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Work Work Work!

The other night I ran upstairs to tuck Ellie in bed for the SECOND time (“please please one more story…just one more drink of water…my friends – a.k.a dolls and stuffed animals – are cold and need covers.”). Ellie is a master staller. When I came back downstairs I found Kenny sound asleep – he had crashed (mid-sentence on his laptop) on the couch. He has been traveling a lot for work and working around the clock to close an IPO (Initial Public Offering – attorney lingo). It has kept him incredibly busy for the last few months. My husband is such a hard worker. His job is intense and VERY demanding. He works so hard all day and hurries home at night so he can play with the girls, help me get them to bed, answer all of my endless computer questions and assist with my many house projects. On a good night and if we’re lucky we get to sneak in one previously recorded show, but he is usually working while the TV is on. Then I head to bead and he stays up late to do more work. He has very little down time for himself and I know it can be exhausting. I don’t know how he does it! He is an amazing attorney, husband and daddy and I love him so much! Thanks babe – for all you do…

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Work Work Work!

  1. Marc and I always say, “Kenny works like a dog!” I don’t know where we got that expression but it means he works hard and he works a lot!!! :o) He does seem to keep it all together though! VERY IMPRESSIVE! Will you remember us when you are among the rich and famous???

  2. That picture of Kenny makes me kinda sad. :( You two are both so busy! Wish I could be more help. Come home soon so I can tend and you can both go to bed at 8:00!
    Tell Kenny he looks dang cute sound asleep. I makes me homesick!
    Love mom

  3. Oh that is so sad! Poor Kenny. I love the post about Carly. I bet that was so fun to have her there! She is such a cute and funny girl. :)

  4. Hey Erin!
    I love the picture of Kenny. It sure says a lot! His hard work has sure taken him far in his life. Dave and I are sure proud of him and all he has accomplished. So…it’s Monday morning and I’m still waiting for our cute pics.

  5. Ken – stop working so hard! On the other hand, our entire family intends on your financial support for summer trips, mountain property, and I’ve even told Claire that Uncle Kenny will pay for her college tuition at the Ivy League university of her choice! Work Kenny, WORK! :)

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