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A quick page

Just sharing a page I put together for Addison’s Project Life book –

It was a quick one. I did it while Kole was sleeping and the girls were watching High School Musical for the first time. Opened a whole new can of worms with that movie!

Felt good to be scrapbooking again.
Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “A quick page

  1. Very cute. I need to sit down and do a few pages…I love to scrapbook. Glad you were able to get some time to do something you enjoy!

  2. How fun – glad you were able to find a few minutes. My last transportation aide was a mom with three young kids and high school musical was always playing in the back seat – we always had the songs singing in our heads!

  3. Inspiring! Maybe I’ll even get motivated to scrapbook a few pages when my two girls take a nap today!Everytime I go to scrapbook…I end up organizing my pictures and not scrapbooking! I’d love to know how you stay on top of organizing your pictures!

  4. What a cute little page! Love her rain gear:) She is such a cutie. Glad you got a chance to scrapbook while they were occupied and I can only imagine the can of worms you have opened with High School Musical Ha!

  5. Get ready for a whole lot of new songs being sung around your house! My girls LOVE those movies! In fact they are watching the 3rd one as I look at blogs!
    Addison looks adorable in her rain gear!

  6. I don’t know if Carly is with me on this one too but the scrapbooking posts make me even more mad than the organizing posts!!!! :)

    You know I love you and I adore you but you also know that I am annoyed that you’re so crafty and so organized even though you’re a crazy busy mom. :)

    The pics are so cute.

  7. I’m laughing. Pierce and Madi just recently discovered HSM too. They both LOVE it! Pierce had gone to a HSM themed b-day party for a neighbor girl about a yr and a half ago and it meant nothing to him. Now that they’ve seen the movie- they kids over who gets the HSM cup that he got as a party favor back then. So funny. Gotta admit that I love the music!

    Oh and DARLING scrapbook page, and even DARLING-ER Addie. I love that pic of her. (But I’m kinda with Shari on this one…HOW do you do it?! I can’t even get my desk cleaned off so that I CAN scrapbook, with out a baby to take care of!)

  8. I’m so happy you got to scrapbook again, it’s such a cute page of an even cuter girl. Yes, you have opened up a can of worms with the HSM but it’s a good one. I love their songs and music, they are songs that just stay in your head and your kids will go around singing them everyday. I’m not the only adult that loves them either so don’t worry if sing right along with the girls.

    I read your last few posts and loved them. One of my favorite things is when you post organizing tips it helps me think of new things I can do. Kole is such a cute baby and that smile is melting my heart, he is truly a blessing for your family.

    I think you look GREAT even in your leggings and tshirt you look amazing so don’t even give it another thought.It’s so nice that your mom comes and visits and helps out and I think that it’s good for you so you get a little break which I’m sure you need.

    Take care and have a good week!!

  9. Okay…realize that I haven’t scrap booked since the 1990s…do you do all of your pages digital? I know that I would love this…it is just starting again…do I have it in me? not sure but you are inspiring:)

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