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Blessing Day

We blessed Kole in church this last Sunday. Kenny gave him a beautiful blessing. He mentioned Kole having a long, happy, healthy life. He didn’t mention what he really wanted to include – that Kole would someday become a starting linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. Needless to say, I was happy with the blessing.

Blessing Kole on Father’s Day made it extra special for our family. I was so proud of my two boys.

Glad my mom was there for our special day. Also glad she was there to help us all get out the door and to our early morning church on time. It takes an army these days!

We snapped a few pictures before church but we were in such a rush that I didn’t know if any would turn out so I tried to get everyone together again right after church. Sadly, the picture above is the best of that bunch. I like to call this one “my daughter – the Egyptian.” Pictures never happen for us after church. Kids are too squirly from sitting still for so long and we are all too anxious to get out of our dress-up clothes and back into our pajamas. Kole felt the same and was ready for a nap so I didn’t even get one picture of just him in his little blessing outfit. I’ll have to put him in it another time and snap a few.

Our biggest blessing is having this little guy in our lives. We are so grateful for him. He made our family complete and we couldn’t love him more.
xoxo, Erin
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21 thoughts on “Blessing Day

  1. So fun to be the first to comment! :) So glad you had a great day–the pics are cute! You look Fabulous and what a great way to spend Father’s Day. Yeah–I always have to take pics of the babies on a different day in their “outfit”.

  2. Hey Erin,
    I bet Sunday was such a great day! I can’t believe how big he’s already getting. He looks so different from when I saw him last.
    Congrats to you all!!

  3. Um, you look beautiful!!! And skinny!!!

    But Kole, NOT so skinny. That boy is huge! That’s the first thing Butch said when he sat down after the blessing, “Wow, that kid is huge.” :)

    Kenny may just get his wish. That boy is football player material.

  4. What a beautiful day!
    Kole is getting so big. He’s huge, actually! HUGE!
    I think he just might be a linebacker one day…if he keeps this up! And check out that big smile of his!! I love it :)
    Congratulations on his blessing day!

  5. Very nice post. The boys look so handsome and all the ladies very pretty! I love the Egyptian photo!! Looking back at something like that will bring you more smiles and memories than those that are “perfect”. And with all that has happened to your family I think it is quite clear God is watching down on all of you very intently.

    God Bless from Kansas!

  6. Blessings – another beautiful post. I’m not sure if I have commented before but I love reading your blog. Part of it is that I feel like much that you write could have come from my mouth. I have a blog as well but don’t get nearly as many posts in…

    …the reason being is our little guy, born March 25th, who was also dedicated on Sunday. We too had a chaotic day – and no picture alone in his gown (we have my great great grandfather’s).

    Keep up the posting, I’m glad your health has improved and I look forward to seeing how your family grows (btw – our Mitchell is now 14 lbs 11 oz as of last week. Great cheeks and thighs lol!)

    Take care

  7. Kole is looking SO BIG these days!!! Sad I wasn’t there for his blessing.I was still in Utah. Our 3 week vacation has sadly come to a close and we are getting back into the swing of things. Any chance we’ll see you at the beach tomorrow?? ;)

    p.s. I agree with Shari, YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!

  8. I can see a line backer in the makings!! Oh my goodness…Kole has grown sooo much! You all look wonderful, especially Kole’s cute little mommy…you are such a doll, Erin! Hope you are having fun with your mom there with you! Life is always a party when she is around! Love you!

  9. ERIN! Hello skinny, stylish girl who does not look like she could possibly own that chunky baby in her arms! You look amazing. Seriously stunning! I think the family pics turned out great! They are all darling, and love Ellie’s little pose. So glad it was a wonderful day for all of you! And I agree, Kole is looking more like a football player all the time!

  10. oh, so great to see pictures of the blessing day. I saw you from afar….and yes you really do look amazing and are amazing! love you Erin!

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