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The Jersey still fits…

So the MAIN reason my parents were in town last weekend was to go with us to the Monday night football game. It was a huge game (Chargers vs. Broncos – mortal enemies) and we were all so excited to go. When we were in the ER Sat. night my husband’s question after “are the baby and Erin ok” was “can she go to the football game?” Since the game just required walking, sitting, a little standing, and some cheering I was good to go. (We joked that Kenny would have had me there on a gurney with an IV attached to my arm…probably not far from the truth)

Doesn’t this look disgusting!? Processed, fattening, saturated junk. I can’t help it – this food always tastes SO good at football games. Plus it’s what the baby wanted and who am I to deny the little one a craving? :)

To my parents: thanks again for such a fun weekend and for all of your help and support. We love you two so much and the girls are already counting down to your next visit.
To the Chargers: who lost. Again. Clearly you guys DID NOT get my letter. If you had, you wouldn’t have allowed the Broncos that quick touchdown right at the start of the second quarter and you wouldn’t have allowed Philip Rivers to be sacked five times. You would have understood how badly I need a Charger win (especially with the holidays right around the corner) and you would have shown me some love. I’m going to have to blame this loss on the mail system which is completely unreliable and not nearly as cool as the human body. (see this post to clear up any doubts you may have)

Your semi-fan,


xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “The Jersey still fits…

  1. So glad you were able to go to the game! Sorry about the outcome…only true fans still raise the “1” finger when their team is losing:)

  2. Erin! I love you! Thanks for making me laugh, once again. I totally agree, they obviously didn’t get your letter, that unreliable mail! I was actually thinking to myself after your last post…I wonder what Kenny is thinking about the amazing-ness of the human body now? Sorry Kenny I think you lost that debate, again. Love you guys!

  3. Oh my gosh you cracked me up with the dig on the human body/mail system debate. Too funny.

    And you’re so right about the food! The BEST hot dog I’ve EVER eaten was at a Padres game and I think hot dogs are disgusting!!!

  4. Love your cute pics, especially the one w/ your mom. Glad she was here this weekend for you. Moms are such blessings of strength, especially during scary times. Take it easy & if you ever need anything just call.

  5. Sorry about the loss but I have to say Trent is elated with his Broncos!! 6-0! Who would of thought! Loved the Sports Center music!
    You guys are so fun! Nothing keeps you down!

  6. Funny that I’m suddenly craving cheese drenched nachos…

    I will say though that this 6-0 thing with the Broncos is working nicely in my favor. At least some good is coming out of the Chargers loss!

  7. First off may I say, you look way too good for having spent the night at the ER before that. You guys look darling (I love your mom) Second, I’m glad you could make it to the game and enjoy such delish treats. And most importantly, I’m so glad you’re o.k. and din’t miscarry. I had a DNC back in Feb, no fun at all.

  8. FYI…just when you thought you were Halloweencrafts-for-the-kiddos out…go check out Ann’s blog. And I warned you–another project with ERIN written all over it:)Hey, I actually did the bingo cards..yes! I did. You and Elder Bednar would be proud since it was our FHE activity.o! but I boast…

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