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Halloween Week

Man! I’m still trying to recover from last week. It was crazy. Fun, but crazy. Here’s our week at a glance.


We went with a 50’s theme this year. The girls fell in love with these costumes and begged to be “poodle girls”. So “poodle girls” they were. The picture above was taken at our church’s annual Trunk-or-Treat party. Addison was having fun. Ellie had been crying…something about a cupcake. Kenny was being an incredibly good sport to adorn his fake leather jacket that reeked of plastic. And I was counting down to the minute I got to go home and take off the heels and jeans and jacket… that were all about to pop. Good times. :)


We all enjoyed the annual party at Kenny’s office this year. They had a parade (attorneys love to show off their kiddos), lots of yummy food, great treats and prizes for the kids, and a fun costume and pumpkin carving contest.

My “poodle girls” in all their glory

And my stud. This picture makes me want to hop on the back of a Harley with him.


Pictures from her school parade – I loved watching her have so much fun with her little Kindergarten buddies.

-class party projects-

So fun helping with Ellie’s Halloween party. I loved that I got to pop in and help out with all the fun stuff… and then leave. Poor teachers. I so know what they feel like the afternoon after a holiday party!


And we’re off!

Too busy assessing the loot to even look up for a picture. I thought Ellie was going to sleep in her pink glasses. She never wanted to take them off. :) We had a great Halloween!
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Halloween Week

  1. Every one of you look so cute! The poodle skirts fit darling….and those glasses! They make the whole outfit!
    Your little bump looks cute too.
    I LOVE your music! They don’t make cool songs like that anymore.
    Your post was worth the wait.

  2. ADORABLE!!! I love seeing all the fun going on in your lives! (I’m a little off the blogging routine…some day I’ll get my act together again…or not and that’s O.K. too!)

  3. Can you believe I posted my Halloween pics BEFORE you???? Well, you are pregnant so I’ll cut you some slack.

    So cute Erin.

    So glad it’s over.

  4. Awesome costumes! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Brynn already told me that she wants to wear a poodle skirt for halloween next year. Where did you find these adorable outfits?

  5. cute, cute, cute. those are two cute “poodle girls” and what a sport you are for also donning a 50’s look. (and kenny – love the pleather jacket!)

    you are one cute pregnant girl, can’t wait to hear boy or girl!

  6. Love, love, love it! All of it! Love you admitting how uncomfortable you were, all the while looking perfectly photogenic- as always! Love the girls outfits! Love the family theme! (One of these days I’ll get there) And love Kenny with his pants rolled up sporting the white socks! I want to jump on the back of a Harley with him too! :) So cute! Glad you guys had a great Halloween. And is it just the pink jacket or did your little belly suddenly double in size?! I’m sure it’s not for you- but your pregnancy is flying by to me…I can’t even believe it! It seems like we were just having our 3rd baby discussion (again)!

  7. What a fun family costume!! My Kendyll was a little poodle girl when she was 2…she acutally wore the poodle skirt that my mom made for me when I was that age! It was such a fun thing for her to wear it.
    Looks like a super busy but fun week!

  8. Very cute post! All of you look so cute, I can’t believe you got everyone to agree on one theme! You look darling as well, hope you are feeling well.

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