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Fun with Friends

Erin and Koni

Koni was just here with me in San Diego for a visit. We had a great time together (like always). Stayed up way too late chatting…we can talk for hours. Koni and I have been close friends for a very long time. We go back – WAY BACK – in fact we met in Kindergarten. We hung out in the same circles of friends until 9th grade when we both made the High School Drill Team. It was then that we paired up…and have pretty much stuck together ever since! If we were ever without the other one in High School or College people would ask us where our “other half” was. We always had so much fun together and got along so great because we have everything in common. Koni and I both got our Elem. Education degrees, got jobs teaching school, put our husbands through Law School, both ended up in San Diego (although now she has ditched me and moved home to Utah!), and now are both busy moms staying home with our kids…we each have two little girls – of course! We can talk about anything and everything. We finish each others sentences and know what the other one is thinking with just a glance. We’ve been there for each other through pretty much everything in life – school, various boyfriends, graduations, weddings, babies and MANY different hairstyles! Even now that we don’t talk everyday, when we do get together we pick up right where we left off like we haven’t been apart at all. Here is a little trip down memory lane…

Love you Koni!

First day of Kindergarten-I’m the one posing in the
cream and blue dress. Koni is the tall one (of
course) behind me with the pig tails. (1982)
AND – My b-day party in 8th or 9th grade.
Sorry Car – not the cutest pic of you…or any of us! (1990ish)

Girls Camp AND – Batman, Cat woman and the
Joker – dressing up for a dance team party. (1992)

Trip to Hollywood AND – skiing at Brian Head.
Yes – the name tag in the picture above says Kenny and
that is Kenny in the skiing picture. My husband and I go
back almost as far as Koni and I do. :) (1993)

Christmas morning – this picture makes me smile.
One year Koni and I gave each other the EXACT
same thing for Christmas. Popcorn bowl with the movie
Dirty Dancing. We had a thing for Dirty Dancing.
“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” (1992 )
AND – One of our favorite things to do was save our money
and then head to Vegas to go shopping. Great picture –
I’m lovin’ the wall paper and hair! Spring Break (1995)

Senior Class trip (1995) AND – College
Graduation (1997).

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Erin and Koni

  1. Fun trip down memory lane…I remember every single picture. How cute is that, that we got Koni in your first day of Kindergarten picture.
    I still get a laugh over the time you both gave each other the very same Christmas gift….those were all such good times. :)
    And can I just say, you two are still your darling selfs! You gotta love having a good friend!
    Love mom

  2. Erin,

    That was so much fun to see all your pictures from your glory days of past!!! Each one was so reminiscent of the era!! The clothes and hairstyles!!

    I couldn’t decide which one was you or Koni in your b-day picture though! Is Carly holding the balloon?? I couldn’t tell!

    My favorite is your kindegarten picture. You look so cute and **sassy** in your little pose with your darling little dress and navy blue shoes. I love it!!

  3. That was so much fun to see!!! You girls are so darling, then and now! I’m so happy you got to spend time together! Cute!!!

  4. What a fun and darling post. You and Koni are cute girls and it was fun to see pictures of you growing up together. How fun that you’ve had a lot of visitors lately! :)

  5. Those pictures are too funny! Loving the stylish hair throughout the years. ;) Isn’t life all about good friends & family? Now if we could only get everyone to move to SD instead of UTAH!!!

  6. ERIN!!
    Oh my gosh.. Are we cute or what? Ha!! Those pictures brought back SO many funny memories!! That made me think that I need to look at my old pictures more often. How fun that we have so many memories together. You seriously are the greatest friend. I am jealous of all your S.D. friends that get to enjoy you so often. Dave and I love you and Kenny tons!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, that was priceless. You worked way hard on that blog! Thanks Erin..

  7. Erin and Koni have always been the sweetest nicest girls. I am so lucky to know them both. This is a great blog, and you can really see their love and friendship for each other. What great pictures. Thanks Erin for spending so much time (and Kenny probably) putting this together. Love you both.

  8. Oh Erin, this was the BEST post! Those pictures brought back so many of my own memories of the hair and the clothes ‘back then.’ You were a kid when you and Kenny were dating!!!! Wow!!

    Very cute post.

  9. I loved this post, Erin!! I love you and Koni so much…you are both the sweetest girls I think I have ever met. AND…I love your moms SO much, too. They are the best friends in the world! We don’t go back quite as far as you and Koni do, but we have some great memories and we’ve shared some of the best laughs together!! We have so much fun! You’d think we were 16 again….
    yeah right! (dream on gals!)
    Thanks for sharing those fun pictures. Love ya!

  10. Hey – how come your photo montage of Koni consisted of 200 shots and your weekend with me only had 2 good photos?! Oh well, I guess I’d rather have 2 current pics than a rundown of all my bad perms (sorry Kon!) I’m so glad you included the photo of all of us at your birthday! It made me hearken for the day when I wore all things Nautical! YUCK! If only your post included a video clip of the rap I wrote for you and Koni to sing to ask Kenny to Sr. Prom. Now THAT would have been worth paying for!! Love you guys.

  11. Erin,

    I am laughing right now. You say you have no life…well I keep checking into your post and I am watching you make all your changes!! First you had the sides up. Then the middle part. Then you made the picture of you and Koni bigger…’s been fun to see the evolution! Are you totally laughing! I was so excited to get your comment! Your blog looks amazing!

  12. Erin, that is the cutest blog i think i’ve EVER seen. you two are darling! I loved seeing those pictures of you two. how fun is it to have such a good friend? You guys are so lucky to have each other. I love it! :)

  13. Hey Erin
    I just checked your blog and can I say it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I loved the pictures of you and Koni and I remember them all too well! I love you both!

  14. I didn’t even recognize Koni Hafen Hunter! Wow you two look great after all these years! I’m wrinkled and sun-blotched. What fountain of youth did you swim in?

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