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New House

Ready for paint!

A few exterior pics today!  
We have officially gone from a yellow house (with a fabulous blue porta potty in the yard – adds a nice touch, don’t you think?)…
to a white house!  Which is not the final destination!  But one step closer!  This is the primer color.      And it is BRIGHT!  I can’t approach the house without sunglasses.  And a hat.  And I still squint.  :)  The windows and doors and rock are all taped off and covered in plastic.  We are primed and ready for paint!  In fact, the white trim was all painted today.  Which is hard to tell because well.  Everything is white.  :)
 Back of the house.  

 Another yellow…

 to white.  

This is the shade of grey we are leaning towards right now.  My painter put it up around this window so that we could see what it will look like with the white we chose for the trim.  I really want the black roof to be a contrast so I’ve been leaning towards lighter colors.  Man.  Exterior paint has been so hard!  In the beginning I was trying to match the stone, but whenever I’d try out a warmer grey it would look too green or too brown.  Plus the colors look different during different parts of the day (in the shade/sun) and on different parts of the house.  Our painter is putting up this color one shade darker tomorrow and then I need to just make a final decision.  They will start painting as soon as I say GO.  I’ve been so indecisive about color!  Kenny told me today that it’s amazing I was ever able to make the decision to marry him.  I quickly answered that decision was a breeze because it wasn’t nearly as important as big decisions.  Like what color I should paint this house.  ;)  

The above pic I snapped with my IPhone so it’s a bit grainy, but it’s a good shot of the paint near the stone.  Both of the windows in this picture will have black shutters on them so I’m trying to envision the whole picture once landscaping and all of the finish details are done to decide if this is the right shade of grey or not.  That has been the tricky part with this whole building process.  Envisioning the end result!  I’m great at deciding if I like or don’t like something once it has already been done.  :)

The other thing I’m considering is all of the pavers we have in the front and back of the house.  They are a cool grey closer to the paint we’re leaning towards.  The pavers are grey (cool) and the stone is a bit more brown (warm) with grey mortar.  Fingers crossed it all comes together.

So!  That is my decision at this point in the game!  By this time tomorrow it will be made and done and my house will be well on its way to its final color!

xoxo, Erin
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41 thoughts on “Ready for paint!

  1. I think the grey looks great with your stone, Erin. I think it’ll all look fine in the different lights of day because the cooler grey of the tiles are on a different surface (the light will hit them differently than the walls). Your home is going to look amazing once all finished and landscaped! xx

  2. Wow, that is one beautiful house! So excited for you! Just think of all the wonderful times you and your family will have there. This is a fun time although stressful, too. You are making great choices:)

  3. Oh, Erin!!! Your house is just BEAUTIFUL!!! This is not your typical home – this is a FABULOUS home!! I admire you for all of the decisions you have made; you are so talented and creative. I can’t wait to see it complete with paint, and I know that whatever you decide on, it will be PERFECT!!

  4. Yes paint color is so important in the grand scheme of things. Maybe you could ask a family like ours who is dealing with childhood cancer to help you make that all important decision. But your perfect life doesn’t deal with real problems.

  5. Thank you so much everyone!

    Jane – you are so kind to say that! I really appreciate it! You are always too good to me. :)

    Anonymous – I’m so so sorry to hear about your child. I truly am. Unfortunately childhood cancer is something that is near and dear to our hearts as well and that we know all about. Kenny’s cousin’s 5 year old has been battling cancer for a couple of years now and it has been hard for our whole family. We certainly have our fair share of problems (much greater than paint). Some I’ve opened up about on this blog. Some are private family matters that I choose not to share. But regardless of whether or not I share our struggles my life is far from perfect and full of “real” problems. This blog is a fun place for me to talk about a lot of the good in my life and focus on that. I truly hope the best for your little one and am so sorry for all you are going through.

  6. I absolutely love your house updates. This place looks phenomenal!!!! I love seeing the progress and I’m sure we will all be blown away with the finished house.

  7. I love the gray paint that’s on the house now. It looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished result. Your house will be gorgeous! Will your house have 3 garages? I see 2 in the front and looks like another in the back?

  8. Thank you so much Kathy, Karen and Becky!

    Karen – we just have the two garage doors in the front – they are each two car garages. What you’re seeing on the side is just how far those garages pop out. I think? :)

  9. sYou are adorable! I know lots of people have so many horrible problems! My poor mother is struggling with Dimentia now. I come to your blog for escape. You properly named it, “Sunny Side Up”. Keep up the fun, positive, wonderful things you blog about. Don’t be so critical people. This is surely one slice of Erin’s life!

  10. Erin, whatever you decide I know it will look amazing. You have poured a lot of love and attention into making this your families dream home.

    And, I also have to applaud you for you reply to Anonymous. The house is just a “part” of your life, not its entirety. And as you mentioned, you have opened up to us about things you felt comfortable in doing so, but I am sure there are others that burden you as well. Thanks for being so honest.

  11. It is so beautiful. Just like you! I love all of the stone work. I think whatever color you decide to paint the house will be perfect with the white and black details.

