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Ellie and Addison

Random Monday

My mom went home today.  I’m officially depressed.  Walking around in a dazed state.  What?  You mean I have to fold those clothes alone?  Huh?  It’s all on me to feed Kole dinner and then clean his leftovers up off the floor?  You mean I can’t just head out the door to get a pedicure right now?  Let’s hope the pedicure I got last week lasts a really long time.  Like until mom comes to visit again.

I’m not the only depressed one around here.  Today the whole family has been in a bit of a funk.  My mom took such good care of my kiddos.

And wore Addison’s homemade macaroni necklace proudly.   :)  We miss you already grandma!

I have another reason to be depressed.  One of my best friends moved.  Remember Shari?  No longer just down the street.  :(  I know we’ll still talk often (and text daily), but still, it isn’t the same and I’m so bummed she’s gone.  She texted me when she got to her new home (small town in a different state) and told me that she made it safe and sound and that she is afraid she will be wearing a denim jump suit by next week.  HA!  I told her “don’t you dare!  You strut your southern California stuff!”  Shari – I’m totally crossing my fingers that you will miss all the botox around here and come running back!  ;)

Sooooo….since I have two VERY valid reasons to be depressed I decided that some retail therapy was in order.  I went a little crazy in Anthropologie last week.  If (more like when) Kenny sees the bill and is ready to blow, I’m totally blaming Shari.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll blame my mom.  And if (more like when) that doesn’t work, I’m blaming the smell of that store.  It is intoxicating and beckons me to enter and spend.

Aside from the beginnings of my new Fall wardrobe, I also bought the cutest dishes and I couldn’t wait to share them with all of you!

Aren’t they adorable?  These are the colors I’m re-doing my kitchen decor in and these little beauties are going to be so perfect for my next decorating project!  

 I especially love these colorful milk bottle measuring cups!

Aren’t they darling!?  Makes me want to measure something.  I can’t wait to get started on my kitchen this week.  Hoping it will cheer me up.  And if it doesn’t, I can always find my way back to Anthropologie.
(kidding kenny – only kidding…. take a breath…deep breaths….)

I’m signing off.  Time to go over tomorrows to-do’s.  It’s going to be a busy week.  And it’s going to start with getting this house in order.  No easy feat since it looks like a bomb went off tonight.  In every. single. room. Even though it was spotless this morning.  How does that happen?

I think I have an idea….   :)

xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. Oh darn! I wanted to see what clothes you bought and was hoping to see a close up pic of the colored jars or whatever they are? I love the milk bottle! BTW you should check out AddisonsWonderland, they have divine bedding (it reminds me of alice and wonderland, maybe its the cornices?) is amazing and expensive but its original and high end. Im thinking of purchasing a set in the future, well see.

  2. This little spice containers are ADORABLE. I must have them. I looked to see where an Anthropologie is located near me and found one! Those are great colors for your kitchen…can’t wait to see.

  3. I miss you so much , Erin!!!! I love getting your sweet little texts, checking in on me. It’s a good thing I am consumed with basic survival right now or I’d be down in the dumps too.

    I’m soooo happy we (YOU) are blogging. Remember when we had to get pictures developed and send them in the mail to keep in touch? I am so happy I won’t miss out on seeing your sweet family on a daily basis.

    Love you!!! (Whenever you feel sad, start mentally planning our girls weekend at your moms!)

  4. Don’t fool yourself, Erin. Measuring? Seriously? My bet is they will be filled with perfectly selected color coordinated candy soon, very soon. Fun finds!! And it’s not just that Shari left but now Ann going to go visit? what’s up with that?? Be strong, my friend…Pedis are good for about one month…schedule your mom back midAugust and you should be good:)

  5. hi Erin!
    I live far from my mom too…but when they came here for visit us, we have such a great time too!!! And the days are so great…the kids adore it!!! ( and i love it too..)
    hugs from Portugal,

  6. Love all the cute new kitchen stuff!
    So sad that Shari moved! What was she thinking leaving you like that? I mean when you almost died I only felt ok about not being there because I knew she was and would take care of you! Sad! Good thing you’re coming for a trip soon. :)
    Oh and Grandma Van come into Ryan’s office today, let me just say we wish every patient was like her!

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