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Easter at home…

Fun surprises left by the Easter Bunny!
(Dress ups are sure to be a hit!)

Cute cousins!

Claire’s first Easter!

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Easter at home…

  1. So cute Erin! I bet the girls were so excited about their dress ups. Especially Ellie! Claire is adorable. It was fun to meet your sister.

    Happy Belated Easter!

  2. HOW cute is That! I love the look on Ellie’s face when she holds her new wings…and Addie looks so angelic in her wings. Is she kissing Claire? Or getting ready to bite! :)
    Looks like they made a haul for Easter…LOve the pink hats too.
    Wish I could have been down there with all of you. Next year we are at grandma’s and grandpa’s Easter Egg Hunt…we do Clues!
    Love mom
    Love mom

  3. Aunt Erin – Thank you for letting me stay with you for my first Easter! I loved rolling around on your floor and sucking on plastic eggs. I am really glad the Easter Bunny didn’t forget to bring me a surprise – my mom said you would arrange everything because you have connections with the Easter Bunny and with Pottery Barn. So thanks for my cute basket and my fuzzy duck! Tell Ellie and Addie I miss them and their fun playroom and I love the clothes they have outgrown. Love, Baby Claire

  4. Erin, I’m so glad you found my blog! I’ve had fun catching up with your cute little family. I miss your mom and Carly too…did Carly cut her hair? It’s darling! We definitely need to do a Graf/Vanausdal girl get together next time we’re all in Utah. I had to laugh at your profile…you and Kenny sound a lot like me and Cory, especially the part that you like to spend money and he likes to save money! Aren’t we glad it worked out that way? Think of how it would be if we BOTH liked to save! Great to hear from you!

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