Tackling this weekend…

Could my so called “office” be any messier?  Yup – those are Christmas pictures still up.  Yup – that’s wrapping paper and random organizers all over the floor blocking the door way.  Yup – those are piles of kids’ school work and art work and pictures and scrapbook supplies and albums and projects (started and then forgotten) and office supplies and ribbon and a Victoria Secret bag (huh?) and dolls and puzzles and who knows what else all over my desk.

This space has been the most neglected area of my house and a total catch all for any and everything lately.  This weekend my goal is to dive in and pack up the scrapbook room!  Major purging is in order.  I want things cleaned out and packed in an organized way so that it’s easier to move it all into my new office space.  Kenny and the girls have fun plans on Saturday so my fingers are crossed that I can stay home and get it done!  

I’m sure my little monkey will be a huge help as always.  

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. says

    Oh I love the little monkey your Little Monkey ended up with, Erin! I hope you get a chance to tackle those jobs you’d love to get done this weekend…I so know that feeling!! I’m not moving house anytime soon but I’m in the mood for a purge. Thankyou for your always-sunny posts – they always give me a smile – and happy weekend to you, too xx

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey Erin, Thanks for all your wonderful posts. Although we are differ in our strengths and interests- (I am not as detailed oriented or organized as you are and I love to cook, I find your posts so pleasing. I check almost daily, and they always give me a lift. Thanks so much for that.

  3. says

    Hope you get to tackle what you need to. Love Kole’s backpack!!! So adorable. We will be weeding through everything the “baby” brought home from college. Oh, and Elie got in the teaching program! She starts June 1st!!!

  4. says

    Oh my word – what sweet comments! Thank you so much Julie and Anonymous. You both made my day!

    Courtney and Lisa – yes! Monkey won! Ha ha.. it just seemed to fit his personality so well. :)

    Lauren – I am thrilled for Elie! That is great news! Tell her congrats for me! YEA!!

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    We just moved into a new house a month and a half ago, and my favorite thing about moving was getting rid of all the things I didnt want to bring with us! It felt great! Once a year I might get rid of things as if we were moving. :)

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    Just have to say this makes me feel much better about the way my house looks. Except that I have 3 spaces that are a catch-all (aka mess). And all 3 of mine look way worse than yours. But thanks for keeping it real and posting a picture of your house in its not-so-perfect state. Also, your new house is looking beautiful! I love seeing the updated pics, wishing you could design and build a house for me ;)

  7. says

    Love your blog and your sweet, positive personality! You are a happy spot on my blogroll- I’m enjoying seeing your house come together! : )

  8. says

    Love your posts Erin!! I hope you include a post with the after of this office! I love seeing your before and after photos- so inspiring!

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