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fabulous fall finds

Oh I love fall fashion. Love love love it! Best time of the year to buy clothes. So it totally BITES to be pregnant during the fall. Not only pregnant, but in that awkward in between stage. Don’t get me wrong, in pregnancy land second trimester is the absolute best and I’ve been feeling great. Done with first trimester sickness and not yet to ‘I’m a whale and my back is killing me’ third trimester. BUT – as far as clothes are concerned nothing is working! Pre-pregnancy clothes are getting way too tight and a lot of maternity clothes are still too big. Plus most of my maternity clothes I bought in 2003 when I was pregnant with Ellie and styles have changed just a bit since then! Did I once enjoy looking like a high waisted tent!? I guess so. Worked at the time…not so much now. BUT – I don’t want to go spend a lot of money on maternity clothes. They fit for such a short time and this will be my last pregnancy so it seems especially silly to spend money on clothes that I’ll only wear for 5 more months. BUT – I’m in need of a little retail therapy. SO – I’ve decided to turn my attention towards more shoes. Shoes that I probably don’t need, but really really want. Here are a few I’m salivating over right now…
These Maxstudio slingback pumps are so simple and cute! They just seem like a good go-to shoe that would work with about anything.

I LOVE these Steve Madden gray pumps. They’re a little like my Gwen Stefani black shoes but the laces are adding a really great touch. Pumps like these are surprisingly comfortable too…the higher back gives better ankle support. Much better support than my two hour shoes. Bet I could wear them for at least three hours, making them a must have!

Oh…are these not to die for!!! Michael Kors Peep Toe Bootie. I love a good peep toe. They are so San Diego. Wear the boot because it’s the month of November, but show the pedicured toe because it’s 75 degrees.
And how fun are these green Hunter rain boots! SO CUTE! We don’t have slushy winter weather, but it does rain from time to time. How fun would it be to have these when it does! Why should our kids be the only ones decked in darling rain attire? Plus they’re green making them a must have for my wardrobe.

And last but certainly not least my FAVORITE boot I’ve seen so far this fall. I LOVE these boots. I ALL CAPS LOVE THESE BOOTS. I triple exclamation LOVE these boots!!! I RIDICULOUSLY LARGE PRINT LOVE THESE BOOTS! This Guess Suede boot has been popping up in my dreams since I spotted them on line. They are even better than the boots I dreamed about buying last year. They are a masterpiece. And if I had my way, they – along with all of the above shoes – would be mine.

Question is: if we have a few more Charger wins and I can actually pull off getting any of these fabulous fall finds, what would they look like with the high waisted tent?
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “fabulous fall finds

  1. Now THIS is a blog post. If I ever had a blog it would be all shoes all the time (with little ounce of Claire). That grey suede lace-up is a pretty sexy bootie for a desperate housewife, but I could totally see you wearing the first and last pair. Tell Kenny to get your Guess boots from Shawn for Christmas – they are totally MY HUSBAND IS GOING TO MAKE PARTNER boots. Holla! ps. I plan my pregnancies around being done by Sept. – just in time for fall fashion. Your timing is all off!

  2. Erin, you crack me up! The sad thing is all the while I’m reading this and looking at your cute, cute boots all I can think is how sad my wardrobe is, especially in the shoe department! Erin would be appalled at my lack of cute and stylish shoes!

    I hope you get at least one pair, or two. I can totally see you in all of them.

    And I still love the shoe story with the lady at church, that is one of my all time favorite Erin stories! Love it!

  3. so cute! I love them all! I just checked out your interview. . . so cute! You are such a great mom and you really have the cutest blog I have ever seen. I really think you need to write a book . . . you are such a CUTE writer!

  4. I am way too practical, my first choice out of them all would be the hunter rain boots. Really they are all very sassy and Erin. I need to to hire you to be my stylist.

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