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Baby Love

Just a few recent pics of my little boyfriend. He is currently in my ALL TIME favorite baby stage (three months until whenever the crawling starts). Newborn craziness is over, not moving yet, perfectly content laying or sitting and looking around the room, loves rocking, totally portable, smiling all day, sleeping better at night, cuddly, chubby, absolutely adorable, happy baby. And Kole’s chill personality is as good as it gets. This little guy is so good for me. My best natured baby BY FAR. Even though there is a certain element of craziness with three kids under our roof, I am enjoying every minute with my sweet Kole. So grateful I was trusted with this perfect little one. He makes us all so happy.

My little man. Can’t you just smell the baby lotion? :) He has tired eyes in this last one – it was taken right before his nap. Not much crying or fussing, just tired eyes and a yawn or two. Please oh please let his current personality be a sign of things to come. (I so deserve it after my Addison. Love that girl, but I can only handle one of her.)

I’m working on a few different posts and not sure which one to focus on – seems I’m a little scattered lately. (Been starting too many projects and not finishing anything.) So I’ll let all of you decide. What are you in the mood for?
-more home decor
-my baby boot camp (how I get my babies to sleep well)
-how I organize my pictures on my computer (been asked this question by a few readers)
-or anything else you can think of…within reason. (since I’ve already admitted to you all that I don’t wash my hair that often. Funny. I feel like some big dark secret is finally out in the open and I’m free to really be me. HA!)

Let me know your thoughts or this blog is in serious danger of becoming an “all about my baby boy” blog. I really am trying to be good about not posting the 50 pictures I take of him every day. :)
xoxo, Erin
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53 thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. Baby boot camp, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (do i sound desperate enough- haha).

    He is soooo adorable. Love all these photos of him!


  2. I want baby boot camp since it has been 5 years since I had a baby! Little Kole is a doll! I see a date with baby Brielle in his future ;)

  3. All of the Above, lol I love anything that you post about if I really have to choose it would be Home Decor and picture organization.

  4. There’s something about baby boys, isn’t there? I’m like you, I had two girls and then my little Carter came along. Boys are such lovers!

    I’m too late for baby bootcamp (Carter is 16 months old) but I should have known about it when he was younger. He literally never, ever slept! Good thing he is cute!

    I’d love to hear about picture organization – mine are a MESS!!!

  5. I choose D, all of the above! I would also love to read about your daily cleaning routine, what chores, if any, you have the girls do, and generally how you keep your house looking neat.

  6. I say house clean becuase i am in a rut right now. I have no energy. i have 3 kids also but my hubby stays home with them. i just need organization. My hubby cleans, cooks, and takes care of the kids. Just need organization. I too have started and have not finished.
    Queen April

  7. Anything about organization. Picture organization would be WONDERFUL because I really need to do that. That Kole is so sweet getting his tummy time. So glad he’s easy going.

  8. I think organization, I just love organizing. Also I would love to see your take on scrapbooking for boys. I still have to finish my sons baby book and he will be 6 in 15 days:)

  9. Home Decor. I built my house & have it almost completly decorated (3yrs later) but I have a big blank wall tht I can’t seem to decorate. Love your decor & your ideas.

    BTW: Your family is adorable!

    ~Christi in California~

  10. I’m jealous of that cute baby boy. I’m almost 11 weeks along with my third and can’t stop the all-day and all-night nausea and puking.

  11. He is adorable Erin! We’ve been on a trip this week, so it’s been fun to see your posts this week. I too would love to see how you organize your pictures and how you organize them on your computer too.

  12. I love your blog, Erin. I found it through Project Life and have used your ideas for my youngest daughter’s book; age 15. I love anything about organization and your home decor is fun too. So glad I found your blog!

  13. he really is a beautiful baby!! i love your blog no matter what you post about, but here is one thing i’d be interested in hearing: how do you manage your time every day between cleaning, playing with your kids, taking time out for yourself, etc… are you a person that likes schedules or do you fly by the seat of your pants? also – do you kids watch tv? how do you limit the amount they watch? what other kinds of things and activities do you do with your kiddos to keep them entertained?

    okay, so that was more than one thing :) but i’d love to hear what you have to say about all that!

