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Carving Time

Once again my hideous Halloween tablecloth came in extremely handy! We carved our pumpkins on it tonight. I guess I should say Kenny carved our pumpkins tonight. The girls and I assisted in the way we usually do… offering up a lot of chatter, constructive criticism, and our award winning smiles.

{Ellie and I setting them up – the bag Ellie is holding is full of pumpkin seeds that she thinks she is planting in our yard for next years crop of jack-o-lanterns}

Hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween weekend!

– Looking forward to seeing everyone’s Halloween pics on Monday in blogland. :)
– Hope the girls get lots of good candy. My stash is getting low.
– Santa: if you happen to be reading this, notice I didn’t get the total effect I was going for with the jack-o-lantern picture. It’s good, but not great. The new lens and tripod I want for Christmas would have made my picture great. Just thought I’d make your job a little easier this year. I’m nice that way.
– To answer so many of you who have asked if we’re finding out what they baby will be, the answer is DEFINITELY! We find out in two weeks and can’t wait. I’ll need some assistance in the name department once we find out. Ellie and Addison have decided that if it’s a girl we’re naming her Jasmine and if it’s a boy we’re naming him Aladdin… and that’s all we got.
xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Carving Time

  1. Cute pumpkins!!!!

    I need to do that with my kids soon huh? Since the dreaded day is tomorrow and everything. *sigh*

    Guess we’ll be doing that after school today. Yippee.

  2. Fun, Fun, Fun! Great job on the carving Kenny! Very impressive. Hope you guys have a great Halloween too, and can’t wait to see what cute costumes you came up with this year! Happy Halloween, we love you guys!

    Oh and I’m loving Jasmine and Aladdin for names! :) Ok, next time we get together I have to tell you about the family with the worst baby names ever, you’ll die! Can’t believe you’re finding out so soon! Yay!

  3. We are going to attempt our carving tonight!! I mean, Corey is going to carve, yea, that’s not really my thing either.

    I really love the name Merrick- I really wanted to use this one, but Corey was having none of it. Really, it could be girl or boy. I also really like the name Gage and Gentry. Sorry, don’t know why I am only thinking of boy names, maybe I am feeling something.

  4. How cute are those pumpkins! We didn’t carve this year, I’m kind of a scrooge I guess. I had the kids paint faces on them instead. Hope you guys had a great Halloween!

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