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17 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I am SOOOOOOOOO impressed that you are blogging!!! I have no excuses now! You are amazing, and your chicks are ADORABLE!!! Hope you’re doing well! Happy Easter!

  2. Lovely pictures! And you got them up so quick! I’ve got to get some of mine up today. Anyhow, the important stuff:
    Where did you get the outfits the girls were wearing when they were on the egg hunt? And the flower headbands? :-) So cute!!

  3. Looks like you all had a great weekend. I am impressed that you are able to get some much done. Your little chicks are precious. :)

  4. Aren’t you so glad you have a good camera to catch your baby’s “smile”? I hope you are feeling well. Enjoy this time of your life!

  5. Looks like a happy Easter indeed!

    Look at you Erin!!! Got the tulips on the table, the Easter eggs colored, festivities attended, girls looking darling (as usual!), all while you’re taking care of that darling little baby boy!!! Oh, he is adorable, I am already in love with him! You’re totally doing it! See, you’re amazing!

  6. I sent you a text but I don’t know if you are tied to your phone at this point! :)

    It was fun seeing your mom at the hunt. She took some family photos for me! You are so lucky to have her here with you all week! She is so sweet!

    I want to come see your baby before I leave town. Let me know when is a good time for you guys!

  7. I just want to nibble those cheeks of Kole’s! Such a darling photo! The girls look beautiful; they are growig so fast. I can already see Ellie’s face changing from when I started reading your blog just a couple months ago.

    Have a wonderful week with your parents! I’m going with my sister tomorrow morning for her c-section. This is her final baby (#5) and she asked me to come take pictures of the birth. I’m totally excited! I warned my husband that I was going to come home baby hungry. :)

  8. Kole is so cute! I can’t get over it! I can’t wait to have our little guy join us and meet Kole. Hope your getting some rest and taking care of yourself.

  9. HI Erin,
    My first thought when I saw that picture of Kole was of course, check out that smile! But then the other thought was, He looks like a boy!! I couldn’t get over that when we had Mason. Baby boys look nothing like baby girls, they just have a completely different look. He is a cutie Erin. I hope you’re doing well!!

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