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Hutch makeover

Sharing some pics of my hutch today!  Most of you know I’ve been slowly trying to re-decorate my house to lighten things up a bit.  Changing out blacks and reds for more whites, yellows and blues.  I’m on a roll!  Dropping one red rooster at a time!  Die roosters!  ;)  My hutch has been hard for me because it has long, wide shelves that can look cluttered in a hurry if I’m not careful.  (Clutter and I don’t care much for one another.)  I can’t stop tweaking this hutch!  Every time I walk by I quickly add something else, move something over.  It will most likely change by this afternoon, but I thought I’d share what I have so far – the way it looks at the moment.  :)
Here’s what it used to look like — 
(my little boyfriend snoozing in his swing makes for a pretty cute accessory)


I’ve been having a love affair with white pitchers for years now and have been collecting them for our next house.  But since finding our next house isn’t happening as quickly as I’d like it to, I decided to display some of them now.   The bead board on the back of the hutch is a light white wash that I love, but looks best with pops of bright color against it so I added some fun blue dishes and vases.

Here’s a closer look.

Like I said, it’s still a work in progress.  I’d eventually like to find something for the top of it and maybe the base.  I keep trying things that I already have around the house like my black wire baskets but I don’t like anything yet.  I’m sensing an excuse to go shopping!  (Look at those baskets Kenny – not right.  It’s clearly imperative that I must immediately head to Pottery Barn to correct this tragedy.  I know once you see this picture you’ll agree 100%.)   

Close ups of the decor – 

The clear milk jug belonged to my grandma.  When I was a little girl she used to fill it with water for me and put it in her fridge because I always drink water and I love it really cold.  We called it my “jug” and whenever I’d go visit the first thing I would ask her is if she had my jug in the fridge.  She always did.  It has been a treasured keepsake for me ever since she past away over 15 years ago and I’m so happy to have it out where I can see it everyday.

Set of six clear little bottles are from Pottery Barn (often used to hold flowers) and most of the other decor is from Home Goods and TJ Maxx.

The little pumpkins I picked up at Michaels and I’m loving the pop of orange for Fall.   

I have some fun plans for the wall on the left side of the hutch if I can find the time to make it happen.  Several of you have asked if I am going to replace my red and green couches to go along with the changes I’m making.  Here’s the truth.  If we weren’t looking to move into a bigger home I’d have wood floors and new couches in this house so fast Kenny’s head would spin!  BUT.  I just can’t justify spending the money on that right now because we are saving our pennies for our next house (have been since forever).  And I know I will want new furniture in the new house and if I buy new couches now they most likely won’t look right in a new space.  So for now I’m just going to have to work with what I’ve got!  I bought slipcovers several months ago and tried them out, but with my cream carpet everything looked so bland (need those wood floors!) so I returned them.  I’m currently hunting for some new couch pillows that incorporate the new colors but that will also go with my old couches.  I’m really trying to make small, inexpensive changes that will make this house a happier space for me until we move into our next home.  Which I hope to settle in and then never move again!

So there you go!  Another space in my house that is on its way to becoming a little brighter, a little more current, and a little more me.  :)

If you’re new to my blog (welcome!) you can see more of my home decor changes here:

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xoxo, Erin
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33 thoughts on “Hutch makeover

  1. I LOVE the new color scheme you’re doing!!! We have lots of reds/blacks in our house….but sheesh, it would be too hard to change them out here….our kitchen is painted a dark red…but there are times when I think a yellow and gray with pops of aqua would be so fun!

  2. I love the part about the jug and your grandmother…how special. I love my water super cold too :) You are doing a great job and I SO agree that you need to head out as soon as you can to correct that basket problem ;)

  3. I love the new changes! I can’t help but think that some coordinating books would add a great element to the shelves. You could even get some nice paper and cover some books that you already have. And maybe get a couple really neat book ends.
    I know about the whole waiting ’til you move thing. I’ve been holding off on changes in my house for a couple years now and I don’t think I can wait any longer! So I’ve also been coming up with simple ways to give our place a new & refreshed look until we get into a new house.

  4. Just stop!!! The hutch is perfect right there. Don’t move anything…except the black baskets. You’re right, those just don’t look right there.

    I love that you have a story to go with your favorite ‘jug.’