    Don’t ever let anyone steal your joy. As you know I lost my child to cancer. Yet, I couldn’t be happier for you.

    Seriously in love with your new dream home. Wishing you many years of happiness and love with it.

    Lots of love to you

  12. I love getting the house updates!! It’s been fun to go on this wild ride with you! :) Can’t wait to see the finished product and to see how you decorate the inside! I just know it’ll look fabulous! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Erin…Your house is going to be filled with love and laughter just like this blog shows. Yes, everyone has troubles and it is so important to find the “sunny side” of things when the black clouds sometime get in the way! Keep on writing as you do…it is a light-hearted happy blog that I enjoy!!
    I vote for a slightly darker shade of grey…it will all come together and be beautiful. I can’t wait until you move in!! BTW…what is the total square footage?

  14. Just now reading all the comments. Erin, I think you have handled it so well. Our hearts go out to you, ANON.

    It’s heartbreaking that you have to go through such a hardship, but this blog should not be the forum for any negativity.

    I am truly loving living vicariously through Erin’s new home updates, we all are.

  15. I love the grey you chose. It looks fantastic. I would have such a hard time making all those decisions. I would love to have a custom home, but I think I would go crazy with all the details that need to be chosen! You are doing great. :)

  16. It’s looking amazing, Erin! I find white colors to be very difficult/tricky when I am painting furniture. I can’t imagine trying to pick the perfect grey on something so permanent! You can do it, though! By the time you read this, your decision will be made according to this post. Such an exciting time for your family! :) Thanks for letting us peak into this part of your life.

    Andrea L.

  17. Hey Cuz! Are you taking reservations for us family members that come to California to visit? Does it include breakfast? haha… Looking beautiful. We close on the 28th on ours. We are excited to be out of a rental after 7 months!! UGGH

  18. Oh Erin, I love your blog and house updates! True, everyone’s lives aren’t happy all the time, so that’s an even better reason to celebrate when times are good. Thanks for always being so positive and sympathetic!

  19. Erin it is beautiful! I cannot wait to see how everything looks on the inside when it’s done. We have decided to build a home….and I’m definitely following your style! I may be asking you for those grey paint colors when the time comes! So much fun!

  20. Hi Erin, I have had “Anonymous” on my mind all day. I felt the need to just leave a few words here on your blog as there is no way to leave them anywhere for her.

    I just wanted to say to Anonymous that my heart goes out to you. Our son passed away from brain cancer. I know how dark these days are for you. I don’t think you are jealous. I think you are going through this journey. A journey no parent should ever have to endure. I remember thinking that no one had a clue what we , my son, were going through. You have every right to be angry and scared. The truth is, I learned after he passed away that there are so many parents going through things with their children. You are not alone. I guess what I am trying to say, is you never know what someones life is like. No matter how perfect it looks. I would hope that you can share your journey with me. I would love to be here for you.

    The fact that Erin is sharing her home on her blog does not make her heartless.. If anything, she has a heart of gold. I bet she will pray for your child

    I will pray that you find the donor you need for your sweet child. I will pray for peace for you and your family.

    Much love to you.

  21. Ladies, ladies, ladies….let me start off by saying what a kind, sweet person Erin is. I know her “in real life”. She is not heartless, rude or insensitive. If you don’t like what is on her blog don’t read it. Period. Life is not perfect for anyone. My father was just diagnosed with lymphoma, my 5 year old nephew diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and my other nephew(3 years old) who was born with half a heart is just about to undergo his third open heart surgery. Nobody’s life is without problems and challenges. So, let us all be kind to one another.

  22. Erin – your home is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing this exciting journey with us. Thank you for your kind and compassionate words to Anonymous. My heart goes out to her. I am praying for her and her child.

  23. Erin your home is absolutely beautiful!! I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to see it. I love when you post pictures of the progress. Love you!

  24. Erin-I LOVE reading about this beautiful home you are building for your family. I think paint colors can be so tricky to pick and nerve-wracking when it’s a time crunch and you don’t want to make a mistake and have a do-over. (Been there, done that.) I always love hearing Kenny’s comments too-that guy cracks me up! :)

  25. Hi friends!

    I am feeling so spoiled with all of your sweet comments today! I can’t thank you all enough for taking a minute out of your day to comment. Your kind words are making me feel so happy and much more confident in my decisions for this house (which are easy to doubt!). I am so lucky to have such kind people reading this blog. Thanks again and love to you all!

  26. HeyErin….. I love love love your new house! Just a quick little suggestion…. Do you think you could do a video of of a house tour?

  27. Anonymous – Thank you so much! I don’t think I’ll have time in the next few months but maybe once we are settled and moved in? Fun idea! :)

      1. Thanks, that would be awesome! I have to choose white exterior paint next week and I just love your exterior colors!

  28. I think your home is perfect. My husband and I are building a home in Dahlonega GA. I am not as talented as you are so I am going to copy your paint choices. I hope to find them in my in box soon. Thank you for being there! So what is the final recipe for exterior color?(:

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