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copy cat

Someone at our house is getting too smart for his own good.  Kole has started copying whatever the rest of us are up to.  He loves sneaking the remote and turning on the TV, grabbing my cell phone and holding it up to his head to “talk”, and his latest trick?  Climbing up the girls’ bathroom stool and finding their toothbrushes so he can “brush” his teeth.

Here I go!  Tippy toes to reach the toothbrush.  My sisters never put them away where they belong.
Oh just look at me.  I am HOT STUFF up here on this stool.  
Stop the party.  It’s grandma and mom.  Wait a minute… grandma’s smiling and mom’s taking pictures. 
 Looks like my adorableness has saved me again.  Who’s the man?  I’m the man.  Party on!  
Have a great weekend everyone!  May it be fun and full of good hygiene.  
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “copy cat

  1. Oh my goodness! This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!! I LOVE it!! Enjoy this little cutie of yours!! They grow up way too fast!!

  2. I can’t believe how our 21-month-old copies EVERYTHING we do! Your post makes me realize just HOW much he copies. And gosh, Kole is so darn cute. That little outfit he has on just makes me want to squeeze him!

    Take care!
    Shannon in PA

    PS – How is the house-hunting going?

  3. He is getting so big!! I just love little toddlers in jammies!! It just makes me want to squeeze and cuddle them. So dang cute!

  4. Soooo whose toothbrush did he swipe? So happy to see that his priorities are in order. Such a super intelligent toddler. I do believe he is even using the modified Bass technique. Go Kole:)

  5. He is completely adorable – I have no idea how you get anything done! And thank you, thank you for reading and commenting on my posts – particularly with so much going on with you (I told Will I had a “celebrity” commenter this week : )) Will and I will miss you and Kenny next week at Keith’s wedding; it would have been great to catch up but I completely understand. Take care!


  6. SO cute! I seriously can’t believe how big he is! Wasn’t he just scooting around like yesterday? We officially don’t see him often enough! Can’t wait to see you all SOON!!!

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