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Meet Kole

Early in the morning…heading to the hospital.

Time to get started! Everything went really well. I’m a big fan of being induced and an even bigger fan of epidurals. I checked in at 7:00 am and had the baby at 2:44 pm. He was 7 pounds 14 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. Oh…and he is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Picture soon after delivery with my sweet doctor. She has delivered all three of my babies.

The girls were so excited to come and meet their little brother. When my mom told them to get ready to go to the hospital they were in the car 45 minutes before it was time to go.

I really can’t believe this picture. It seems like last week Kenny and I were in highschool making out and riding around on his bullet bike driving my parents crazy. Now here we are three kids later. A family of five.

Grandma and Grandpa were pretty excited to meet their first grandson.

And now Kenny’s pretty glad I convinced him we needed ONE more baby.

Kole is the sweetest little boy. I could just sit and stare at him all day.

Getting ready to leave the hospital.

Kenny always orders a stork announcing our new baby. I tell him it’s so great he does it for the kids but really it’s just as much for me. I love seeing it when we get home from the hospital.

Everybody is doing great. We feel so blessed to have this sweet little boy home with us. He is such a doll and we are all completely smitten with him.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

xoxo, Erin
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68 thoughts on “Meet Kole

  1. I am so happy for you, but I am super jealous that you look THAT good after just having a baby. In fact, it kinda ticks me off :) He is adorable!

  2. He is adorable!! Welcome to the family baby Kole! (plan on hearing yourself called “baby Kole” for a long time in this family, it seems to stick FOREVER!!!! Congrats Erin you look great!

  3. He is so gorgeous. Congrats to all of you. I do find it slightly disgusting that you look so incrediby stunning immediately after giving birth! You’re just naturally gorgeous I guess. Congrats again!

  4. Congratulations! How is it that you look so good right after delivery! And to top that you’re blogging about it only a few days later….amazing! So happy for you and the family!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the news! I’ve been watching for Kole’s debut and I’m glad to see he arrived safe and sound. You all look so radiant, I especially love the picture of your parents with Kole. Great work and Congratulations!

  6. Oh, and I’m totally cracking up over the description of you and Kenny making out and zooming around on his bullet bike! Every parent’s nightmare!

  7. Ok, first I have to admit when I saw the first pic I thought- wow, Erin looks a lot better than Kenny and she’s the one about to give birth! Was Kenny looking extra tired, or do you just look that good?! ;)

    He is so darling Erin! I am so glad all went well for you. I seriously can’t wait to meet him! Wishing SO much I could come see you! The pics are all so darling and precious, the girls look so sweet! I just can’t wait to see them with him! Or to see you with a boy, or to see Kenny with 3 kids…heck I just can’t wait to see you guys!

    And seriously, you do look stunning after just having a baby. I’ve really never seen anyone pull it off like you. I am really jealous of these perfect hair and makeup, looking great pics you have of you and your babies. What is up with me going into labor at midnight just after washing my face, being in labor all through the night and looking awful afterward? Ya, you’ve really got it figured out.

    SO happy for you! Congratulations to all of you! We love you all! Kole is one seriously lucky boy!

  8. Of course he’s perfect! Check out his mom’s perfect hair, perfect matching outfits for E&A and pefect photos posted 24 hours after birth! I can’t wait to kiss those cheeks and see him in those stylin street boots his stylish aunt & uncle sent him! Now go put your feet up and make mom do your laundry, and the next time you post I want to see some MESS missy!

  9. Awww congratulations! Little Kole is just gorgeous :)

    I’m a big fan of being induced and epidurals too….done it twice now and I think its the only way to go!

    Your sweet little guy does make me think that maybe I do want a third to go with my two girls….someday….maybe? ;)

    Congrats again, hope he’s a good sleeper!

  10. congrats, erin & family of FIVE!! i have been patiently awaiting this post. he is absolutely precious. i am so happy to hear how smoothly everything went at the hospital!you look amazing! i’m loving the stork that Kenny ordered. oh, and how did you score Justin. nice work. ;)

    take care of you. hopefully the transition home has been just as smooth.

