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Good Things…and one not so good thing

I’ve been in St. George all week with my family enjoying plenty of good things!
Just a few…
-eating at Pizza Factory (funny how this restaurant never gets old – best bleu cheese salad dressing around!)
-smell of desert rain
-lots of grandma/grandpa time for my girls
-good straight hair days due to lack of humidity
-found my dress for Austin’s wedding
-pool time and morning walks with my girls
-free babysitting
-lots of time at favorite stores (Tia Pan, Interior Elements, Iron Station and Pebbles) because of free babysitting :)
-catching up with old friends

I’m sad to say that one ‘not so good thing’ happened this week. At about noon on Kenny’s birthday I let the girls run outside to play in the sand pile. (I know…I’m a San Diego mom and not used to having restrictions on when my kids can play outside because of the heat!) Addison decided to climb on top of the jacuzzi cover and it was so scalding hot that it burned her little feet. She ran in the house screaming and had huge blisters starting to form on the balls of her feet and her toes. I rushed her to Insta Care where they treated her second degree burns. :( She was in so much pain and the two of us spent a good two hours in the doctors office (both crying) before we got a prescription for her pain. She has had bandages on her little feet for the last few days and will need to wear them for a few more to avoid infection. She isn’t happy about this, and repeats over and over “socks off mommy!” She has learned how to get around quite well with them on however – it hasn’t slowed her down one bit! She has been such a little trouper. I have felt like one awful mommy (what kind of mom lets her kids play outside at noon in 110 degree weather!??) Dang St. George heat. Won’t make that mistake again…

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Good Things…and one not so good thing

  1. My sweet little Addie has been such a sweetheart with her litte feet all bandaged up. It makes me sad to watch her walking down the hallway.
    I know how you feel Erin..I did dumb stuff too. One time I tried to pop a zit on the back of Austin’s neck…it was Big!
    He went to the doctor because he had a sore throat and ask the Dr. about his zit….it was a Swollen Gland…because his throat was so sore…the Doc about died when Austin told him I had been trying to pop it! Sorry Honey!
    Love mom

  2. Cute pics! Glad Addie is doing better. We were blogging at the same time, check out my new post, you’ll love it! When will you guys be coming up again? We will definitly have to start planning soon! You’re right, thank goodness for “the facebook” and for blogging!

  3. How sad for Addie. I do dumb things too (like forgetting Lucy buckeled in her carseat in the car for an hour) and I cry over them too (sobbed all day and night over that one). Don’t be too hard on yourself (I know, impossible).

  4. I can totally relate to that story. My oldest had her foot burned by a straightener once, so sad. I know how you feel, exactly. I am super jealous that you are/were in SG. I need to get back there soon. I never thought that I would miss it there, but I do.

  5. Oh man, I’m dying about the swollen gland popping! And Erin, you are not an awful mom. You didn’t do anything dumb. Accidents happen. She will be fine. So sorry you both had to go through that!

  6. First of all–Bonnie–that is a great story! Secondly–why on earth are you even in a city where it reaches 110 degrees?? Honestly! who does that??? :-) That totally stinks about the burns though-glad to hear it is more of an annoyance for her now and not still painful.

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