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Fashion Friday

Alright everyone!  Another Fashion Friday!  Let me just say that this week was a bit BORING in the outfit department.  Everything I wore was a solid color (shocker!) making it clear to me that when shopping for clothes this fall I really need to bring a little pattern into my life.  I need to bring a little alone time into my life too, but since that isn’t happening any time soon I’ll just focus on patterns!   

Date night with Kenny last weekend.  Top is from The Limited.  You can’t really tell in these pics but the sleeves are pretty.  I totally bought this shirt for the sleeves!  Joe skinny jeans and my grey boots. 
Oh wait!  Here’s a better pic of the sleeves from a few weeks ago.  Aren’t they fun!?  I tried this on with my favorite belt but did NOT like it.  It just didn’t speak to me.  Actually it did speak to me.  The belt that is.  It said, “take me off!  I am way too casual to wear with this dressy shirt!”  I like the top better with the necklace and grey tones vs. with the belt and brown tones.  Agreed?

Simple black scoop neck sweater.  I own a lot of scoop neck sweaters.

 Here’s another one I also wore this week.  I’ll tell you why I have a love affair going on with sweaters like these.  It’s rarely cold enough here to wear turtle necks so these are a great alternative.  Top of the shirt says “it’s fall or winter!”  But the sleeves say “in San Diego!”

 I was running a lot of errands this day so I opted for my comfy worn out shoes and Silvers.  BTW – several of you mentioned after my last FF post that several places other than Nordstroms carry Silvers and you also love them.  Great tip!  If you don’t own a pair and need new jeans, check them out!  I have about worn a hole in the knee of this pair because I’ve worn them so much.

Wore my favorite brown heeled boots this week!  
 I love the gold buckle on the back.  

 Sweater is from Banana Republic.  When I tried to get a picture of it, Kole had other plans for me.
He kept pulling on my leg so I couldn’t hold the camera still.  I finally I just gave up got down on his level!

Then he decided to ham it up for the camera.  Look at me!  Got mom’s complete and undivided attention again!  That’s what I’m after!  All day long!  Every day!

And now I’m ready for mom to be done with the camera and all about me again!  I know just what to do.  Watch this move.

We had a cold week!  And by cold I mean it was 69 degrees instead of 73.  But that’s just enough of a temperature drop around here to make it feel like Fall!  Which totally made me want to make soup.  And by “make soup” I mean heat this soup up in the microwave.  Broccoli and Cheddar is my all time favorite!  Mmmmmm.  The best.  So I ate lots of store bought soup…
And wore lots of loungy clothes,  (Is loungy a word?  It seems to be one in my vocabulary.)  
Clothes like this comfy green zipper top.  

And my favorite Park City hoodie my mom bought me.  Which reminds me.  I ate the BEST turkey sandwich I’ve ever had in my entire life in Park City, Utah.  I’ll never forget that trip.  Or that sandwich.  What was the name of that restaurant mom?  She’ll know.  I talked about that sandwich for three days straight.  

Wore this hoodie with jeans in the morning today, but once I had all three of my little ones home with me around 3:00 I put on my favorite pair of Yoga pants and decided we were in for the day.  I LOVE these Yoga pants.  I wear them to exercise and just to lounge around the house.  They are super comfortable and super flattering. 

The brand is called Hard Tail.  Do you have a pair?  Ever heard of them?  I bought them at Nordstroms. A little pricey for Yoga pants, but really such a great fit.  Check them out here.  I love them so much.  I see many more Hard Tail clothes in my future!  The way the flap folds down in the back cuts your butt in half.  Like I said, very flattering!  And did I mention they were oh so comfortable?   Once they are on they are hard to take off!  I’ve worn them almost every night this week.  Until Kole tossed yogurt all over them this evening so now they’re in the wash.  Which reminds me that I have got to catch up on laundry this weekend.  Also on the agenda this weekend is Disney Princesses on Ice and family flu shots.  I scheduled our shots for Saturday because I need Kenny there for reinforcement.  Three kids all crying at once is too much for me!  You’d think we were about to be executed the way my girls act when it’s time to get a shot.  Hoping that the bribery of seeing the princesses later in the day will help.  
Yeah.  I’m that kind of mom.  
Here’s hoping your weekend is less dramatic than I know ours will be!  
**Linking up at The Pleated Poppy
xoxo, Erin
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33 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. I have those yoga pants. LOVE them. Infact, I was wearing them so much Steve bought me a second pair! I will be wearing them as much as possible for the next six (i didn’t want to say that but its true) cold months in Utah now.

  2. Love those sleeves on the blue top. Your little boy is such a cutie! I have a 13 month old and he does the same thing when I try to take outfit pictures!

  3. I actually received my flu shot yesterday… Ouch! My arm was tingley for a few hours. I hear the nose mist has the “active flu” in it and they can possibly get sick from it. The shot does NOT have the live virus in it. Either way, the shot can not protect you from all the flu strands. Just an FYI. Have fun at the Disney on Ice. I’m sure the girls will love it… Not sure about the boys!

