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A new look

Hope Monday is off to a good start for everyone! It was so fun hearing from all of you after my last post. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll post about all the things I mentioned (and a few things some of you asked me about) but it’s clear that Baby Boot Camp needs to be first on the list. It’s coming soon! Right now I want to post about my sweet Ellie who has had an important couple of days.

She lost her first tooth (and had her first visit from the tooth fairy).

And she got a new do! Her mom was in the mood for some kind of a change and she was a willing participant. :)

I’m loving her new look and so is she.

My sweet baby is growing up.

And this sweet baby had a fun trip to the salon too…modeling different wigs for his sisters’ entertainment. Poor kid. (Unfortunately not the first or last time this will be the case)

xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “A new look

  1. She looks beautiful! And so grown up :)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I always look forward to all of your posts no matter what they are about!

  2. She’s a doll! Her new cut is cute cute cute. I’d love to hear about “baby boot camp”. I just said last week that my daughter needs baby boot camp! I have never had the heart to let my kids cry it out before but I need to do something different.

  3. Ellie is simply darling! Her bright eyes and contagious grin exude an excitement for life that brings cheer to all who see her. She reminds me so much of Lily at that age.

    It’s so fun seeing your child in a new haircut; they’re so excited and perky, it’s just as fun as getting your own new haircut.

    Love the Chia-Kole look!

  4. I am laughing SO HARD at that pic. of Kole!!! HILARIOUS Erin!!! Ellie’s hair looks adorable, I can’t believe how much older she looks now! That missing tooth just adds to it. Ahhh… it happens so fast!

  5. soooo cute!!!! and yes, i am waiting for that baby bootcamp post!!! ;-) although, mine is more a toddler than a baby (13 months)- any tips?! :-)

  6. I laughed out loud at that picture of Kole- too funny. I love Ellie’s new do. So many of Hailey’s little friends have gotten short bobs lately. I have been thinking of getting hers cut, but haven’t been brave enough yet. This makes me a little courageous though. It’s just so cute on her.

  7. She looks adorable!!!! I was thinking..hmmm…Erin posted about wanting to change her hair but decided to keep it as is and change Ellie’s instead! :)

    And that Kole….I could eat him up.

    Missed you at church yesterday.

  8. i LOVE ellie’s haircut! i noticed it first thing at church yesterday. she’s such a cutie pie.

    oh, and that picture of kole with the wig…hilarious! thanks for the laugh, i needed it today.

  9. Love Kole’s hair! He doesn’t look so sure of it though!
    Ellie looks so cute & grown up! Lainee has a hair appt tomorrow & wants that same cut! She wants to cut off 10″ to donate but I ‘m not sure about it, but seeing Ellie’s cute hair makes it easier for me!
    And congrats on the first tooth!

  10. Yay for Ellie! So glad she got to join in the missing tooth club! So exciting and sad at the same time isn’t it? She looks darling, I love that smile with the 1st lost tooth, so cute. (Pierce and Madi just ran in to see the excitement!) And she looks so darling with her new hair cut! And Kole! My goodness he has no idea what he’s in for! So funny! Pierce thought it was “just a picture of a girl baby that they were holding”!

  11. I’m thinking little Ellie got inspiration for her new do from auntie Dayna. She looks so flippin’ cute!!!

    PS- Hurry and publish that baby boot camp post. Drew will sleep 8+ hours at night, but will NOT nap during the day unless he’s being held. My patience is wearing thin. I have tried everything. He hates the swing, car seat and boppy. Next on the agenda is a mattress or teddy bear with a freaking heartbeat. And yes, I have let him cry it out. He will scream for upwards of 2+ hours.

  12. I love her new haircut. Tell her that Grandma said she looks just like a 1st grader with her new cut and missing tooth. How I could just eat her UP!
    Put a little picture of Addie’s cute cut too. :) I knew you would all love it once it was done.

  13. She is just darling with her cute new do! I read the first comment saying she looks just like your husband, but I think she looks just like you! She’s adorable. That last pic was cute too. :)

  14. Hahahaha!! That picture of Kole is hilarious!!! Hahahaha!

    Ellie… You look darling! I love the new hairstyle! It looks perfect on you!! How fun to have the toothfairy come to your house! I bet you were a little nervous when you went to sleep! Did you have the butterflies in your tummy?? You look so big and grown up without your little tooth and with your big girl hair cut! You are so cute!!

    Abbie really likes your hair too, and she wants to play with you! Hurry to grandma’s so you two can play!!

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