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My little bowler…

Ellie went bowling for the first time this weekend for a friend’s birthday party. It was so funny to watch her bowl. She would push the ball as hard as she could and then just wait and wait while it SLOWLY made its way toward the pins…beaming if it hit just one. As fun as it was to bowl, she was more into the shoes! She thought they were so cute and loved that they matched her outfit. I’m not normally into bowling shoes…or bowling at all for that matter, but I have to admit that the shoes, along with my Ellie, were pretty cute that day.

xoxo, Erin
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3 thoughts on “My little bowler…

  1. These pics of Ellie are too cute!
    She is the cutest little bowler I have ever seen!
    I didn’t know they made bowling shoes that little. Carly will love that she was so into the shoes! She just gets sweeter by the day!
    Love mom

  2. A girl after my own heart! What a little fashionista Ellie is becoming. I love that she’s aware that her shoes match her outfit! Wait until she tries out for soccer because the cleats are cute, or takes ballet just to wear tap and toe shoes. Eventually she’ll wind up marrying a cute guy from the shoe department at Nordstrom – trust me on this! :)

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