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Ellie’s “hafe” birthday

 Yesterday Ellie informed Kenny and I that today was a special day…

She also handed us an agenda for her “hafe” birthday celebration…

Someone has been watching her mommy and has become quite the little list maker.  :)  What choice did we have but to put on some party hats!?

Addison was in charge of the “dress up fancy”…

Kenny came home from work early to “ice the cupcakes.”  He even mixed in a little food coloring to really spice things up.

The cupcakes turned out fabulous and the girls and their toys put on a great ballet show.  Ellie started age seven and a half with a bang.  
And where was Kole during the celebration?  

Mom put this little guy to bed early.  He had his own little party all. day. long.

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Ellie’s “hafe” birthday

  1. As I read over her list my exact thought was…”wow! is she her mamma or what?” Then I kept reading, and you took complete credit. :) How stinkin adorable! I love it.

    Love reading your blog. Keep it up.

  2. OMG I totally celebrate my half birthday. Okay not much celebrating but I tell everyone I know and I usually get a half cupcake on my half birthday :) Your family is just too cute!

  3. how sweeet!
    we’ve never celebrated “hafe” birthdays. sounds like fun Ellie!

    I’d say that’s a FULL diaper on that baby :)

  4. HA HA! Amanda – I said to Kenny last night “I don’t think I can post that pic of Kole. He has such a saggy diaper. It will look like I’m an abusive mom not changing it sooner! Kenny said “ah – no body will notice that.”

    We had a good laugh over your comment this morning.


  5. Sounds great and like my Natalie – she promoted half birthdays! So cute. Will you tell her happy 1/2 birthday from Cricket :)!

  6. I noticed the diaper immediately. :) But I would NEVER think you’re an abusive mom. You’re a saint for a mom!!!

    Such a cute post. :)

    Happy Hafe Birthday Ellie!!!

  7. I noticed it too, with fondness. I remember that stage where they can wear ’em hangin pretty low for quite awhile and thanks to the high quality diapers avail…I do believe they are very comfortable for hours and hours. And Erin, you have enough followers…someone will pick up on every.little.thing.

  8. Oh I love that girl! She sure knows how to have fun and she sure has her Mom’s ability to milk things for all they’re worth! Pierce could not believe Kenny really came home early and did cupcakes! I’m afraid he’s going to be getting a few ideas from Ellie. LOVE her list!

  9. lol, sorry for pointing it out. I noticed right away. I remember those days :)
    doesn’t make you a bad mommy… it must have been a defective diaper.

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