  11. Congrats!
    You both look amazing – you and Kole that is- for just coming through birthing! Wow.

    I thought about you on Tuesday and was hoping for the best.

    Glad all is well. :)

  12. Congratulations!!! He is absolutely adorable! You look so good, too! I’m so happy for you! :) I remember that moment when my boys met my daughter at the hospital…wow, now I’m crying! Take care of yourself, and enjoy every little second with him!

  13. He is sooo cute-you just want to kiss on those little cheeks. You look great and I am glad all went well. Hope you are able to have a speedy recovery.

    I was waiting for this post-so glad you didn’t wait much longer.

  14. Yeah!!!! Pictures!!! Oh.My. He is the cutest little boy!!!! I just want to kiss on him!! He is absolutely darling!! He kind of reminds me of Carly. Does he look like her to you??

    How fun to have your mom and dad there with you.

    I love to see the first photos of the siblings seeing their new baby. That is just the most priceless shots! You look amazing as usual.

    Welcome Kole!! So happy you are here!! Can’t wait for you to come to Santa Clara, so I can kiss on you!!

    Congratulations Erin and Kenny…I am sooooo happy for you to have your baby BOY!!! Your family just looks so much more complete with that little bundle of blue! I love the family picture! It just seems perfect! Best wishes!! Love ya!

  15. Yay! He is here! I’m so glad everything went so well for you all. He is so sweet…and you look great for just having a baby. no fair. ;)

  16. Yeah!!! I have been waiting for the announcement photos! Are you just in complete love with your little boy?! The little boy/mommy bond is so special and unique! You really do look amazing Erin! I can’t wait to hold your baby!!!

  17. I’m happy that everything went well for you. He is so cute. Great photos of big sisters meeting him. Enjoy your first Easter as a family of 5. Thanks for sharing with us so soon.

  18. A big congratulations to you all. Kole is so beautiful! Glad that everything went so smoothly… those epidurals are just the best aren’t they?!! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter together.

    Love from your Australian blog follower,
    Marianne xxx

  19. He is so adorable! I have to agree with EVERYONE else…you look amazing after giving birth. The picture of your girls meeting him for the first time is so sweet. Congrats and enjoy every second!

    Oh, and I love the stork!

  20. Congrats Erin!!! Little boys really are so sweet. I’m glad everything went well. You always look so good and composed in all of your hospital pictures. :0)

  21. Thanks for sharing. What a great looking family. Enjoy all the last newborn moments you’ll share as a family and parents. Congratulations to all of you.

  22. I almost didn’t even open this post because I was so mad to have to see him in pictures BEFORE I see him in person! But, of course I couldn’t resist.

    Really there are no words other than,

    You look beautiful! (No fair, and not surprised)

    Your family pic is awesome! Of course everyone is color coordinated(even your hospital gown matches).

    Kole is stunning! I got tears in my eyes looking at him.

    I’m coming today!

  23. Yeah!! I am so excited for you. That little guy is so cute and I know that he holds a special spot in Mommy’s heart. Enjoy these 1st few days at home!!

  24. Oh, what a sweet little thing! I’m certain his big sisters will help take good care of him. Now, I want another baby…great!

  25. Oh my, what a precious baby! Kole is just adorable! I cannot wait until we get to meet him in person. Erin, you look fabulous, and I hope you feel great too. Enjoy every minute you can with that sweet baby…they grow too fast. Love you and hope you’re all doing well.

  26. Hi Erin,
    You don’t know me..but I’ve been following your blog for some time. I always enjoy reading your upbeat,organized,loving being a mommy blog! I feel like I know your adorable family. Just wanted to tell you congratulations on your new little one! He’s one lucky little boy to be apart of your cute family.
    Cathy in Seattle

  27. He is just adorable! I’m so impressed that you feel good enough to already update your blog. I am so happy for your little family. Congrats!!! We can’t wait for you to come up to St. George and show him off.

