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An organized hutch (part 2)

How is everyone’s week going?  Is anyone else tired yet?  We’re having a fun summer, but my kids are seriously wearing me out!  It’s like they are in hyper over drive or something.  Things are a little crazy around here so naturally I turned to my guaranteed solution for feeling a bit of “inner calm.”  You may remember a while ago when I organized my hutch and put keepsakes in these fun red boxes….

 Well – I didn’t share the left side of my hutch because it wasn’t completely finished.  I had a lot of loose odds and ends that needed a home so when I found some fun containers last week on sale at the Crate and Barrel Outlet I decided it was time to finally complete the hutch.

This hutch had become a storage place for lots of random odds and ends – mostly miscellaneous fall holiday items because my Christmas stuff is organized in various trunks.  I pulled everything out, made a great big mess, and started categorizing!  Ahhh… feeling the inner calm already.

You may notice that one box is holding a million remotes.  We have one remote that is programmed to do everything but Kenny insists on still keeping the pile of individual ones.  What am I supposed to do with those!?  File them next to computer cords, a Valentine garland, and some Halloween spiders web of course.  See what I mean when I say random odds and ends.  Doesn’t get much more random than that.

Before long, the left side of my hutch looked like this!  With bigger holiday items on top, and smaller items in their oh so tidy containers on the bottom.  The containers ended up being the perfect size and I was able to fit all twelve.  I decided not to do labels.  As much as I love a good label, I usually don’t use them with clear containers.  It’s so easy to see what’s inside and I like having the option to switch things around often.  You know.  Like on another day in the foreseeable future when I’m needing some more inner calm.  
Like maybe tomorrow.  
I was excited because I even had one empty box leftover!  An excuse to buy more!  Bonus.  
So now the left side of my hutch looks like this.  
The right side of my hutch looks like this.
The drawers still look like this (only because a certain one year old can’t reach them).

And the whole hutch is nice and organized.  A place for everything and everything in its place.
The only problem???
The front of my hutch still looks like this.    
A project for another day!  Most likely when my girls have gone back to school.  
How many more days???  
Not that I’m counting or anything….
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “An organized hutch (part 2)

  1. I love all your organizing posts. I am so in need of some inner calm around here too. Maybe I’ll go organize something…you inspired me!

  2. Erin – you are the best! I wish we lived closer – I know we would be friends! You are so real!

  3. I read your posts and smile and want to go organize something … well, then I get distracted and don’t get it done, but you still inspire me in many ways :).

  4. I just shouldn’t even look at your organizing posts until Jensen is a bit older and I have the ability to accomplish anything at all. My entire house is a disaster and this is just making me depressed! But I do love you! :)

  5. Looks great! I’m finding it a challenge to stay organized with the girls home all day. Have many projects on my list for when they go back to school, lol.


  6. the beautiful thing is that when you are ready to pack up your house and move…you won’t need moving boxes because everything is already so tidy and packaged up nicely:)

  7. I notice a new gate up in your walk way. :) I loved when we set up gates for little toddlers, even though they are a pain sometimes it’s so worth the peace of having a trapped child.

  8. Hey girl, if organizing brings you inner peace…head on over to la casa de Scott. You’d freakin’ O.D. in the namaste by the time you were done here:D

  9. You crack me up! I love seeing the organization, the order, the pretty drawers. I don’t dare let my husband see me looking at these posts…he might just move out to CA, leave me, and beg you to marry him. :) Ha Ha! I think you two were made from the same mold.

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