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Smart or Not Smart?

I’ve always believed that my husband was a pretty smart guy.

-He was a straight A student who graduated from two colleges (Dixie and SUU) as the Valedictorian. Smart.

– He then went on to do great things at a highly ranked law school and is now an attorney at a top law firm. Smart.

– Kenny is great with finances. He’s frugal, plans for the future, and has even found a way to successfully contain my spending. With him in charge I know we’ll never stress about money and our family will always be taken care of. Smart.

– He always knows the right things to say. When I asked him to proof read one of my posts the other night I added, “It’s a lame one” and he answered “None of your posts are lame.” Smart. When I asked him last week if he was excited for me to be thinner again he answered “You’ve looked great pregnant.” Once again – Smart.

– He gave me two pregnancy massages (one of which I’m using this weekend and can’t wait!) and a pedicure for Valentines Day. Smart.

– He comes home from work and immediately engages with the kids. Smart.

– Then he reads them stories and puts them to bed. Smart.

See. Smart guy.
Or so I thought.
I had a doctor appointment today and my doctor, based on the size of the baby and her schedule, suggested inducing me on March 30. MARCH 30th!!! I was ecstatic. March sounds much better than April. I’m all for having this baby as soon as possible. So I’m sitting there just beaming and Kenny says “I don’t know…I’m closing an IPO at work around that time…wouldn’t it be better to wait until closer to her actual due date?”

WHAT!!?? Not smart.

I shot him a look with eyes that could kill, sweetly smiled and said “You know babe, you don’t really need to be here for the birth of this baby.”

Then he sweetly smiled at me and said, “You know babe, the April birthstone is a diamond.”


Now THAT was smart.
xoxo, Erin
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32 thoughts on “Smart or Not Smart?

  1. I think you are a smart writer and indeed smart husband — almost, however he recovered pretty quick. March 30 does sound close. Enjoy your massage and pedicures are so much fun.

  2. I just laughed out loud!! That comment was way beyond smart. My Hailey was due in the end of April. My husband is an accountant-so obvioulsy not a good month. I always come early. I held out until April 15th, she is our tax baby. I know what you mean about being beyond ready, but somehow they just don’t get it!!

  3. Awesome post.It’s true April is Diamond and that would be my birthstone…born in April and named April…so that means double diamonds….SMART…as you would say? lol

  4. SMART! I think April b-day’s (especially April 3rd!!) are the BEST. Not that I’m biased or anything…

    I know it would be closer to your due date, but Kenny has a good point. Have you ever heard of a “push present?” Well it’s a little gift your hubby gives you after the birth of your child for all your hard work, weight gain, pains, leg cramps, stretch marks…

    And since it will be April, and the gemstone IS a DIMOND… I think you just earned yourself the best push present around! Just be sure to tell Kenny what a push present is, and that HE is the one that suggested April :0) It’s a win win!!

  5. Great post! I’ve always known Kenny was smart, but WOW!! I personally think April is a wonderful birthday month, but then again if was pregnant I would definitely shoot for March. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Well I think you are both very smart! (Kenny does have an impressive “smart” background, even if he does have a slip up once in a while.) I can just picture too perfectly the two of you having this conversation. A classic Kenny moment for sure. But I totally know what you mean! March does sound SO much sooner than April, even if it’s only a day or 2. And 2 days when you’re at the end of pregnancy is a lot! You guys are hilarious! Good luck deciding! Can’t wait for more news!

  7. That’s what I was thinking, go for April!!!!!! I don’t have a mother’s ring, I have a ring for each of my kid’s birthstones and when they turn 18 (or when Tyler gets married), I will give the rings to them, until then, I am enjoying wearing them. I’m going with April 2nd, no one wants to be in labor on April Fool’s Day, right?

  8. Now, let’s not get carried away here. I think we need to look at this a little closer than just the surface. I for one do agree with all the “smart” points. But to be fair to the post title, let me share a few insights.

    Throwing potatoes from a moving vehicle…
    Loading a truck full of pumpkins on Halloween night for attempted delivery to an unnamed location…
    Answering your cell phone while in line to see Mickey Mouse…

    NOT SMART! Additional examples available upon request.

  9. hahaha I’m laughing so hard. I seriously love your posts! I can’t wait for you to have that little boy and see him! March 30 or April 2…(you wouldn’t want an April fools baby). They both sound like good days to me. ha

  10. Go for April! Mine is in April and I LOVE my birthstone! How about April 2nd for induction?! I know, I know… that last bit of pregnancy drags and seems to last forever… but really, what’s a few more days in the scheme of things! haha Good luck!

  11. Did he proof read this post? Does he know he is so smart? April-really, what guys know the birthstones? He’s a well researched lawyer. I’m sorry that you can’t every win arguments with him. At least, he keeps you happy.

  12. mmmmm….lets make this easy on Grandma to remember all the birthdays….
    Kole on March 30 ~ Dad on April 30~ Addison on May 30th ~ Thats Easy!
    Then if we can get Dayna and Austin to have Drew on May 22nd we can remember his easy too! Plus I can’t think of a better gift for my 60th Birthday this year than my son having a son….it just dosen’t get much better than that!

  13. Erin – you are freakin hilarious! I can’t believe you are to the end already! Time flies when its not me!
    Also isn’t that Sarah’s birthday?!

  14. Ha! I just laughed out loud. You don’t know me, but I’m Josie’s friend and she always talks about you and your great blog so I decided to check it out. She’s right, you’re a great blogger…and I totally feel you on the “get the baby out NOW” feeling! Good luck with that, and nice to meet you…sort of! :)

  15. You are hilarious! But I agree with you…..when your pregnant, you go as early as they will let you. Tell your doctor to hold that spot and I will be right down!

  16. Hey Erin – Love your site. Good luck at the end of the month! Be sure to tell Kenny that I agree he’s a smart guy, even though he got only a B+ in our tax class. He should have asked me for help.

    -Will H.

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