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Ellie and Addison

blanket picnic

My mom did a lot of things I loved when I was growing up. One of my favorites was when she would surprise me and my sister or me and my friends with a little picnic. While we were upstairs playing she’d bring up plates with crackers, fruit and cheese and let us eat in the bedroom. Such a little thing but it always felt like such a treat and it always made me feel special. I love to do the same for my girls – surprise them with a little blanket picnic. Whenever I do, I think of my mom and the happy childhood she gave me.

A little snack on a blanket,

a few “friends” to join the party, and a great conversation.

Doesn’t get much better than that!

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “blanket picnic

  1. I will do this with my kids too and they love it. There is something fun about eating somewhere you’re normally not suppose to. Looks like the girls are having a great time. Cute pictures!

  2. So nice to see that the girls are so open, welcoming and accepting….so sweet that they would invite the dinosaurs to join them! What great friends they are! Too cute!

  3. I will never forget coming downstairs on Saturday mornings and my dad would have pulled up the doll high chair to the table, set my dolls inside and served them quarter sized pancakes. he would then feed them, wipe their mouths with a napkin…the whole thing. I loved that my dad would pretend to care for my dolls like they were his family too. The Best!

  4. OH great.. My 5 year old was looking at your blog over my shoulder and now I am being cussed because “those girls have pillow pets!!” I guess I know what I’ll be buying someone for Christmas…. LOL

  5. I love this post so much that I have read this so many times! I also pinned this post. I must say that you are an amazing mom.

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