Big day

So tomorrow is the big day! We find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Want to place your bet? :)

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    I have LOVED your last few blog posts. And congrats on being featured on that other blog! That was really neat. Next thing I know, you are gonna be interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Just don’t forget to bring me along!
    Ok…so my prediction is FOR SURE a boy… He will named Thunder Kenneth Rollins!!
    I can’t wait to hear. Good luck!
    Love ya Erin

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    YAY! Ok, so your must come home immediately after and head straight to the computer! I guess you can call your Mom first, well actually you can call her in the car, so straight to the computer!!! I HOPE for all of your sakes that it’s a boy, but….

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    how exciting!!! please share the news as soon as you get a chance. i don’t have a strong thought one way or the other. i know you will love your new little one to pieces boy or girl.

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    I am guessing boy – I have no science, no theory to back any of this up. But have so much fun finding out tomorrow and enjoying what had been your little one’s secret.

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