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Small changes/Halloween decor

Sharing a few small changes today!

(BTW – looking for a fun patterned dish towel to put in front of this aqua one…)
I took this simple black basket… 
spray painted it turquoise, and tossed in some fake red pomegranates.  I’ll switch those out for some real ones once they pop up in the grocery store.  Isn’t that a fun sight!?  When pomegranates pop up in the grocery store!  It means Thanksgiving!  Which really means Christmas!  Bring. it. on.  And the binder behind the basket?  I’m sure most would assume that’s a recipe binder.  But this is me we’re talking about.  Not recipes – just my home decor binder.  I stuck it there for now because it’s always out on my counter anyway and I like the pattern on the front.  Still hunting for something fun to permanently display in this corner.  
I took my red mail basket that sits in another corner of the kitchen..
and painted it in my new favorite aqua.  
You may wonder where is all of the mail?

It’s sitting in a lovely pile waiting for Kenny to sort through it.  I set a pile of mail/papers in front of him every few nights to sort through.  He loves it.  It’s his favorite thing to do.  Right up there with hanging things up on the wall and getting family pictures taken.

I also took this red magnet board next to our back door…
taped it off…
and painted it – you guessed it!  AQUA!  I know.  You’re thinking I may be over doing it with this color. Just a tad.  But this was it.  The last thing I’m painting this color.
  This week.  ;)

One last before and after because before and afters are fun.  


I replaced our summer “get out the door list” with some favorite pictures of the girls from past Octobers.  I’m not as far as I wish I was on my October scrapbook (the point of that album was to pull it out every Fall so we could see past Fall pictures) so a quick fix for this year was to hang October pictures on the door!  

The girls love it.  They have spent a lot of time the past few days hanging out by the door looking at the pictures and getting excited for this coming October.  Addie is pointing to her favorite.
The girls love this picture because of Frank (our buddy who shows up in the front yard mid October).  I love this picture because of my girls.  They were 2 & 4 and just look so little to me!  Makes me sad how quickly they are growing up.  :(  I can’t stop to think about that lately or I end up in a puddle of tears.

Corner of the kitchen for October!

We got out our Halloween Advent Calendar!  (Pottery Barn Kids)  I also bought the candy to go in each slot.  I also ate most of the candy that was supposed to go in each slot.  In fact, I’m eating some of the candy that was supposed to go in those slots right now.  For some reason I feel better now that I’ve admitted that.  
I’m really not into too much Halloween decor.  I don’t do the scary thing.  Because well… it scares me.  But I did want to display my “hoot owl” and the girls love our spooky Halloween tree.  

I bought these cute little frames to hang on our tree when I bought my owl.  We make new ornaments for the tree each year so I’m sure these will soon be replaced with little beauties more like these:

Does Halloween decor make your kids want to leap across the furniture?  No?
Just mine huh.  
I still need to get out my fall wreaths which are buried somewhere in the garage.
I still need to decorate the front yard.
I still need to take pics of my hutch if I can stop tweaking it every time I walk by.
I still need to get these fun plates I bought at Z Gallerie up in the kitchen.  
I still need to fill out some school forms, clean out my purse, write tomorrow’s to-do list and take off my make-up before I can go to bed tonight.   
And I still need to put away the candy.  
But at least I wrapped up a few small changes.  :)
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Small changes/Halloween decor

  1. oh, i love that halloween door! your house is so festive! halloween is big in our neighborhood- we have to start decorating! i am bummed that it’s on a monday this year b/c my husband will be working b/c it’s the same night dwts airs. i have NO idea how i am going to take the girls trick or treating being 39 weeks pregnant!!! i think i need to just start decorating my house for Fall, and the rest will fall into place…right??? :-)

  2. I’m right there with you on the thoughts of my kids growing up. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but lately I get emotional thinking about it – glad I’m not alone.

  3. I am loving that aqua color. It’s so cute. And think how perfect it will be with your Easter decor!!!! Ah!!! No! We can’t think about Easter yet. :)

    miss you!

  4. Love it, love it. I really am adding about the same color of blue into my living room. I have just got to repaint my gold wall and then I will be pulling everything out that I have been stock piling for the last 6 months.

  5. Pretty! love the aqua.

    I was wondering if you are going to change the red couches now that your accent colors have changed?

    I’m cleaning today so I can finally decorate for halloween and fall… even though it’s going to be 100+ degrees today :(
    come on fall!

  6. Hi Kyra! The paint color is Jamaica Bay by Behr (Home Depot).

    Amanda- that is a good question and a few people have asked it! I’m going to answer it in my post tomorrow.

  7. Love your decorations!
    I have a question? What do you use to attach your photos to your door? I used to do that every Christmas, but it just ended up leaving goo on the backs that I could not get off (which I hated because I could not slide them back into their books) so I stopped doing it.
    Any suggestions?

  8. You’re so cute!! Love it all!! And I just KNOW you when the Aqua route to match your Thirty One Cinch Sac, right? ;-) I gotta get you a new catalog in the mail for NEXT seasons painting adventures!! Hope you and your family are well! -Mary Beth

  9. I’ve been seeing all the aqua on your blog & I told my hubby about a week ago that I want to add that color to our living room. It’s mostly dark brown (the couches, curtains, wood beams & pillows), so I think some accessories that color, would look nice.

  10. How are you getting all this painting done??!! I thought you weren’t a fan of painting? For a girls who doesn’t do paint projects you are sure doing a lot of paint projects! Are you not sleeping? Because I seriously can’t fathom how you are getting so much done! But I do love the black frames turned yellow and love those darling pics in there! What are you going to do next, dye your couches a new color?!

  11. HAHA! I guess my Dad is not the only one with a Halloween tree. :) My Dad found a twisted old tree limb in our backyard so it is a decent size, and painted it black before putting the fun stuff on. Turned out great.

    I love the pictures on the door. The drawing at the top is adorable too!

    Haley @thedistractedblogger

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