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Ellie and Addison

Answers and a photo book

Thought I’d answer a couple of questions from the comments (which were all so sweet by the way – thank you!).  —
What do I usually do with my girls’ hand me downs?  Well, Ellie’s obviously go straight to Addison, and then when Addison grows out of things, I send the clothes on to my 3 year old niece, Claire.  
Although I don’t know that my niece really NEEDS all of my girls’ clothes since her daddy works at Nordstroms.  Between her daddy’s discount, her mommy’s obsession with fashion, and her cousins hand me downs, my niece is the best dressed 3 year old you’ve ever seen!  So… since so many of you were interested, maybe I’ll have to do a little blog giveaway with my next batch of hand me downs!  :)
Next question:  Where did you buy Addison’s ruffled shirt?

It’s her new favorite outfit and she loves wearing it around the house with her new favorite pair of boots. I swear she has gotten so much more use out of those gray boots than I have!  Anyway, the outfit she has on is from none other than – da da da da!  Target!  So cute, right!?  They have had really cute stuff for girls this spring.  The second I saw it I knew it had to come home with me.

Also thanks for the sweet comments on El’s new do!  We’re really liking the change.  :)

Thought I’d share a simple photo book I made for my girls for Valentines Day this year.  I had some credit at the Kodak Gallery so I put this together for a quick gift.  It was so easy to make because I just took most of the pictures and journaling from a post I wrote titled “sister love.”

You two girls of mine have been best friends from the start.

Sometimes you fight, but you are always quick to make up and carry on like nothing happened at all.

You do everything together.  And watch out for each other.

And you are extremely affectionate with each other.

When you first started having individual playdates with friends, I would always remind you… 
“make sure you play with your sister too.”

That was never a problem. Now I remind you… 
“make sure you include your friend!”

You love spending time at the beach together.

And hanging out at the pool together.

You often enjoy “blanket picnics” together.  And you love playing dress up together.

You love spending time in the tub together.  And you’ve always loved dancing together.

You really listen to each other.  And one of you is always laughing at what the other one has to say.

You especially love acting silly together.  A lot of silliness goes on between you two every day.

Sometimes you two get laughing so hard over what seems to be absolutely nothing.  
You have your own little language and this reminds me for all the world of me and my sister.

The other day you were coloring and Ellie said, “Ad!  That coloring is so good – it looks like Kindergarten work!”  Addison, your little face just lit up.  You walked over to Ellie and wrapped your arms around her.  Ellie kept coloring with one arm around you and I watched you both from the kitchen with a great big lump in my throat.  

The two of you are sisters.  And the love you share is like nothing else.
Love always,  mommy
The book was a hit!  They have read it so many times together.  I especially like to pull it out when they’re fighting.  I’ll casually set it near by and before long they are reading it together.  It serves as a nice quiet reminder that they actually DO love each other and get along famously when in the mood.  :)
Crazy girls.  I sure love them.   
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Answers and a photo book

  1. I love the book! I have two daughters who have to be reminded that they are best friends…Perhaps the book would work for us, too!!

  2. Great idea Erin! I would love to do this for my boys, but they would just say “REALLY Mom?!” and then give each other a punch or a push! Maybe I’ll do it anyway:)

  3. Love the book so cute:) I just had to tell you one more time thanks for the blog header tutorial! I have had so much fun making a spring header for my blog!! You and your family are the cutest:)

  4. Hi lovinglife!

    My girls are 28 months (2 years and 4 months) apart. It was crazy when they were little, but I love having them so close in age now. :)

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