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Slow week…

Slow week for me. I can’t believe tomorrow is only Thursday. It’s felt like it should be Friday for at least three days now. Probably because Addison has pneumonia and I’ve been home bound a lot. Or because I’m heading into my last month of pregnancy and I’m really feeling it. Or because I’ve stopped drinking root beer. Yup. I bet that’s what it is. I’m missing my root beer.

I’ve been drinking Lemonade instead. Remember this post and how I was going to squeeze my home grown lemons to make lemonade? Right. Must have been feeling really good when I had that little notion. Instead I gave my lemons to a friend who will actually follow through and make homemade lemonade. For us, I bought some pre-made, ready to drink lemonade. Erin style. I’m sure its actual juice content is about 2% and the rest is sugar, but I can’t be sure because I didn’t look at the label. I don’t look at labels when I’m pregnant. But I did feel like the root beer obsession was getting out of control, so instead I’ll drink my 2% juice pre-made lemonade for one more month. And then it’s back to water.

Poor Addie – she’s been so sick for the last few days. She’s been pretty much just sleeping or resting on the couch (we’ve watched Cinderella four times now). So I’ve had some time to work on a few projects. I’ve started the nursery, found my crib bedding (thanks to my mom and one of my blog commenters!) and the room is starting to look a little more boyish. Here’a a peak…

and I’ll post a picture of it when it’s done.

This is my “Project Life station” which will soon be transformed back into a “diaper changing station.” Now why is that not sounding quite as appealing? I am excited though about all I’m getting accomplished on the girls’ books. Ellie’s is up to date and I’m starting Addison’s tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has been so sweet and encouraging about Ellie’s album! You have all totally motivated me to keep working on these books and it will feel so good to have them both up to date before the baby gets here.

I’ve also started dragging out all of the baby girl clothes I saved in case #3 was another girl (still shocked it’s not!). I’ve been getting rid of baby clothes and already too small pregnancy clothes like nobody’s business. It feels so good! I’m excited to go through each stage ONE MORE TIME with this baby and then I’m excited to get rid of all of my baby stuff. It takes up so much space! The high chair is one thing I’m especially excited to be done with. I might have a ceremony and burn it. I really hate the high chair. Maybe I’ll feel differently when it’s actually time to part with everything, but right now, in my last month of pregnancy, being done with all this is sounding pretty appealing. I’m so ready to get my little boy here!

I’m not the only one who is getting ready for the baby. I walked into the playroom tonight to find Ellie busy taking care of her babies. They all had their own little blankets. And their own little toys.
And their own little bowls and spoons.

I may just turn this next baby right over to her!

{*side note – just watched Joannie Rochette ice skate – the darling Canadian who lost her mom. (It was recorded. I know we’re a bit behind.) Now I’m BAWLING. Just great. Tomorrow I’ll wake up to puffy eyes. Guess they’ll coordinate with my already pregnant puffy cheeks which are seriously starting to resemble a squirrels cheeks. One who’s storing nuts for winter. Oh well. I’m so proud of Joannie!}
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Slow week…

  1. I am LOVING your nursery already! I can’t wait to see the finished product. I have moved on from root beer too. I am now onto Sprite :) Lemonade would probably be a “better” choice :) I hope Addie feels better soon.

  2. I was crying after Joannie’s skate also. Watching her emotions spill out after her skate was hard to see.

    Can’t wait to see what the nursery/scrap room looks like when you’re finished.

  3. So sorry to hear Addison has pneumonia. Hope she gets feeling well soon. Agree — Joannie’s skate was so touching. Hurt for her. Enjoy your lemonade!

  4. Poor little Addie! So sorry she is sick, what a bummer! Give her a big hug from me and tell her we love her! And Ellie, what a little doll, LOVE how she is taking care of all those Disney babies, she’ll definitely be a great helper for baby brother. And the turtle is way cute, excited to see what you are up to in there! We are watching recorded figure skating too, (I love to watch figure skating! HOW do they do it?!) So I haven’t watched that skate yet, but Ryan and his Dad were both in tears just watching the news recap that showed a clip of it!

    Oh, and smart on not reading labels while pregnant, very smart.

  5. Bummer about Addie. And I so know how you’re feeling. That home stretch is the toughest!!

    I did make fresh lemonade and it was sooo good. Next time you harvest I will make you some too!

  6. Love love love the turtle! I just can imagine now how stinkin cute its going to be!!
    Sorry about Addie & I hope she doesn’t share it with you!
    I cried with Joannie too!

  7. That turtle is too cute and I know what you mean… I am 31 weeks along right now and really starting to feel so slow and like I waddle all over the place.

  8. Hope Addie feels better soon! I swear there is something about that last 6 weeks of pregnancy that makes the earth turn a lot slower. Hang in there!

  9. So excited to see your new nursery room! It can’t be anything but darling coming from you!
    I am so excited to find out (This Tuesday) what I’m having because if it is a boy… is going to be so much fun getting all my girls clothes out of storage and getting rid of them! Yippee!! I’m sure there will be a few dresses and outfits that will be harder to part with but to have so much storage space cleared will be fun! And especially knowing that with this baby I won’t have to worry about storing it after they outgrow them! Hallelujah!!

  10. OOOhhh, the nursery looks to be darling. And, I am with you on the shedding of baby things after their time. I have already gotten rid of our swing and walker and a ton of clothes. So freeing. I will be beyond thrilled to finally ditch our high chair as well.

    Enjoy the lemonade, continue to ignore all labels during pregnancy and I hope your little one gets feeling better soon.

  11. can’t wait to see the nursery! so sorry to hear that Addi has been so sick. bummer! As for girls clothes…if you’re ever looking for a home for them, i’ve got two girls who would love them. i hope that doesn’t sound like i’m asking for them. just to clarify…i’m not. i’m just saying if you are going to give them away…..well, i think you get my point. should i be embarrassed?

  12. Hey, just a tip for you because I know you like to create things. I too was extremely excited to be done with the baby stage and get rid of everything, but I did struggle a bit with giving away of few of my baby clothes. Instead I let my kids pick their favorites and I put them alongside my favorites after cutting the seams out and stitching them together into quilts for each one of them. They turned out so cute and it’s fun to look at them and remember specific times in their lives based off of the clothes. They love them too and it’s a fun keepsake for them. I’ll have to take pics and post them on my blog, but something to think about!

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