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Lessons learned

Remember these shoes I bought Ellie a month ago to start school?  And I was SO excited about what a good deal they were?
{shoes at beginning of September…}

{shoes at beginning of October…}


Couple lessons learned:

1)  You get what you pay for
2)  Girls play every bit as hard as boys

Looks like shoe shopping is in our near future.  
I can live with that.  :)
xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Lessons learned

  1. I’m laughing so hard at this photo. I have had the unlucky fortune to have bought cute and expensive shoes for the girls for school only to have them look like that a month later. I did it again this year. Can’t figure out what I was thinking buying beautiful turquoise blue Steve Madden ballet slippers for my girls! I see pretty shoes and leave all good sense at the store door. The black top kills all of their shoes. At least I was smart with Preston and bought black Nike’s. They look great still!

  2. Erin! I am a shoe nut for my girls. Right now I am on a Lelli Kelly kick- and they are great. You can actually wash them (take out the leather insert and oxyclean the outside) and the shoes hold up great. They are atheltic and cute at the same time. Before that, my girls wore pediped (they scuffed and were not washable…and i think my oldest is too big for them now)- and livie and luca (same deal- they only go up to size 12, i think). But lelli kellys go up to size 3 or 4 at least. check them out- seriously- they can be a bit pricey…but they are worth it. think of it as an investment- like designer jeans! :-) :-)

  3. Hi Erin, love those pics! Im kind of happy we have uniforms here in Australia cause it stops me from buying pretty shoes that probably wouldnt go the distance :) I dont know if you have them over in the US but there are shoes made here called Walnut. They are gorgeous and the Mary Jane style are washable and really practical as well as being cute, the adult flats are awesome also! Have fun shoe shopping :) Emma In Sunny Queensland Australia

  4. HA! 100 % agree! i have three boys and my oldest (6) is so hard on his shoes…just bought him a pair of PUMA shoes a month ago and they already look like they have taken a beating (50+ dollars later)….sigh :(

  5. My girl only wears sporty shoes to school – twinkle toes, glitzy pets, etc. Dress on top, tennies on the bottom. We save the dressy shoes for church and special occasions.

  6. Pretty shoes do not get worn to school in my house. Period. My daughter wears her Sketchers Twinkle Toes nearly every day (boots once winter really hits) and that’s it. If I have somewhere to go after school the pretty shoes comes with us and we’ll switch them out in the car. I just can’t can’t bear to see the news shoes get trashed at school.

  7. This just means she is having what I like to call a ‘fairytale childhood’ … Which means she is having a blast and not worrying about stuff like how her (once adorable) shoes look – love it!!!! You are an awesome mom!

  8. Oh dang, those were so cute! You got those at Children’s Place right? I have heard their shoes are crappy. I love their clothes and think they are good quality, but apparently they need help with making their shoes.

  9. Oh no!! Those were cute shoes. I say take them back!!! I have also learned my lesson with kids shoes. You really do get what you pay for and I’ve found it’s worth paying more so they last.
    ~Laura H

  10. So true! I am a Kid Express Molly lover. They are a bit on the classic side but they just don’t wear out. I always go with the funkies color- right now lime green. I will be sad the day my daughter doesn’t love them anymore.

  11. I will be the dissenting voice on here on spending tons of $$ on shoes. My kids outgrow them often before they wear them out so I only buy shoes that are on a great clearance or are not more than $20. I also buy them sporty shoes for school and cute shoes are for church/special occasions. They have 2-3 pairs of shoes, I just can’t afford more.

  12. Having two girls myself, this is very familiar! LOL Usually ours is the sparkle shoes that seem to fall apart everywhere :-)


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