switched over into ultra serious mode to get through it. I’m tricky that way. :)

    Thanks again everyone for your sweet comments and support!

  47. Hi CindeeQ!

    Someone else just asked this! No, I don’t do anything at night. I’ve found that the longer my hair is, the better it stays while I sleep. When my hair is shorter it gets messed up more in the night!

  48. I loved your vlog! Thanks for demonstrating your technique. Your hair seems to always look amazing, and now we can see exactly how you achieve it. I’m also on a 3 day hair-washing schedule (and okay, sometimes i even go a little longer than that). I’ve got super thick hair and a dry scalp….and I’m 31 weeks pregnant. Hair washing is NOT a priority for me! :) My hair however is stick straight and doesn’t hold curl well, so I’m not able to whip the curling iron through it quite as fast as you. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing with us! :)

  49. Erin,
    What a great vlog. Your confidence shines and I am so impressed in your ability to express yourself so clearly both in writing and verbally. I find a lot of people tend to do well one way and not another.
    On a hair related note, do you use dry shampoo on your in between washing days? If so, do you like a particular brand?

  50. Your video was just fine! You should definitely make more in the future! For some reason whenever I read your blog, I imagine you with a southern accent, even though I know you’re form Utah and live in San Diego. It totally threw me off to hear your real voice! :)

  51. Erin your video was perfect! Thank you so much. I always visit your blog and enjoy your posts very much. I too have never commented before but since I knew how vulnerable this must have made you feel, I wanted you to know what a great job you did! You are so beautiful and so is your family. Thanks for sharing. Now, if only my hair would hold curl like yous ;). Cheers from Canada!

  52. You make me long for longer hair! It seems mine has gotten shorter with each new baby! And for some reason I had your voice in my head with…a Southern accent?!?!? Not sure why since you are in CA! :) Have a great weekend!

  53. Your video was perfect and you sounded fine. You’ve inspired me to have a go curling my hair – I’m hopeless trying to keep my hair tidy!!! Now that you’ve done your first video, would you consider doing some showing us how you scrapbook – project life etc? Love your blog – you are very inspiring :-)

  54. Erin you did great, it’s nice to see you as a real person and hear you talk. You should be proud of your video. If you do a makeup tutorial please make sure it’s close up and better lighting so that we can really see the colors etc. check out beauty broadcast on utube, she is great and the only beauty guru I watch. If you watch and learn from her, you will get more confidence in making videos. Also please try panteen shine enhancer shampoo and conditioner in the sqeeze tube, it’s my favorite and it’s transformed my hair. Did you say you have an iPad? White? I’m trying to decide and don’t know if the white shows scratches?

  55. Erin!!!! Love it!! I don’t even know what to say, except to repeat what everyone else says, and I know…b/c I KNOW you…(me and Amy!:)) You are beautiful, your hair really is amazing and gorgeous, and I love talking hair with you. I remember when you used to wear your hair straight, and I would wear mine all crazy curly, never looked like yours I’m not implying that at all! and now I straighten mine…after watching your vlog…I should be curling it!!! ha! love it..and can’t believe I’m the 71st comment! can’t believe it took me til now to get on here today…ahhh!

  56. okay- you are the cutest ever! I absolutely LOVE your blog. I have been reading for awhile but this is my first time leaving you a comment because i want you to know i LOVED your lil tutorial.. gonna try it tomorrow :) Seeing you in action rather than photos has made you come to life! ha! This is my favorite blog. You have been such a source of inspiration to me in many areas and you are just hilarious!

  57. Hello Erian, your family is beautiful, beautiful home, all organized and perfect. I loved knowing your home through your blog.
    I live in Brazil and follow closely your blog every day, would love to exchange some ideas with you by email if possible. Fernanda (

  58. Erin,

    I love that you have finally posted a vlog! We can really “hear” you now when we read your posts. I totally wished I lived in CA so I could be your friend and not just a pen pal :)

    Thanks for the hair tutorial. You have the best hair ever and I am going to try to style mine that way (although it may take me a few times of trial and error!). Anyway, you are so sweet to share your tips and tricks with us.

    I think I told you this before, but my son Dane is like obsessed with Kole. Whenever I check your blog to see if a new entry is posted, my little guy is right by my side. He sees Kole’s picture right away and starts yelling, “KOLE! KOLE!” – so then I have to go back to some of your old posts and show him all of Kole’s pictures.

