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Tangled/Project Life

Hi friends!  So does anyone out there have kiddos as obsessed with Tangled as my two girls are?

We had the movie shipped to us from Amazon the day it came out (as we do with all new barbie/princess movies because as sad as this is to admit, Kenny and I love them even more than the girls do) and we can’t stop watching it!  Such a darling movie.  My favorite part is right after Rapunzel leaves the tower for the first time and goes back and forth between complete joy and excitement about finally being free, and then complete guilt and shame over disobeying her mother.  Totally reminds me of how I feel each time after I’ve gone shopping and spent too much money.

“YES!  This is the best day of my life!”
“Crap.  Kenny is going to kill me.”
“Wheee!  I can’t wait to wear these clothes!”
“Sob.  I’m a terrible wife.”
“YEA!  This stuff is going to be so stinkin’ cute in my house! Best shopping day EVER!”
“Racked with guilt.  I am SO going to get “the lecture” tonight…..”

Love Rapunzel.  I totally get her.  :)

Sharing a few pics of Addison’s book today.  These pages are similar to the ones I posted last time of Ellie’s book because they are all from the same time frame.  Exactly one year ago – around the time Kole was born.    I just need to wrap up last summer in both albums and then I am starting Fall of 2010 in their new Project Life albums.  Can’t wait to start using my new books!

Left off last in March..
I added a blog post from that month – “a bit of mom randomness.”

It was a few pages long so I just punched three holes in it instead of using a page protector.  I wrote about things I love about being a mom along with concerns I had about becoming a mother of three.  Something I think Addison will enjoy reading when she’s older.  I would love to have something like that from my mom – her thoughts on motherhood while she was raising me.

Random March pics – bike riding with daddy, playing with Ellie, getting Kole’s nursery ready, and grandma coming to help out while mom and dad head to the hospital!

Welcome Kole!

Meeting her new baby brother.

Addison drew this Easter egg for baby Kole in pre-school while we were in the hospital.

Pics with Ellie in their new Easter dresses.  I found this little green note that Ellie had written to Addison telling her how much she loves her.  So sweet.  

The month of April was a bit tricky.  The girls were completely oblivious to most of what happened to me soon after I had Kole.  They thought I just went back to the hospital for more baby stuff.  They think childbirth requires months of hospitals and healing!  ;)  I wasn’t sure what to journal about in their books so I just printed the Update from Kenny and then my first post after surgery – Update from Erin.  I know I’ll have to explain everything to them when they are old enough to understand, but for now I’m so happy that they have no idea they almost lost their mom.

Lots of time with grandma and daddy while mom recovered.  Aunt Carly also came to visit!  And then I added a college of pics I created for Mother’s Day of me and my girls.

Grandma’s surpirse 60th birthday party!  LOVE these pictures of my mom.  And then Addison’s 4th birthday we also celebrated in Utah with family.

More pictures of hanging out with family in Utah.  These pictures make me so excited and ready for summer!  Sorry – I know a lot of you are still waiting for Spring.  It’s hard not to jump ahead in my neck of the woods.  :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
xoxo, Erin
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27 thoughts on “Tangled/Project Life

  1. These look great! I’m dying to see Tangled! Been wanting to watch it since it came out in Theatres :) Working on my Project Life, too! Hopefully next week I’ll be ready to link up and share!

  2. I don’t have kids but I loved Tangled. I have it on order. It won’t be here for awhile though because I ordered it with Bambi.

  3. I LOVED Tangled! I want to get it on DVD! I loved the music, and the scene where she was watching the luminaries from the boat….so cool!!!
    Those scrapbooks are amazing. I wish I had the energy for that, what a special memento!!
    Head over and enter our giveaway! ;-)
    Have a happy week!!

  4. OMG Erin, you hit it right on the nose with the whole Tangled and shopping thing! EXACTLY :)) But eventually the excitement wins!

    Your PL albums look great. I’m still getting used to the digital version.

  5. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!

    yes- we are obsessed with tangled right now. the problem is that my 4 year old doesn’t quite understand that mother gothel is not rapunzel’s REAL mother…and so she is really confused and thinks that it is OKAY to talk to her mom (me!) the way that Rapunzel talks to Mother Gothel at the end of the movie. I am having a hard time with that…but hopefully I am getting through to her that she is a villain *pretending* to be her mom, not her real mom. I say to her, “Mommy and Daddy are just like the queen and king at the END of the movie…” I think she’s getting it!

    I love the Barbie ones, too. I especially love the songs. The princess and the pauper has such great songs and the Island Princess has some songs I just love, too…

    what is your favorite Barbie princess movie? I know I need to see a few more of those- we just have three…the ones I mentioned and 12 Dancing Princesses.

    I am so glad that your kids did not lose their mom a year ago. I think when the time is right, they will understand. I continue to be so impressed by your project life books…they are so great!


  6. Now I really want to see Tangled! I know my daughter and mom have both seen it and loved it. Wow. So grateful that you got through that very tough and scary time. Your books are amazing.

  7. Hi Erin.
    HILARIOUS conversation you had there with yourself. Too funny.
    Yes I was so excited to watch Tangled again too, and my girls would rather watch Mary Poppins. I guess I am the one who wanted to get it so bad.?

  8. Cracking up at your conversation! Yes, we love Tangled too and got it the day it came out as well. So freaking cute!

    I wasn’t following your blog back then, just read that update your hubby posted back then. What a scary experience for you!!!

  9. I was thinking about starting Project Life, but I dont know where to start. My daughter turned 3 in December. Should I start when she was born or the age now?