  28. Oh my goodness Erin…he is precious. Congratulations to you and your darling family. I was so excited to see this post, and can’t wait for more pics of baby Kole. Hope you are doing well. Love ya!

  29. Wow, what a fun post. I’m so glad you finally posted pictures, I have been dying to see and hear all about Kole!! The pictures of the five of you just makes me smile. What a beautiful family. I’m just so thrilled for you and wish you all the best the coming weeks. Newborns are so darn cute, and so darn HARD! Love you!

  30. You could have brought your laptop to the hospital to report sooner, I thought something went awry! I am breathing now and I am glad you and Mr. Kole are in safe hands. Congratulations Kole! You’re a lucky man coming to this family.

  31. I fell in love holding him today. We bonded instantly. :)

    Don’t you worry, Erin. As soon as mom and Kenny have put in their time, I will take over. :)

  32. How wonderful!! You are a very lucky girl. And that little boy of yours is going to set a new spin for your family. Enjoy it.

    PS Boys pee upward. I learned that the hard way.

  33. Oh he is perfect Erin! I want to smell him and kiss those little cheeks. ha I love the stork. What a cute husband to get that! I hope everything is going well for you!

  34. Congratulations! He is beautiful! And seriously, you have such good hair!! LOL And after hours of labor, no less!

  35. Yeah! I’ve been checking your blog twice a day, waiting to see pictures of him. You guys look so stinkin’ happy! I love it. He is just precious Erin. I hope the birth went well and you are feeling good-considering you just had major surgery. Glad you got the balloons! Have a great Easter.

  36. Erin, I say what everyone else said! I can’t wait to meet Kole and he looks beautiful. You look way too beautiful!! So happy for your whole family!

  37. Hey there- it’s Shalin- from Santa Clara! :) I have been checking out your blog every once in a while when you posted it to fb. You are so awesome- love the blog & everything you put on it. I have a few blogs- not as cool as yours- but maybe someday! hehe.

    Anyway- I wanted to say it’s been great reading about your family & you guys are adorable. Congrats on the new little one. Our little sweet boy is named Ridley Cole – after my hubby’s middle name! :) You look perfect in your pix after the birth- which I find crazy! But great for you! :)

    Enjoy the little one every day! :) I know I have- mine’s 9 months old in a few days. I need to catch up on my blogs! But if you want to check them out in their unfinished status: our family one is:
    my mama blog which I just started so there’s not too many posts:
    and my biz blog:

    Hope to see you sometime!


  38. Oh, how precious! I wish there was such thing as a scratch n’ sniff blog; new baby smell is my favorite. Enjoy your time relaxing with the baby. And even when you feel good, think, “wow, I’m so glad I can feel good while I’m relaxing”…..

  39. Oh, Erin and Kenny, Kole is so adorable! Good Job!
    I can’t wait to hold him and kiss him! He looks kind of like Carly in the pictures…do you think he does? He totally reminds me of Claire! He’s perfect!!!!!
    I love the picture of your family of five! So precious!
    Love you all!!! Hurry and come HOME so we can give you presents and kiss that baby!! (I thought the presents might entice you!:)

  40. Kole is absolutely handsome!!! We can’t wait to see him… hopefully sooner than later.

    I got to see 4 births this last week… it was amazing and I got teary eyed at every single one. I’m feeling much more prepared and excited now that I’ve worked on the labor/delivery and mom/baby floors at the hospital.

    Have fun with your mom this week. You’re a lucky dog to have all that help! We love you!!!

    PS- I’m already pissed that you’re looking so good and thin and I’m getting frumpier by the second. This blows!

  41. CONGRATS!!!! I am so excited for you guys! You will do great with Three! ENJOY! They get big way to fast. I feel like my little one is already so big and I feel like it has flown!!! Especially with two older ones. . . Congrats Again!

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