  5. Erin! I’ve missed your blog for a few! Love the hutch. YOu are so talented friend! I can’t wait catch up on all the things..great fashion friday…great cleaning out garage….great finds…oh so fun! love it all! xoxo

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Ooohhh Courtney – books are a great idea! I have some cute book ends that I spray painted and don’t love the color — maybe I need to re-do them!

  7. Love the hutch! Love all the changes you’ve been making! They inspire me to try new things in my house, of course I haven’t actually tried anything new yet. Just ideas in my head waiting to be unleashed… :)

  8. I just recently decided my couch needed a little jazzing up as well, but instead of spending a fortune on throw pillows that I may or may not like in a couple of months, I used Pottery Barn napkins and placemats to make the pillows. I just love their fabric, and this was an inexpensive way to incoporate it into my living room. It was super easy, and I’ll definitely do it again when I’m ready to change things up. Love your new colors!!

  9. Isnt your couch red? You know what I discovered a few years ago? I purchased a shirt from oshgosh for my son and the colors in it were perfect for each other, they were red, turqouise, and white. Since then Ive always thought those colors were nice together. So Im guessing your couch looks better then you realize.

  10. Your blog is great!! I’m a new Follower of your blog and I just gave you a Versatile Blogger Award over at Love of Homes. Please stop by & see who else got the award & maybe become my newest follower. Thanks!

  11. Erin,
    I think you are really talented in this – you could stage rooms for magazines! New arrangement is wonderful, and I think it is good idea you stopped just collecting those pitchers and waiting for the new house, and displayed them!
    Continue the good work!

  12. This is totally off the subject! But, it has happened to me people. I finally saw something and thought wow, Erin would love that in a magazine. Because guess what? It’s a green purse. Everything about it is lovely just like Erin. It’s the most amazing green. Its Jolly and bright without being to over the top and completely crafted to perfection! It’s also made in Italy. OOOHHH AHHHH…. I went online to find this purse, So I could send you a link of it. I am totally NOT a girly girl or into purses but this purse totaly made me smile. The color is amazing. Well…… I found the purse… not in the green color… and it is selling for over 3,000 dollars. It’s made by Ralph Lauren and it’s called the ricky purse. But, they do not have the green on their online store! UGH! See the excitement built me up and then ugh! Heres to dreaming.

  13. The color change looks great- so fresh! LOVE the story of the jug…so great that you are displaying it. Filling your home with special memories is the best decorating of all!

  14. I love the current display in your hutch … the colors reflect the season, have great energy, are light and uplifting. When it is time to move the ceramic pumpkins out the turquoise and cream scheme will work beautifully with a few holiday (red) accents. Love it.


  15. Erin,
    what is the paint color you used on your hutch? I have a hutch as well, and am mentally “trying out” colors on it, because it desperately needs painting…

    Love the bright color touches!

  16. What a great new color scheme you have going — very light, modern and clean! You mentioned sofa slip covers — can I ask where you found one that you liked? Am searching for one, but with little luck. TIA!

  17. Erin,
    I see that we have the same taste with dishes and how they look on open shelves. :-) I made open shelving in my kitchen and have an arrangement of white dishes with my new inspiring idea of collecting old vintage dishes. I love it SO much. There is so much character, and I’d like to believe that my kitchen dishes tell a story. HA ha ha ha. Corney? :-) You’re pictures have inspired me to take some home decor pics of my house and share them on my blog. I’ll be doing that today. YAY! L.O.V.E your white pitchers, love the milk jug (I’ve collected some of those too). Happy Thursday!

  18. Thanks everyone! I’m so happy you all like it! :)

    Beck – I actually don’t know the paint color on my hutch! When I bought it years ago I just told them I wanted it painted a soft yellow. I have no idea what color they used. Sorry I’m not much help!

    Mamato3 – The slipcovers I bought were from Target! And they looked really good on the couches (just not in my room). Check their website if you can’t find them in the store.

  19. I absolutely love the hutch. That would fit perfect in my home. I hope I can find a nice “deal” on something close to that to store all of my kiddos projects…and mine in!! Thanks

  20. Thanks Kylee! I bought it at a specialty store in Southern Utah. It was their only one. Sorry that isn’t much help!

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