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Home Decor (post 1)

Lately I’ve had a “house bug” – the urge to completely change and re-decorate my house. I think this happens to me whenever I have a baby because I’m spending a lot more time at home. Four years ago when Addison was a baby I did a lot of decorating and then got burned out with home decor and haven’t done anything major since. But now…I’m getting tired of my decor and have a lot of new ideas in my head. I’m definitely feeling antsy to mix things up a bit! Realistically I don’t know if I’ll do much because we are hoping to buy a bigger home sometime in the next year or so. But either way, whether we buy a new house or I completely tear into this one, I feel a change coming on. Because of that, I wanted to post some random home decor pics over the next couple of weeks. When I look back at my scrapbooks from our time in Virginia (when Kenny was in Law School) my favorite pages are the ones that include pictures of our little apartment. Those are the pictures that bring back the best memories. This house we’re in now will always be so special to me. It’s the house I brought each of my babies home to. Some of these pictures I’ve posted before and they were all taken when things were cleaned up. I’ll also have to get some of our day to day mess. I don’t ever want to forget this home we became a family in.

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Home Decor (post 1)

  1. What a beautiful home. I LOVE your bed…it just looks so cozy and welcoming. This inspires me to add more things to my walls…they are so bare. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have a beautiful home Erin! I am constantly walking around my home looking for a change. I think it drives Jeff crazy because he is always dragged into that change. I too have great memories of our little apartment where we lived when we went to school. I love looking back on the pictures of all my homes and remembering the good memories we made in them. I can’t wait to see your changes! Have a great day!

  3. your home is beautiful, erin. you do a great job decorating…even if your cleaning/organizing skill takes first place. we’d love to move in when you guys upgrade (just stay in the area!) :)

    p.s. great talking with you the other day at church. it had been awhile. i always enjoy our conversations.

  4. I always love the posts of your cute house and decor! And I love it all! It just makes me wish I had your creativity and decor skills. And your budget would be nice too. :) At the rate I’m going, by the time I get my house decorated and furnished I will hate half of it and want to start over again!

  5. I have been totally feeling the same way- Corey thinks I am crazy. I don’t want to anything major, just change some accesories and bring in some new colors. I have a lot the same colors as you so I will be really curious to see what you do.

  6. I wish I could catch whatever bug it is you have because my house could really benefit from your uber-organized, super-clean, punches of red, fabulous home keeping skills. Seriously, Erin. Gorgeous.

  7. Your home is beautiful! I cannot wait to see more of in (including the day to day messes). Hope you are doing well this week!

  8. Erin-there must be some sort of psychology behind this because I felt the same way after Jake. Do you remember??? I replaced every single floor and carpet in my house, got new furniture and hired a decorator to help me turn my French Country Cottage into a Beach Bungalow! Then, in my tired, hormonal state, I questioned every change I made!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

    Your house is beautiful and it has been fun watching your creativity in your home! Thank you for your message today! That was so thoughtful and made me excited!! xoxo

  9. Is that the Maxine Pedestal table from Pottery Barn? I am pretty sure it is…looks just like mine but different size. I only remember the name because my son remembers it and teases me about owning the Maxine Pedestal table. I think the redecorate comes from hours of sitting and nursing and scanning one’s surroundings. You do have a beautiful home:)And if you wanted to redo it all you could probably score a fortune by doing an auction on your blog of all the stuff you want to be rid of…it’s a good should do it. Forget giveaways….let’s see what WE can do for YOU!

  10. Erin, first of all, I LOVE your blog! I was wondering where you found the jars that you have sitting on your table (the ones you had Easter candy in). I absolutely love them, but have not been able to find them anywhere. Thanks!

  11. Wait, that was the design of your house at the time you posted this? Oh, I hope you didn’t change squat. It’s beautiful! And since I love carpets, I must say that the carpet matches everything in that bedroom with red pillows and comforter.

    I’m just curious, are you into DIY carpet cleaning? Indianapolis residents, including me, usually call professionals to do that. In my case, the first few minutes of cleaning our carpet already drains all my energy, so twice a year I pick up the phone and call Indianapolis carpet cleaners to come over.

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