    Oh – another funny story – my husband is on this “shark diving” kick. He wants to go diving for great whites (I guess it is something through the Discovery Channel off the coast of CA/Mexico and you’re in a cage and blah blah blah). I, of course, am completely against it for various reasons: 1) safety 2) price 3) it’s just ridiculous. Anyway, he always makes fun of me when I reference “my friend Erin in San Diego.” So the other day he’s like, “Maybe if you let me go shark diving you can finally meet your friend Erin in San Diego.” Now he’s just driving me crazy! (Although it would be neat to meet you in person!)

    Well, hope everyone is well. Keep those vlogs comin’!

    Shannon in PA

  59. I know I already left a comment, so this is probably nerdy :) I just wanted to tell you that you totally helped me! I followed your suggestions yesterday & today and it was SO much easier than the way I’ve been doing it. I was holding the curling iron on each curl for way too long. I didn’t realize that my hair could curl that quickly! It looks better and it’s faster- YAY! Seriously, thank you so much :)

  60. I too am a hair and beauty product nut. I just found what may be my favorite new shampoo and conditioner: It is sulfate free and a-ma-z-ing! It is by abba – pure performance hair care and I get the ‘moisture’ line. Check it out.

    Darling hair! I guess I love it because mine is really similar. ;) You are adorable.

  61. You are way too hard on yourself! I thought you did a fantastic job! After following your blog for such a long time it was so fun to hear your voice too. :) Keep it up!

  62. Totally loved the video. You are a great teacher – showed and explained everything so well. After I got done watching, my first thought was “aha, I get it – I can do that!”. My second thought was “must go to Target tomorrow to buy that curling iron” (as if I need another excuse to go to Target!). Thanks so much for taking the time to make the video.

  63. You are darling! Love the video. I have similar hair – tons of it and wavy/curly. I never thought to curl it in sections, spray before curling and try just the quick curl for something looser. I tried it out this morning and love it. Now I want to grow out my bangs a bit more!

    PS: you are the fastest curler ever!

    Thanks for all you share with us!

  64. Loved the video, you did a great job and sounded cute. I am usually all about my GHD straightners, but you inspired me to start checking out curling irons so I can work with my natural curl on occasion :)

    I have to say, if my hair looked like yours pre-styling, I would be thrilled, and would just leave it as it is!!!

  65. Hi littlebee!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! I’ve never used a dry shampoo! I’ve heard great things about them though so I really should try it some time.


    A scrapbook video would be fun some time! Good idea! :)

    Anonymous –

    I don’t have an ipad. Kenny does (a black one) so I just use his once in a while. I’m pretty partial to my Mac laptop. :)


    Your comment cracked me up!! Love it. Shark diving. Classic. :)

    Nicole – I am totally going to try that! Thanks for the tip.

  66. Oh my goodness, your video has had over 1,600 views! And its not listed as public so that means you have some major traffic coming through your blog Erin.

  67. Hi Erin,
    If you don’t mind, I thought of a few more questions over weekend.

    1) VOLUME: do you need to do anything to keep the ”ommph” in your hair? I find that at the end of the day, my hair will be flat (and it starts out full of volume)

    2)Did you notice any changes to your hair post-partum? I lost a ton of hair around my hairline, just curious if you noticed any changes as well…

  68. Hi again littlebee!

    I don’t use anything for volume. My hair is SO thick that I’m usually trying to do the opposite and find products that take away volume and calm my hair down! :) And I did lose some hair postpartum but like I said, my hair is so thick. I was always happy to lose some after each baby!

  69. Thank you Erin :) that video was a huge help!
    You sound & look great but we are always more critical of ourselves!!
    I’m excited now to try this out as my hair is naturally curly & straightening it takes time & if I don’t have the time I just put it in a boring old pony tail :(
    Just need to see if I still have my old curling wand?!
    THANK YOU so much for sharing!!
    Your blog is my number 1 go to :)
    Kellie xx

  70. Great Video Erin!! You did a great job! You have totally inspired me to try the curling thing again. I have naturally curly hair (not quite as curly since having kids! ha) but have been straightening it for the last 4 years and it is time consuming. After seeing how easy you made curling your hair look, I am definitely going to purchase a curling iron and give it a whirl! Thank you for all the inspiration you provide!

