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Come back Car!

It was so much fun having my sister here. Now that she’s gone I’m having major Carly withdrawals! Carly is like a drug for me. Those of you who know my sister know what I mean. She is such a CRACK UP! Hilarious personality. She definitely brings out my silliest side. We stayed up so late every night talking and laughing. She makes me feel like a little kid again…
Miss you Car!

Time for a night on the town…adults only!!!

xoxo, Erin
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5 thoughts on “Come back Car!

  1. Ok Erin, you just described how I feel about my sister! She is like a drug for me too. One time she came to visit when I was really sick and by the time she left I was all better! I think it wsa because she just made me laugh the whole time.

    I’m so glad you had fun with her. The time apart makes the visits all the better.

  2. I know just how you feel Erin. Every time Carly comes for a visit we all laugh a ton more! Our house seems way too quiet after she leaves.
    I can’t wait to be with my two girls in May. We will all three be hyper. May we laugh until our sides ache!!
    Miss you both way tooooo much!

  3. Amen to that Erin, Carly is a drug for me too. I always feel better after being around her. Your pictures are so cute. I love the one above this post of Kenny, bless his heart. He is a good man!!

  4. Thanks sis!! I just read your post and it made me miss you even more. I had such a fun time with you, but I’m always depressed for weeks after visiting you because I wish you lived right next door. If I’m like a drug to you, you are like good medicine for me! It’s impossible to be angry or cynical when I’m around you because you are always so optimistic and happy and genuine. Claire is lucky I have you and mom in my life so I know what the hell to do with a baby! I love you!

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