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Bringing the Outside In

Spring. Does it get any better? I so love all of the flowers that bloom this time of year. San Diego is simply stunning. Even my little yard is blossoming like crazy and it makes me happy every time I step outside.

So I decided to bring a little of the outside inside.

I found these cute little vases at Pottery Barn, filled them with flowers from my yard and set them on my stove because, well, I had a feeling I wouldn’t be cooking much in the near future (I don’t cook much without the newborn excuse, let alone now). The stove seemed like a practical place for my flowers.

Then my mom came to town and I figured my stove just may get used. So I moved my flowers into the family room.

Wherever they are, they make me smile. Spring. Does it get any better?
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Bringing the Outside In

  1. They are Beautiful!!! How lucky you are that all of those are in your yard! Maybe it is not lucky though it is probably a lot of work! :)

  2. I did that once…. and then learned how extreme Randy’s allergies are!!!! Oopsies!!!!! Glad you can enjoy REAL flowers in your house!!!

  3. I heart Spring. It’s my favorite season, even more so after moving to forever-and-a-day-winter Wyoming. Your flowers are gorgeous!

  4. I couldn’t believe how many floweres you have, they are so beautiful. I love the vases to hold them too. I’m actually buying some fake flowers for the first time and putting them around the house.

  5. ummm so you have been just a tad busy lately. And I have not been a good bloggin’ friend, because you my dear, have a had a child. A quite perfect child, might i add. he IS beautiful. I had to look… and look again. he really is perfect. Weloome to the world Kole. I am your mom’s tardy blog friend from right up the 5 freeway. COngratulations Kenny and Erin. WOW!

  6. Your yard sounds beautiful and love fresh flowers inside. My oven makes for a great place for decor also — love it! Spring is one of my favorites too. Hoping to get to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point in the next week or so.

  7. Oooohh, I love it! Love your yard packed with flowers. (A huge benefit of having a tiny yard, easy to fill with flowers, right!) So beautiful and love the vase too.

    And, I have to say I am SO impressed!!! Look at you blogging away! New baby, no big deal :) I haven’t even posted pics from Easter Sunday yet! You are totally doing it!

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