  71. The video was great! Thanks for sharing, Always looking for styling tips. I just recently started reading your blog, found it from Clover Lane.

  72. Erin, thanks for sharing, I currently have a short inverted bob but have been thinking of growing my hair long again. I have admired your hair oodles of times and now I can file away your ideas if I have the patience to grow mine out. I also want to say I really appreciate your posts about exercising and getting back into shape after a baby. I just had #4 and it is really hard to find time/energy to exercise, your posts inspired me to keep moving and get back into my jeans. I am so jealous of your warm weather too, Ohio weather is so awful. Don’t feel self conscious about sharing your ideas, you did a great job!!!

  73. First of all, I think your first video post is great! As a New Yorker, I appreciate your Western accent, I think it’s cute!

    Thanks for sharing this! You’ve inspired me to break the old curling iron and try something different with my normally flat hair. Can’t imagine it will turn out as nice as yours unfortunately, because my hair is really thin.


  74. Erin, you are pretty much the cutest thing ever! I hope that isn’t weird coming from a complete stranger. I loved your tutorial–I style my hair very similarly but there were a couple tips in there I’m going to incorporate! You have about 3x as much hair as I do, so it won’t look quite the same. ;) As for your voice, very mature & classy. The video was great. No need to self-critique!

  75. Hi Erin.. I’m new to your blog and just wanted to let you know how fabulous your video was.. You totally inspired me.. After my baby girl was in bed, I dug out my curling iron (which I’ve tried to use before and gave up I might add) from the back of my bathroom cupboard and gave it a go.. Whilst it took much longer than your little video and didn’t look half as good as yours I’m quite impressed with how it turned out..I’m going to keep practising! Only one downfall.. Now I have my hair all curled and it’s time for bed.. LOL..
    Thank you, all the way from Sydney Australia!

  76. WOW! I say this hair post was a must. Way to make everyone happy–now only if I had thick wavy hair? Maybe my curl would hold and look fabulous. Way to put your self out on the line–I’m sure that must have been a tad intimidating.

    You in town for the weekend?

  77. Great video! Thanks for putting yourself out there. I have a 7 week old and a 2 1/2 year old. Just getting my hair dry after I wash it is a challenge. I told myself before I had my baby that I’d do what Erin at Sunny Side Up does and not wash my hair every day. So that’s what I do, but I flat iron my hair and it stays good for 3 days with just quick touch ups each morning. My hair only stays good curly the first day. So yes, it is about figuring out what works best for you, but I do wish I could curl my hair more often. Someday I’m sure I will.
    Also, I’m so amazed at how fast you can do your hair! I could never leave the curling iron in for as little time as you can. That’s so awesome! You’ve got a good thing going.

  78. Ok, I totally meant to say something to you tonight about the hair post! I was thinking the same thing as your Mom…holy cow look at all these comments about how you do your hair! Just like when you almost died and got your first clue of how many people were reading your blog! So funny that everyone is so interested in your hair! It does always look fantastic! But it still just makes me laugh at how popular you are so unintentionally! you’re just that cool, you didn’t even have to try. :)

  79. I think Erin should give a big prize away to the 100th person who comments on her today…..because I am that peson!
    Wheeee! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!
    Be sure to all help your moms do the dishes and clean the kitchen up
    on Thursday….they will love you for it!
    Erin, Let’s hit TJMaxx before breakfast and you can look for my prize ~ :)

  80. Holy Smokes, that is a lot of comments!! Your hair is amazing! It was fun to see you! Can’t wait to see what your Mom’s 100 comment prize is! :) Maybe a $9.99 curling iron?!

  81. Hi Erin! Loved this video tutorial!! Thanks for showing us how you style your hair. It is going to inspire me to try curling my hair more often! Love it!

  82. Thank you for all of the time and energy that you put into this post! It is so helpful, and I can’t wait to try to curl mine….as soon as our rain passes…so maybe Thursday! Way to go doing a video!

  83. Erin! So funny to see you on Home Storie A to Z Tips not to miss! I was like, “hey, I know that girl!” It has been centuries since SUU Elem Ed classes. I am jealous of your warm San Diego life! We r living in the coldest of cold Evanston Wyoming:) Love your blog. We r twins when it comes to the whole organizing, project lifing, baby boot camp business! Too bad you don’t live nearby. We could have some fun and YOU could come do may hair for me! Take Care!