  14. They all sound good…but…. :) maybe someday you could post on the key steps to getting and staying organized. :) I’ll have to take some time to see if you have aleady done that…but I am in desperate need of being organized! I have an 18 mo. old and another one arriving in less than 2 months…I’m TRYing so hard to get there but get stuck in crazy ruts of keeping all the stuff that clutters my life! :( We move next week to a new/larger place which should help.
    I really enjoy reading your blog. :)

  15. I say bring on the pictures of Kole!!! I know that you’re like a famous blogger now and feel a bit of pressure to satisfy all your readers, but I say keep the focus of your blog on what it’s really for- showing off those cute kids and keeping up with your friends, (not to mention the family journal.) Don’t worry so much about all of your fans, (who don’t actually know you). Keep it classic Erin, the cute pics, the funny stories of the girls and an organization or home decor post here and there. Well there’s my opinion. (which BFF’s should count more than blog stalkers right?;)

  16. Love that Bumbo thing!!!! (Is that what it’s called?) So bummed I never had one of those.

    He’s the cutest.

    Becca is counting the minutes until she babysits and is praying he awake more this time. :)

  17. I love seeing the pictures of your baby boy! He is a cutie. I would love to see some of your scrapbook work. What I have seen is amazing and I know with three kids you don’t have time to scrapbook right now, but I still would love to see some of your work:)

  18. Love to see how you organize your pictures. Also, can you slip in to one of your posts where you got the Kindergarten folder you have in one of your scrapbooks. I LOVE it and hope they have them for each grade!

  19. Any of the above would be great. I always love reading your blog no matter what the subject is. You do such a great job. Your new boyfriend is such a cutie. I’m so glad he is cooperating and being such a good little baby. You DO deserve it.

  20. Definite toss up between photo organization and baby boot camp. I have a 5 1/2 month old son (my 1st child) who’s doing pretty well at night, but advice is always appreciated. Quick question: is Kole using a Bebe Pod or a Bumbo in the last photo? I haven’t been able to decide which to get. Thanks.
    – Anne

  21. OH Man Erin,
    Kole looks so much different!! You’re right, the newborn stage and look is over. You made it!! He is absolutely adorable. :)
    It seriously doesn’t matter what you post Erin, I’m entertained with everything you post on your blog. Love it. Love it all.

  22. I would love to read about Baby Boot camp and how you organize your pictures!

    I look forward to your posts you are one of my favorite bloggers!

    And keep posting those pics of Kole, he is a sweetheart!

  23. I can smell the baby lotion- I love it. I think that’s one of the things I will miss the most!!!

    I am interested in all the posts- that doesn’t help, but I really would love it all even though I am past the baby boot camp too.

  24. baby boot camp!!! I have a 1 year old in desperate need!!!!

    I love reading your blog, and I feel like we could be friends in real life…is that weird?

    Keep up the amazing work!!

  25. I love all the choices, but there is NOTHING better than those two pics of his precious FEET!!! Oh, how I love baby piggies and haven’t had any at my house for 16-22 years.

  26. So Jeff just told me that we are going to stop by for a visit on Sunday night? I hope Kenny’s communication skills are better than Jeff’s and you already know about it. :) Please, please, PLEASE do not cook or clean anything. Believe me I know how stressful it can be to have visitors with a baby and after church, etc. Plus, I already know how organized and clean you are from reading all your blog posts. We just want to say hi and visit and see your cute family–NO STRESS!! We are eating an early Sunday dinner with my sister and then we’ll drive down. Can’t wait to see you.

  27. Erin – you are such a darling mom and your kids are darling as well. I’d love to know about your “baby boot camp”. Tiffani is almost 7 months old, but we could all use a little more sleep.

  28. I’m all about “all about my baby” blogs…I’ve always wondered why someone has never demanded to know why I post a gazillion pics of my “baby” and just some of the other kids. (The answer is because he’s always with me, and ready and willing to be photographed?) Erin, will you email me if you get a chance? I want to ask you some more detailed scrapbooking questions…

  29. Oh my gosh…He is the CUTEST little guy ever!! I just want to munch all over him…especially if he smells like baby lotion, YUM!! I LOVE the picture of his little feet with his bum poked up! So Darling!!!

    Do ALL of those posts!!! They all sound great!! I want you to post on San Diego…and just why we should come down there to visit you!!! Haha

  30. P.S. I just read your friend Josies Comment…and I 100% agree with her!! We want to see the pictures of your darling kids!! Keep up with the little boyfriend posts!!

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