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Happy 30th Shawn!

My cute brother-in-law turned 30 today. I wanted to wish him a happy birthday because he is my favorite brother-in-law… and would be even if he wasn’t my only brother-in-law. My sister Carly couldn’t have picked a better husband – oh wait – that’s because she didn’t pick her husband. I picked him for her. Now Shawn is starting to sound like a pumpkin so let me explain. While Car and Shawn had been friends since High School they had never dated. They were always in different places at different times. I knew Shawn and had always liked him. He’s friendly, stylish, kind, funny, smart…and I could tell that he had a thing for my sister. He’d always ask about her and his eyes lit up whenever I talked about her. One time while talking to Shawn about Carly I said “you should call her…here’s her number….she’d love it….do it!” It was a bit bold of me since we’d never talked about him liking my sister. He smiled and wrote down the number. I went home and told Car what I’d done and also told her that if Shawn called she WOULD go on that date. He called. They went out. And from that date on they were inseparable.

You’re welcome Car and Shawn. And the two of you will be paying me back for the rest of your lives. Or you could pay your debt off this Christmas with that new pair of UGGS I’ve been eyeing. (Shawn sells shoes at Nordstroms….you should see my sister’s collection. Her boots alone would make you drool.)

Shawn has been such a fun addition to our family. We all love having his calm, happy personality around. He is a also such a darling uncle to my girls – always visiting with them and making them feel special. (that would be Shawn wearing the princess crown for Addie’s birthday)

He is also a great father to his little peanut, Claire. You should see the way he takes care of her. Up with her in the night, up with her first thing in the morning, always fixing her healthy little meals, always playing with her. Completely attentive to his two girls ALL THE TIME. We tease Car about how good she’s got it. And thanks to me, she’s got it REALLY good. (Car – the newest UGGS that are light tan, not the dark brown ones.)

Happy 30th Shawn! We all love you so much!!!
xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Happy 30th Shawn!

  1. Erin…thank you so much for the very flattering post (and for arranging for me to be in the family). I am incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful advocate and friend in my sister-in-law. Carly, Claire, and myself are continually on the receiving end of endless amounts of support, advice, and enjoyment from you and your family. Thanks again, and I’ll see what we can do about some of those new (light tan) UGG boots.

  2. Ditto! Although if I may… your post does tend to cast me in a less-flattering light than my Mother Teresa husband. Sure he gets up early with Claire while I sleep in and roll to work at 10am, buys me all the latest fashions on a regular basis and cooks several times a week…but I’m here to tell you…last Sunday he came home with my newspaper and extra-hot non-fat vanilla latte from Starbucks, and there was NO vanilla. Hear that, matchmaker? Far from perfect I say. But I’m a reasonable woman, so I’ll settle for the occasional slip. :)

  3. We all owe Erin big time for showing Carly the light that cute Shawn had all along. He was always so cute and friendly selling shoes for Clark at Christensens. I always loved him because he would take time to visit with me while I would try on shoes. Funny now I think about it, he would usually ask me about Car….dumb me! I will add this to your Shawn Post….he is the daddy of the sweetest, most precious little girl. Claire always gets extra loving care from her daddy….and so does Carly. Yes, we are a lucky family indeed to have you Shawn. Happy Birthday!

  4. Cute post Erin! I didn’t know you were such the matchmaker! Although, it really is no surprise, what with all your good taste in everything and all, of course you would be able to pick out the perfect husband for your sister. Very sweet.

  5. What a pretty picture of Shawn and Carly on their wedding day. I don’t know Shawn, but he can sure grow some chops—those make pork chops jealous.

    i hope you get your uggs–you may have been a little too subtle. You might have to give a few more hints.

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