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photo shoot gone bad

So if you know me you know that I have a thing with pajamas. Maybe some would call it an obsession. And because of this obsession I went a little crazy with the girls Christmas p.j.’s buying them several pairs this year because there were just too many cute pairs to choose from! Then my mom came to visit a few weeks ago and what did she bring for the girls? Christmas pajamas. (the apple doesn’t fall too far…) I usually give the girls their Christmas p.j.’s after Thanksgiving so they can wear them throughout December, but I figured we’d start a little early this year and spread them out. :) So I gave them their first pair today and just like last year, got all ready for our annual Christmas p.j. photo shoot on my red couches.
Things were going well.

Girls were cooperating until…

we suddenly heard shouts coming from the family room… LOUD SHOUTS.

And this came to mind {“In the Christmas Eve game there arose such a clatter, Erin ran to the living room to see what was the matter. When what to her wondering eyes should appear, but Kenny dancing around in his blue Charger gear!”} Sound familiar? :)

We knew this could only mean one thing. The Chargers won! Scoring the winning touchdown with 21 seconds left in the game! (YES! They FINALLY got my letter!!!)

Someone in our house was pretty excited.

And that someone got two other someones pretty excited.

and someone else (who after all of this excitement tried to resume the photo shoot) quickly realized that picture taking was done for the day. But that someone isn’t bitter. She is thinking that if the Chargers keep this up, our little family is going to have a VERY Merry Christmas. ;)

p.s. I was featured today as a “Monday Maven” on the fun blog ‘I Never Grew Up’! You can check out my interview here.
Thanks Vanessa!
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “photo shoot gone bad

  1. Awesome Monday Maven interview!! Look at you being all famous and stuff… As far as football, I gave it my all and was into it for about five weeks (when I couldn’t move off the couch). Now I could give a rats ass about it. Glad the Chargers won, it’s not looking so good for the Broncos tonight.

  2. Have you seen the Nick & Nora matching jammies at Target with the Christmas Owls. They have them in mommy and daughter sizes. Not to feed your habit, but they are calling your name!

  3. Yeah for Kenny! Those pictures make me want to do my happy dance as well. I love your SLR. Those moments are so hard to capture with a regular point ‘n’ shoot.

  4. I’m not sure which I love more- the pics of the girls in their darling new p.j.’s (they are SO cute! The girls and the p.j.’s) OR Kenny doing his victory dance! Love them both. What a fun moment to capture. And at least you got a couple of cute shots before! They were great pics! I’d say it was a very successful evening for all the Rollins in the house.

  5. Super cute girls in super cute jammies. And wahoo for a Chargers win! (I mean wahoo for you – I hope it leads to a very Merry Christmas!)

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