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Christmas card time!

Kenny had to work late last night so it was the perfect opportunity to get going on my Christmas cards! I love making them every year. Especially when I start early enough that I’m not rushed. The goal: to have them made and in envelopes stamped and ready to mail by Thanksgiving. The goal was originally to have this done by Halloween. I’m famous for setting unrealistic goals. I can’t wait to start getting cards in the mail! And I can’t wait for my pantry door to look like this again. Isn’t this the best time of year!? I had to resist the urge to turn on “It’s a Wonderful Life” last night – trying to hold off Christmas movies a little longer although I don’t know why. I would be perfectly content celebrating Christmas all year long.

Today is Veterans Day and the girls are out of school. We may all three be in pajamas for quite a while. We also may have to take a trip to Toys R Us to get a few ideas for Santa. :) Hmm. Maybe we’ll go to Toys R Us in our pajamas. That sounds like a party. Anyone up for joining us?

Also let me know if want a Christmas card from me (if you didn’t get one last year) and I’d love to add you to the list. Of course I’ll be expecting to then be added to the top of yours. :)
xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Christmas card time!

  1. I’d love to receive one of your homemade cards! Aren’t they the best? As long as there is a super cute picture included :)A family pic is a must!

    I’ll email you our address.

  2. We’re up for the Toys R Us pajama party! My 4-year-old is probably into much of the same stuff that your girls are….very Barbie & Disney Princess oriented in our house. Love it!

    Glad to hear someone else will be in their pjs for a while today too :) Have fun!

  3. Erin I am SO looking forward to getting your Christmas card, although you totally put me to shame. I still can’t believe you, MAKING all your cards, and Heaven knows you send out a LOT! I am totally with you and feel even more excited than usual for Christmas. I think it’s because I am actually getting some things done early, I got the last of what I needed for the kids last night and came home so giddy and excited, I just can’t wait!

    And I love that you have a bowl of popcorn to assist you in the card making. Although, do you have to stop for a bite and then wash your hands to start working again?

  4. You’re AMAZING!!! Love you…love your cards!!!! I don’t know what it is lately, but the demands of three kiddos and life in general has made it so I’m not blogging or commenting lately! I do sneak to the computer to see what you’re up to, and I’m ALWAYS impressed! Will I get to see you this Christmas???? I’m always on a different schedule than my 84765 girls, but I do HOPE we’ll get to see eachother!

  5. How fun. I need to get going on mine soon! My kids didn’t get the day off of school, so there was no pajama day for us. Hope you all had fun!

  6. Ha! Your friend Shari is a hoot. I won’t beg either because I know I’m getting the first one you mail! Can’t wait to see what photo you decided to choose. Mine have been done for 2 weeks now – so HA! Course I had a lovely site online make them for me, but I still enjoyed a bowl of popcorn while I placed the order!

  7. I would love to exchange Christmas cards with you!

    ps. So glad to know that I was not the only one still in jammies late in the day today. :)

  8. All I can say is WOW!! After not sending out cards last year I am determined to get mine out by Thanksgiving this year as well. Thanks for your inspiration!

  9. Erin… Jake and I don’t seem to be on your list… and as fellow Dix I find this quite offensive. I’ll send you our address… and if I can pull things together you will receive one from us and baby Jonathan this Christmas:).

    Congrats on the boy!!

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