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Happy Birthday Babe!

My cute Kenny turned 33 today. So this is for you babe. Thought I’d come up with 33 things I love about you. Not a difficult task. :)

1) I love that when you come home from work each night you take one sock off and leave one sock on. Have no clue why you do this, but I sure get a kick out of it.

2) I love your sarcasm…even though most of the time I pretend to ignore it.

3) I love that you have no problem changing diapers and if you’re home, you’re on diaper duty.

4) I love that you enjoy a good chick flick even more than I do.

5) I love that your eyes are two different colors.

6) I love your laugh. It’s simply infectious.

7) I love that you have all of the Fancy Nancy books memorized from reading them to the girls so much.

8) I love that you are such a hard worker.

9) I love all of your spreadsheets…especially the one that includes our “Fall line-up” – all of our shows we record in the fall. (Gotta have them mapped out to make sure we don’t miss anything!)

10) I love that after we fight about something you are always so quick to apologize for whatever you feel was your part in the disagreement.

11) I love that you are such a planner. That before we finish a vacation or outing you have the next one planned out.

12) I love that you are such a great people person and can strike up a conversation with anyone. You always make people feel at ease.

13) I love that you can fall asleep within seconds…anyplace…anytime…anywhere. I’m quite jealous of this little skill you’ve perfected.

14) I love how loyal you are to your friends.

15) I love that you work so hard to make me happy. That you’ve spent the last week researching shower heads because I complained about our lousy water pressure.

16) I love that you love having girls and have never once cared that we don’t have a boy.

17) I love that you always put others’ needs before your own.

18) I love the way you make me feel. That when you come home from work and I look like an exhausted mommy, you still tell me how hot I am.

19) I love that you are so incredible with directions and finding your way around anywhere we go. I was so impressed in Italy! This talent of yours comes in especially handy since it’s an area in which I lack any skill.

20) I love that you are an amazing swinger. (Of course referring to how high you swing the girls at the park). ;)

21) I love that you are such a researcher. We don’t buy or do anything without you doing your research.

22) I love that you’ve seen Armageddon over 1,000 times and you still get choked up when Bruce Willis sacrifices himself to save the world. Stupid movie.

23) I love that whenever you’re home we end up with 3-5 empty Coke Zero cans on the counter. It’s the first thing I miss when you’re out of town.

24) I love that you enjoy a walk with your girls. All three of us.

25) I love that you are so good at saving money and planning for our future. Another area I lack a little discipline.

26) I love that you are such a good son and son-in-law. You make our parents so proud.

27) I love that you are so smart when it comes to computers. You always know the answer.

28) I just love that you are so smart. Period.

29) I love that you get absolutely giddy like a kid on Christmas when football is about to start.

30) I love that you are so supportive of me in whatever I’m doing.

31) I love your calf muscles.

32) I love that I know you’d rather be with me than anyone else.

33) I love that I’m on number 33 and it would be so easy to keep going….

Love you the most babe. Happy Birthday!
xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Babe!

  1. His eyes are 2 different colors, that is crazy, yet super cool. Happy B-Day Kenny. I love B-Days it is always a great excuse to eat lots of cake. That was such a cute post Erin. He is one lucky guy, but I am sure he already knows that.

  2. I hope Kenny’s B-day ended up fun even if the girls were rowdie at PF and with Addie’s burns on her feet and quick trip to the Insta-Care. So cute that you came up with 33 things you love about him (well really it was only 32). Also I love that Kenny is a great “SWINGER”. I laughed a little at that one! Kenny has always been so nice to me and my family. Well you both have been! I love you both and your darling girls.

  3. Erin-that was the cutest post! I loved learning a little more about Kenny-the Kenny that we don’t all see!! Especially the sock part! That is hillarious. That was a great tribute to your husband!

  4. Awe, cute! Kenny, what a stud you are! Ryan loves chick flicks too and usually cries before I do, one of my fav things about him. Can’t wait to watch a good chick click with the two of you!

  5. Erin, You are the best wife! I don’t know too many people that could say all of these nice things and truly mean every one of them. Wow…Kenny sure is something! Okay…I’m way behind in commenting on the blog!

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