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Fall Mantel

I think we may need to name this “decor week” on my blog because I have so many fun changes around my house to share.  Has everyone decked their house for Fall?  So much fun, isn’t it!?  I’m sharing my Fall mantel today and was going to share more of my decor but this post was about to be so overloaded with pictures that I’m going to have to break it up and share the rest tomorrow…and maybe some the day after that.  So!  Without further rambling from me, here is my mantel this year for Fall –

I kept it really clean and simple.  Clean and simple always appeals to me.  I’m sure you’re all so surprised to hear me say that.  ;) 

You probably remember these candlesticks that used to be cream.  I painted them my new favorite shade of aqua that is popping up all over my house and added a couple of pumpkins.  I love the aqua/orange combo.  It speaks to me.  Not sure what it is saying, but something good I’m sure.

I put three more of my little pumpkins in the center.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this picture.  I plan to have it displayed somewhere in my home for the next 90 years.  
Which would put me living until I’m about oh.. 124ish. 
 I take my vitamins.  
I had these apothecary jars on hand so I filled them with some little Fall goodies.  

Then I spray painted this pitcher yellow (used to be red) and added a few leaves.  The leaves are from the forest of trees behind our house.  Kidding.  They’re actually from the beach that’s behind our house.  Kidding again. The beach didn’t have leaves this year so they’re actually from the craft store.  I do my best.  But Kenny and I have a little New York trip in the works!  Maybe I can snag some real Fall leaves while I’m there and bring them back home with me on the plane.  Or just live with my craft store leaves… my life is full of tough decisions like this one.  Reminds me of a favorite quote by my husband — “babe – I’m just living in the real world so that you can float above it.”   :)  I’ll have to ask his opinion about the leaves….

Our family picture from last year is so ‘Fall’ and works great with my new color scheme.  
Now I have three areas that bring my new colors together.  I’ll do my best to sound like a real decorator and call it a “visual triangle” between the mantel…. 

and the aqua wall/shelf.  Aqua and yellow, yellow and aqua.  Slowly replacing all of the red and black.   Happy colors for a happy Fall.  I like the world I live in.  :)

p.s.  Some of you asked what Fall shows we are watching.  Well.  That’s a post in and of itself.  We completed our Fall line-up (which includes a spread sheet of all of our shows and the days/times they need to be recorded) and came to the shocking realization that there was one night when we had four shows on at the same time!  This was a major dilemma.  Major.  We could NOT agree on which ones to cut, so out came the DirecTV crew. I am not kidding.  A little re-wiring and now the shows that record on our upstairs TV will also play on our downstairs TV.  Problem solved.  Like I said, my life is full of tough decisions to make.  ;)  But really out of all of the shows we record, my favorites are Parenthood, Modern Family, The Good Wife, and Blue Bloods (I’m usually not into cop shows but there’s nothing like a little Tom Selleck on a Friday night).  I also love TLC’s What NOT to Wear and HGTV’s Dear Genevieve.  Kenny has his own line-up which is why we record so many shows.  We’ve been known to have a busy week without much TV time and then knock out 4-6 TV shows on a Friday or Saturday night after dinner.  That’s our favorite date.  Early dinner so we get a break from the bedtime routine and then home after the kids are asleep to watch our shows.  Then at about 11:00 at night I start reading blogs and Kenny falls asleep on the couch.  And I can see us doing that until we’re about oh… 124ish.  We both take our vitamins.

xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “Fall Mantel

  1. Erin, I’ve never commented before but I read your blog all the time. This post made me smile! I think you’re great :)

  2. Love Kenny’s quote! The visual triangle – makes me think of my mom. She always said now decorate in threes – pull in a color three places, etc. Fun! You are inspiring me.

  3. I’m so happy to meet another mom who loves her DVR like I do. ;) Your mantel looks so nice…love those pretty pops of color! I like aqua too. :) Visiting from Layla’s Fall Mantel party. Hope you’ll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  4. I have been decorating for the holidays at my house for a couple of weeks now…getting ready to host my annual Witch’s Ball with my BFF…SO FUN! I love the touches of turquoise…I SO want to paint something turquoise but it would go absolutely NO WHERE in my home! LOL!

  5. Love the new colors you are bringing into the house. It’s really making me consider changing my decor and lightening it all up a bit!
    Okay, I just have to suggest that you and Kenny start watching Revenge. It was such a great show. I have been so excited to watch the second episode this week. Just thought I’d give that show a shout out!! It’s always hard for me to add one more new show…..but this one is well worth it!

  6. I love that quote from Kenny- that totally sounds like something Corey would say to me. I seriously am so excited to see your changes, I just get more and more excited for some of mine. (I know I said that in my last comment, but it’s still true in this one)!

  7. It’s gorgeous! I love using photos as ‘art’ I really like the turquoise and orange combo too, the awesome thing about turquoise is that it seems to fit every season. In spring you can mix it with pastels, in the fall with orange(like you’ve done!) in the winter with a silver, red and blue Christmas wonderland theme and especially in Summer with red, white and BLUE! I just adore it!

  8. You are too funny! You seriously crack me up! We too have battles with the DVR recordings.

    I love how Kole’s little shirt has orange and aqua in it too… I know you had to notice it too. : )

    Where did you get the fall goodies that are in the jars? Love them and need them! Happy Fall!!

  9. I LOVE Blue Bloods! Seeing Donnie Wahlberg every Friday night doesn’t hurt either! I actually met him once and touched him in concert in July. Looove me some Blue Bloods after a long week teaching. Off to watch Parenthood;-)

  10. Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

    Tatum – the mini fall pumpkins, acorns, etc. are from a store that has recently gone out of business. :( But I have seen something similar at Pottery Barn!

  11. I love your new color scheme, Erin! So curious…are you keeping the red sofa or changing it with your new color scheme?? I love change, but get stuck when I get down to the big stuff…more time and effort involved there.

  12. Thank goodness for DVR…don’t know how I lived without if!!!! My husband is not so fond of it though. I work 12-hour shifts so the DVR helps out…tend to watch my recordings over the weekend especially when we have busy weeks.
    Love reading your blog!!!!!

  13. Oh my, so many things to say. Where to start! Love the aqua and yellow!! It’s fab!
    And dying on your hubby’s comment… “I’m living in the real world, so you can float above it!” Ha ha ha ha ha! That is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND finally, you and your hubby sound like us with your shows! We haven’t broken out a spreadsheet, of course, so you win the prize on that! :) We love those first set of shows you listed too… Parenthood, Modern Family, etc… It is hard picking and choosing since we can only record TWO at a time. :)

  14. You and your family are so cute. I imagine that you talk the same as you blog and I love that about your posts:) Your mantel is adorable. I love the colors you are using in your home. Aqua will always be one of my favorite colors! Your decor posts are so inspiring! My husband and I have a very similar fall show line up just no spreadsheet around here:)

  15. Erin – we have a similar nighttime routine, except I’m the one falling asleep! I love your spreadsheet. Have you seen ‘Up all Night’ yet? It is on right before Modern Family, so it is ‘that night’, but it is not to be missed!!!

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