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Hello from Kole

Dear adults,

It’s Kole.  I snuck out of my crib and hijacked my mom’s computer because I wanted to tell you all thanks for wishing me a happy birthday.  Your comments made my mom really happy so I also wanted to thank you for cheering her up.  She can be such a sap!

And since I’m in no hurry to go back to bed, here are a few things about me at age one:

I am multi-talented.

I am tough.  If I can handle the abuse my sisters dish out on a regular basis, I can handle anything.

I love to play in the pantry.  It’s one of my favorite spots in the house.  Mom keeps it way too organized and I am always anxious to get in there and mess things up.

I also love bath time.  I get so excited for my bath every night that when my mom starts running the water I can hardly contain myself.  I am always so happy after I’ve splashed around in the tub.

I can’t crawl or walk yet and a lot of people seem surprised by this.  When someone says to my mom “really – he isn’t walking!?”  my mom always answers… “Not yet!  Isn’t it great!”  It doesn’t seem to bother her much.  But don’t be fooled — I can scoot with the best of them and I am FAST.

I’m so fast that speed bumps have been popping up all over the place lately.  
One question my mom gets asked a lot about me is: “is he ALWAYS so happy!?”
No.  Not ALWAYS.  I do have my moments.  Like when it’s time to stop playing in the pantry.
But …

My sisters adore me.
I love chillin’ with my dad.
And my mom…I have her completely wrapped.  Putty in my hand I tell you!
So yes.  I am a happy baby most of the time.  I have LOTS to smile about.  
Love, Kole
xoxo, Erin
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39 thoughts on “Hello from Kole

  1. Oh my word, he is such a cutie! I have to boys, and the second is a quick little scooter (an army crawler), too! Happy Birthday, Kole :)

  2. So cute!!! My youngest didn’t walk until she was 15 months and I know people who had kids that didn’t walk until 18 months or so….totally fine. They grow up so fast.
    p.s. – i think you take such great pics. i have a nice camera and don’t know what to do with it. i just either turn the flash on or off and hope for the best. Would love a post on camera tips/basics….

  3. Kole is soooo cute! Happy belated birthday, Kole!

    My son did not walk until 17 months, and didn’t truly crawl until after 13 months. But, once he learned, he did both really well.

  4. Your post yesterday made me tear up–my little man (and only, so far) just turned two, and I’m a sap,too:) Love these pics of your little guy and the one with the cabbage patch dolls is a trip! Congrats on such a beautiful family:)

  5. Happy Birthday Kole! I love the picture of him with the dolls – what a fun life he’s going to have with two older sisters!! I see makeup and princess outfits in his future :)

  6. Erin, He is so adorable! Your pictures are fantastic and he does seem like such a happy little guy. I miss that stage with my boys… now they are teenagers. They are still cute & fun, now just in a cool way. Looks like this past year has been so much fun – Congratulations!

  7. Love, love all the cute pics! That last one is just darling! And I have to say the cabbage patch doll pic might be my favorite Erin pic of all time!

    We will sure miss seeing Kole, but we can’t wait to play with those sisters! The excitement is growing around here by the day! (I wish it was the only thing that was growing, I’m pretty sure I’m getting bigger by the day, and my ankles have officially disappeared! Nasty!)

  8. Kole, you’re so darn cute! Don’t worry, my Ben didn’t walk until he was 16 months! That just means your Mom gets to hold and cuddle you longer!!

  9. Kole…I refuse to believe you cry. I mean, that smile is just a perma-smile, I swear. You do NOT cry on your own because you are just too happy of a baby. (I personally think your mommy gave you a pinch right before that one picture to make us THINK that you aren’t always happy, you know, so that none of us would be jealous that she has the perfect baby…)

    Loved this post….so glad you snuck out of the crib to write it :)

  10. I agree, your last post made me tear up as well! My third and last is only 8 months old, but I’m already sad that he’s growing so fast. But his two siblings before him didn’t walk until they were 15.5 months and I hope he does the same thing!
    Kole is just adorable! Snuggly little boys are so fun! :)

  11. Can’t believe he is one! This and the last post were so great. I love the pictures and your way with words. My Carlee is 6 months and I keep thinking AAUGH time please please please slow down!

  12. I can’t believe he is 1 already! It definitely goes way too fast! I’m still totally baby crushing on Kole! And his sad picture was cute! Happy Birthday Kole!

  13. Way cute post! He is so adorable! You are so LUCKY and I’m totally jealous that he isn’t crawling or close to walking yet!! Travis is already crawling all over and actually walking along furniture and his little walking toy already!! He’s only 8 months old!! I just want him to stop and take it slowly!! But it’s just not happening for me!

  14. Your kids are so adorable! :) I am a new follower/blogger…soooo glad I found your blog! :) Lots of great inspiration on your blog!


  15. Hello,
    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago via Becky Higgins. I’ve enjoyed reading about your sweet little family. Happy Birthday to Kole…He’s a doll!

  16. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Harper will be 16 in 15 years and one month, can we set up their first date now or will that seem desperate? hehe!!!! He’s so stinking cute!!!

  17. Dear Kole-I hope you know that you inflict women across the nation with pangs of baby fever. You are a hunk of burnin’ love.
    Happy Birthday,

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