  4. So I looked up the jeans you have recommended today. Holy pricey batman! I can’t believe people pay $200 for JEANS! How do you afford it? I’m not trying to be critical, just was totally blown away.

    so does anyone have recommendations for jeans that are in the $50 price range?

  5. LOVE those yoga pants. I am living in those types of pants right now. Gonna have to look those up.

    So you realize that now I get to tease you about you being all cold when it’s 69 degrees right??? Because it’s like 34 here right now. :)


  6. Recommendation for jeans in the 50 dollar range – have you tried looking up Silver Jeans? They range in price but you can often find them on sale. I’ve had a pair of Silvers for years that were $60 at Nordstroms. They are great jeans – have that designer fit without being quite as expensive! :)

  7. I heart Yoga pants. they are so cute and don’t scream FRUMPY even when I feel like being a BUM! American Eagle carries great ones. They are so soft and comfy, I buy 2 pairs every season. I wear mine so often around the house they lose color soo fast!

  8. I just found your blog today, through iheartorganizing, and I have to say I am loving your witty, carefree attitude and adorable family! You are a SUPERMOMMY! Organized, fashionable, and crafty! I am a new follower! I want to subscribe by email, but it doesn’t look like you have that feature.

    Btw, I LOVE your headboard, and your kitchen! :)


  9. Just found your blog through Jen’s feature of your linen closet. I’ve just spent the last hour or so browsing all of your organizing posts. Love it! I would love to subscribe by e-mail, but I don’t see that option on your blog! Can’t wait to follow along with everything you share!

  10. I get to wear yoga pants every day to work. They are so comfortable to clean people’s houses in. I found some good deals on half price yoga pants at J.Jill and Chadwicks (both online). That way they are in the $40 range rather than $70 or $80 range. Target also has some nice work out clothes as well. Here is a link to my fav pair from J.Jill:

  11. I love your Blog and love all your posts, You are very talented. I check your blog almost everyday. Keep up the good work. I alway’s feel like I know you or something. Have a great weekend.

  12. GRRR!!! I typed a super long post that didn’t show up!!! Really mad! I will try to remember and paraphrase! Recommendations for your cute-little-self! (And anyone else!!)

    Jeans- Big Star brand is my latest fave, followed by Miss Me by Mek. Both are available at the Buckle ($98.00-$160.00), but some of the larger Gordman’s stores now carry an ADORABLE line of CURRENT Big Star jeans for 79.99!!! Best part? You can use a 20% off coupon! (I find most of my coupons, online codes AND printables at

    Yoga pants- Have you tried Express? They quite often have their activewear stuff buy one get one half off! They have pant-length and capri-length pants and they are the fold-down waist style as well! They are around $35 and AMAZINGLY comfy! They just added a bunch more styles! They always have coupons here, too! $15 off $30, $30 off $90, $50 off $150… LOVE IT!

    Check out this dress— for 39.99, I’m thinking I can’t afford NOT to buy it! I keep telling myself, “I don’t know where I would wear it, though!” but probably the moment it sells out, an event will come up! It is too gorgeous for that price! I think I better snatch it up! (Originally priced at $75!!!)

    Annnddddd…. I thought I was done after the dress above, but while searching for that picture, I came across another dress that I PERSONALLY think would look cute on you, Erin!!! You have such a cute little figure, a cute selection of boots AND belts, and always say you need to introduce more pattern into your wardrobe… what about this….

    That’s all I’ve got! Hoping it sends this comment!!! Have a good rest-of-the-weekend!

  13. I went and bought Silver Jeans this weekend because I had a 20% at Dillards. Love ’em! Thanks for the suggestion!

  14. Love your Fashion Fridays!! You inspired me to do my very first one last week, ha ha!
    You also inspired my own purchase of your fave belt look a like! :) Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow at church! :)
    I’m a homeschooling mama so I seem to often be in my comfy pants, ha ha!

  15. Oh my word, he is such a little BOY now! The hair makes him look like a toddler and less of a baby–SO handsome and what a smile!
    Hope your weekend was a good one!

  16. Your right, the belt with the turquoise top isnt good. I like the black scoop neck sweater and I like the headband (super cute on you). And I like the grey top with yoga pants, I wear stuff like that alot, and right now Im out of shape so yoga pants are more comfortable then jeans. I really am loving your fold over brown boots, those are my favorite of the boots Ive seen you wear.

  17. Erin your such a sweet person, your not conceited or full of yourself, its easy to like you, so thank you for sharing a part of yourself with so many of us! Have a good weekend.

  18. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! You are all too good to me! :)

    Valerie! You rock! Thanks so much for the links/suggestions! I love both of the dresses you linked to. SO CUTE. And guess what’s so funny? I worked at Lerner New York and Company once! And spent every penny I made on clothes. :)

  19. I found your blog through a pin on Pinterest. I have the stupidest question for you…what brand of soup is that? That is my favorite kind of soup and I love to find the microwaveable kind. Thanks!

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