  84. erin,loved your video. i can’t believe you look that good when you wake up; that’s sure not how i look! and if i didn’t wash my hair for 3 days i’d be a complete grease ball to top it off! you’re too cute! thanks for sharing!

  85. oh my goodness!! i am so excited to meet someone else that sports dirty hair…lol I do my hair the exact same way and holds the curls all week. folks always think i take forever doing my hair. ha. i am jealous of your curling iron. i have to hold mine MUCH longer:) nice to meet you.

  86. Love your video! After watching it I curled my hair this morning.
    My hair doesn’t hold curl well, so I think I will need to use more spray, or put some mousse in next time.
    I am in love with my shampoo and conditioner. I use John Frieda. I started out using the Miraculous Recovery treatment when I used to have my hair blonded. Then that was discontinued, but I find that the Brilliant Brunette conditioner is on par. It stops my GHD from frying my hair!

  87. You are absolutely adorable! What a great video. You shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. You are gorgeous and fun to watch. I just found your blog…excited to check it out.

  88. Thanks for sharing your hair-styling technique! I also have natural curly/wavy hair that I have spent a fortune on having it chemically straightened for years! (My Mom used to tell me I was crazy to do this and I should just let it go natural!) Well, after years of straightening and permanent coloring my hair was getting fried! I had to give up something but I was NOT willing to give up the coloring for grey so I opted to give up the straightening. People who knew me could not believe I had such curly hair naturally! I must say I should have done it YEARS ago…it’s so much easier…I just wash it 2x a week, put in a leave-in conditioner, towel dry, scrunch, air dry and VOILA! When traveling I take no hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons or anything…just my shampoo, conditioner and curling spray. In between washings I just spray with water and some curling spray and scrunch and air dry. Soooo easy. I DO let my hairdresser blow dry and smooth out straight with a straightening iron from time to time, but I don’t because it just takes TOO long! Like you said–just work with what you’ve got and be happy. I have always loved straight hair but am finally enjoying what I’ve been blessed with!! Like you though, I’m still trying out new products all the time and haven’t fallen in love with any particular brand yet!

  89. Love this posting. My hair has so much natural wave that straightening it, although looks great, feels impractical and I usually just leave my hair up in a ponytail. Thanks for the inspiration!

  90. I’m so thankful you posted this. I have naturally curly hair and used to always straighten and then wave it, very similar to yours. Well the last few years it just has not worked right and I thought maybe my hair just changed after having a baby. Finally discovered today that it was my stupid curling iron because I bought the cheapo from Target that you have and viola, wavy hair. Yay!!

  91. I have been using Moroccan Oil’s hair mask with the orange top as my conditioner since March! I have fallen in love with this mask, my paddle brush, my straightener and my hair dryer. I am still working on that miracle shampoo! :) for now I use a cheaper shampoo from Target and that helps this college girl get away with a more expensive salon mask/conditioner. Since using it, I can go longer without washing my hair!! Big deal for my semi-oily hair. It moisturizes without being greasy and heavy, and helps my style last longer. Talk to your stylist about trying a sample and you will totally be happy you did! Thanks for your hairspray recommendations! Can’t wait to try them!

  92. I have been using Joico’s K-Pak for the past year and I absolutely love it! I used to buy a different shampoo/conditioner set about once a month, not happy with my hair, and now I have no desire to buy anything else. If you haven’t already, definitely give it a try. When I lived in Austin I bought it at Ulta. They have a great hair care sale every summer and Christmas where you can get the big shampoos and conditioners with the pumps on sale for half off and one of those lasts me about a year (and I wash my hair every day almost, so even longer for you!). It’s an excellent moisturizing shampoo that doesn’t leave me hair feeling greasy, just silky and manageable. My hair isn’t perfect every day or anything, but I’ve learned to blame this on other factors like weather. Maybe it’s just because I’m attached, but seriously, for the price, how long it lasts me, and how great it is, you just can’t beat it.

  93. Oh, I don’t think you answered this question previously, but what setting do you put the curling iron on? I read some reviews on Amazon that said the highest setting was way too hot and was wondering what your experience with it is.

  94. Hi!

    I don’t set my curling iron on the hottest setting, but pretty close to it. :) Maybe not the best thing for my hair but I haven’t noticed any issues yet. Hope that helps! :)

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