  10. Tangled almost beat The Little Mermaid in our house…almost!!! We are hoping the Easter bunny bring Tangled into our household. We have rented in the redbox enough already that we should have just bought it.LOL…Great job on the albums :)

  11. I took my daughters to see Tangled at the movies and was probably more excited to get the DVD than they were!! We have watched it over and over again, and even had my oldest, who is 4, invite her BFF for a sleepover and had a movie night complete with popcorn and everything! By far one of the best ones….probably ranks number two…Beauty and the Beast is still my number one fav!

  12. Okay…I have to chime in here. Tangled was/is a great movie…you know why? I went with my kids (all boys) and husband to it IN THE THEATER and they liked it:) AND…we have already watched it again on Pay Per View. (unlike the Barbie movies, ahem.)

  13. New Follower Here –

    1) I envy you and your organization. I thought that I was somewhat organzied; but, I can’t hold a candle to you, honey!

    2) I love Tangeled. And, I too love it more than my family….so far.

    3) I wish that I had scrap books like that! You are so talented!

    Love the blog!!

    Cori @

  14. I saw Tangled with my 5 yr old daughter in the theatre. I loved it! It is by far my most favorite Disney movie! I picked it up this week and can’t wait to surprise her with it for movie night as she keeps telling me I need to buy it.

    I stumbled on to your blog (well, not stumbled… it was linked on Becky H’s FB page) and immediately added it to my reader. You have such inspirational posts.

  15. I have three girls and we love Tangled! The part of the movie you described fits me perfectly also! I have just found out about Project Life and look forward to starting a book soon. I just don’t know where to start. Btw, I am a semi-new follower and I can’t remember how I found your blog but I think it had something to do with Project Life :) Thanks for sharing, and I love your blog!

  16. I’ve been blog stalking you for a while. I found your blog through Becky Higgins’ blog. I just started PL this year and am loving it! I haven’t seen Tangled yet, but can totally relate to the convo you had with yourself! I am a shop-aholic! I was up late last night reading the posts from you and Kenny after you had Kole. I was sobbing! Truly a miracle you are here! When I read you couldn’t have any more children, I was curious why. My husband and I have struggle with infertility and ended up adopting our son and hope to adopt again. Thanks for sharing your insights on mommyhood, organizing, decorating and scrapbooking! So jealous you live in SD, we love it there! Hope I haven’t freaked you out! I’ll go back to quietly blog stalking! Oh wait, maybe that is more creepy! :)

  17. We are watching Tangled right now! Love it, and that scene you described is my FAVE! LOVE IT!

    Your blog is awesome, I always save it for last when I open up all my blogs to read in the mornings.

  18. OMG – we are totally into Tangled at our house. Oh and by the way, we got into the Barbie movies because of your blog too :-) You are to kids movies like Oprah is to books :-) LOL

  19. Oh you’re doing so great with your PL albums, they look fantastic!

    We are all in love with Tangled around here too. Madi is having a Tangled party and is getting it for her b-day so, no DVD viewing yet. My kids aren’t as spoiled as you and Kenny :) And I totally love that part in the movie too! Such a great show!

  20. I hate to admit this, but since the movie came out on blue-ray last week, I think I have seen the movie or at least listened to it about 20 times!!!!! I must be a crazy mom/wife dancing around and singing the songs sooooo much that my husband bought me the sound track. We are also going to visit Rapunzel and Flinn next week! Disneyland, WAP, beach… I am so excited for spring break! Woo-hoo! Bring on two weeks of vaca! I love San Diego!

  21. Totally with you on the Tangled thing (and any other princess movie that comes out). I was counting down to the day it was released and REALLY had to restrain from rushing out to buy it that day. I do have it in my possession now, but am trying to hold off giving it to the girls until Easter….one of my attempts at limiting the spoiling and actually making them wait for something. Sadly, I think I am the one who is more excited to see it again (we took the girls to see it in the theatre back in December) – LOVE IT!

    Having princessy girls the best :)

  22. We have been watching Tangled around here too. I bought it for Hailey last week, we watched the day we bought it and then my boys were mad we watched without them. I never even thought they would care about it. I love that part of the movie too- so funny, I can relate well to her and to you. I always feel a little guilty after shopping, but not enough to stop!!

  23. Erin,

    OMGosh guess what I just did?!! I stuck my camera’s memory card into the side slot where the CD’s go in my Mac! Ahhhhhh!!! I thought of you right away and started laughing. The kids were arguing while playing Candy Land and I looked away to tell them to stop (at the same time reaching to the right to insert the card into the side of the Mac) and then I felt an opening and just shoved it right in….and right away I knew it was wrong because it went ALL the way IN — you know, instead of just part way in, like it is supposed to. And I said, “Oh no!” and the kids said, “What’s wrong?” and I said, “I can’t believe I just did that!” and then I started laughing, remembering your story. Anyway, I tipped the monitor over to the side hoping it would fall out…but nope — you’re right about that. That doesn’t work! So then I got a paper clip and bent it out straight and left just a little hook at the end, inserted it into the slot…and pulled the memory card out! Yes!! No trip to the Mac store for me! So glad about that! (makes me wonder if that’s how they got yours out…a simple paper clip? LOL)

    Okay, just had to share this with you.

    As always, your Project Life pages are so wonderful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

  24. dd and i just watched it last night (except i didn’t get to stay for the second half (that’ll happen today))

    how fun that you posted about it today


  25. TANGLED!!! IT is a FAVORITE at our house, too!! My girls counted down the days until it came out on DVD. We got it the morning it came out…and it has been on every minute since. I am actually getting sick of the darling movie!!

    I am LOVING your project life books!! You are doing such a great job!

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