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Ellie and Addison

Meet Snakey

We have a little friend.
He lives in our bathroom.
He comes out to visit most mornings.
His name is “Snakey.”
And he is a curling iron.

“Snakey” came to life one morning when Ellie was old enough to get her hair curled and styled, but decided she was a bit scared of the curling iron. On a whim I upped my voice a few octaves, gave it a bit of a screech and introduced myself as “Snakey the Curling Iron” who was a beloved and trusted friend. He was hungry and wanted nothing more than to munch on Ellie’s hair for breakfast. Within seconds her tears were gone and she was asking Snakey all kinds of questions like where he slept, who he was friends with, if he liked getting so hot, and why he loved to eat HER hair so much. Over a year later, Snakey is still a major hit each morning. Ellie shares things with Snakey that she doesn’t tell anyone else. Their conversations are simply classic. Other friends (friends of Snakey) have made their presence known -like Straighty the straight iron and Lotialina the lotion (Snakey’s long time girlfriend). But no one will ever take the place of Snakey. He will always be the favorite. Even Addison is close buddies with him, despite the fact that he has no desire to munch on her hair (too many curls give him indigestion).

Kenny also enjoys himself immensely when Snakey comes out to play. He teases Snakey about the way he talks and likes to ask questions that catch him a bit off guard. Luckily though, Snakey is as smart as they come. Much too smart for Kenny’s sarcasm.

Snakey puts a smile on our faces each morning. He is a close and trusted friend of Ellie’s. One I hope she never forgets. And one I hope she doesn’t outgrow for a long long time.

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Meet Snakey

  1. I am definitely thinking the picture is pre-pregnancy!!! That is so funny Erin! I didn’t know you had a pet at your house!

    I am getting really excited for your shower. I am getting ready to call Marc and have him come home and cook some chicken. wink wink

  2. That’s cute!!!! Before we cut Cambelle’s hair, I would roll her hair around my finger to make ringlets and Cambelle would call it “magic finger time”!!!! Fun times!!!

  3. Hi Erin, I am a new reader as well. I found your blog off my sister inlaws page. I was really good friends with Austin in High School. Just wanted to tell you how cute and funny your blog is!

  4. I love it! I am surprised we haven’t heard of Snakey before now, with him being such a close pal and all. Glad Ellie has someone to comfort her and so glad he’s much to smart for Kenny’s sarcasm! (I can only imagine!) See what a cute Mom you are Erin?! The best!

  5. Good tips for when I babysit my little girl grandkids:) Maybe, just for my own entertainment, I’ll give names to the hair gel and pomade. Or maybe I’ll wait for when the boys need aftershave. I can name their razor, Ramone, and give it a romantic Italian accent.

  6. Has Snakey ever bit her before? That would be horrendous! The relationship would be over. I hope Snakey’s skill is just as good as his brain.

    It also sounds like Snakey needs to hit puberty. No sarcasm intended.

  7. It’s a good thing Snakey didn’t try anything funny while we were visiting. I don’t like snakes! Especially the high pitched screechy ones that have an IQ higher than their body temperature. Something definitely sounds amiss, I don’t blame Kenny for playing 20 questions with such a slithering sneaky chap, he’s up to something…

  8. I realize this is just me. And pleeease Erin know that I love you more than my fingers can find keys to type but this Snakey thing…creeeepy!

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