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16 thoughts on “Tackling today

  1. Looks like my craft room at the moment! If people just saw that room they would think I was the most disorganized person but that is definitely not the case. I just have way too many projects I have been working on. Good luck and of course I want to see pictures when you are done!

  2. My scrapbooking area looks quite similar!!!! It piles up so quickly. Going to a scrapbooking retreat in a week and hope to get lots accomplished!!!!

  3. Might you be cleaning up to make room for the new Project Life kits that became available today? Eeek! Seeing yours is part of the reason I clicked that ‘buy’ button today. :)

  4. Can’t wait to see the after pictures. You are an organizing master!! Love your blog. I get so many great ideas and you motivate me to organize my house, my schedule and to be the best Mom to my two little ones.

  5. That looks like my desk right now. If you have a bunch of junk, I mean “projects” piled on your floor as well, we could be twins!

  6. I’ll just say, if you saw my office/scrapbook room you’d die. Seriously, gasp in horror and wonder how I could ever let the mess happen. You’ll have it looking perfect in no time.

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