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Saturday 6


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday! And hello new leaves. I see you there and you’re making me smile. Welcome spring! We are ready for you.


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Snapped this tonight.. shoes all over the mudroom and by our front entry is always a sign it’s the weekend! Addison told me a few days ago “some” friends from school were coming over Friday evening. Friday morning she casually mentioned again some friends coming over and adds.. maybe around 30. Ha! Teens crack me up. In what world is “some” 30!? That’s helpful info to have Addison. ;)

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

I love all of her friends and am happy to have them over.. the conversation just made me laugh. Typical teens! I am also so amused by how they are consistently making BIG plans. Where they are going, what they are doing next weekend.. no thought about who is driving and who is paying and how it’s actually happening. They are just busy making plans.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Faux Laurel Leaf & Sedum Wire Wreath}

On a side note my spring wreath found a new home and I kind of love it.

I kind of love teens too. They keep life interesting. :)


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Lamp/The Art of Home book/AD at 100 book/Candle Warmer Lamp/Capiz Jar Candle/Framed Canvas/Faux Eucalyptus Stems/Santorini Vase/Similar Console/Similar Baskets}

Last Saturday I shared this beautiful framed canvas I bought and here is where it landed! Perfection on a console table. I really love this canvas. It’s moody but still light.. simple but still complex.. neutral but still dramatic. It’s a perfect backdrop for any and all decor!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Another recent obsession is this cute candle warmer lamp. So fun right!? I love the style of it and the pretty marble base!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

It has a small remote you can use to turn on the heat and burn the candle and you can choose a set amount of time (no more forgetting to blow out the candle!). You can also switch the cute little lamp on and decide how bright you want it.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

It looks so cute lit up in the evening! And the house smells so good.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Candle Warmer Lamp}

I love it so much I bought this white version for my bedroom. :)


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{from left to right: basket one, two, three, four/similar baskets with ears here}

Ordered these cute baskets and I’ll share how I’m using them all soon!


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

OK.. WHERE have these slow cooker liners been all of my life!? I just discovered them and talk about a game changer.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

I’m sure many of you have used them before and my only question is WHY didn’t you tell me about them sooner!? Ha. You could have saved me hours of crock pot scrubbing. ;) Seriously though.. so good. I used them last weekend for the first time making our Mexican Chalupas (recipe here). I wrote that recipe blog post in May of 2011 by the way. Still blogging and still making the same easy dinners.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

The only difference is now I’m not scrubbing my crock pot after. ;)


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{v-neck tee/cropped wide leg pants/similar madewell totes/raffia slide sandal}

These beloved cropped wide leg pants are back in stock in lots of colors and sizes! I wear them ALL the time and I’m sure you’ve noticed because they are in so many pics I share. So comfortable and flattering! There is a sale going on this weekend in the LTK app and if you shop through THIS LINK in the app you can get 20% off of any order of $100 on Anthro clothes! SCORE! When you click through my LTK link and add things to your cart you will get a promo code to use at check out. You can also get 20% off certain dinnerware and candles HERE. (You don’t have to be in the app for that one!) 

Anthro Black Jumpsuit (Sunny Side Up)

{maeve wrapped-culotte jumpsuit/kira wallet on a chain/initial pendant necklace/similar sandals here & here}

My beloved black jumpsuit is another Antho favorite! It’s popular because aside from being cute and comfortable it’s also so flattering. You can get it HERE for 20% off (just make sure you’re signed into the app and you’ll see the promo code!)

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

We went to dinner Friday night with friends to kick off the birthday celebrations. (Turning 47 Monday.. yikes!). :)

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{small bag/medium bag}it also comes in an oversized option here}

My friend and I were laughing that we showed up with the same Anthro purse! I have the smaller version and she has the larger version. So good. I linked them here in the app so you can get the discount and shared a few other things I have my eye on too. That wraps up my 6 on Saturday!

Enjoy your weekend! :)

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Hi—how do I use the discount code for Anthropologie mini bag? I copied it but where do I retrieve it? I am not very tech savvy.

    1. Hi Patti! Sorry.. I’m not tech savvy either so I totally get it! It’s a little confusing! The best thing to do is go to the app store on your phone and get the LTK app. Once you have that it will be easy because you can click on that link in my blog and it will open up your app (it might ask for the password you put in when you downloaded the app). Then you’re shopping on your phone in the app and you’ll see the promo code pop up when you put things in your cart. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Can you please share more easy crockpot recipes? Also can you share the link for the 1,2,3 key holder? Thank you and have a great weekend! :-)

    1. Hi Sarah! I’ll definitely try to share more! They are about all I make.. ha. The key holder I actually made! I found the framed wood at a Home Goods and then added the numbers and hooks about 10 years ago when we built our house. :)

  3. It’s neat to hear that your daughter feels comfortable enough to invite her friends (all 30 or so of them) over. You are a great mom for taking it in stride. You have found some neat new items. Love the console art, the candle warmer. I won’t have candles because I WILL forget to blow them out. Keeping us safe over here. The bunny ears basket is so fun. So much to enjoy this post. Not the least of which was the slip in that your birthday is coming. Hope you are having an amazing prebirthday celebratory weekend! You are definitely keeping a youthful glow. Thanks for all you do, Erin. I appreciate you!

  4. Hope you have a very happy birthday tomorrow! The bunny basket is so cute, and love the candle warmer idea. The teens’ shoes – can’t they at least line them up! I bet it drove you nuts – would’ve me!!😂

  5. Erin,
    Does the candle warmer lamp melt the wax from the top by the warmth of the bulb or from the bottom ( like the old warmer bases) or both?
    Is the scent as good as if it was actually burning?
    BYW the crock liners are brilliant! In my basket!

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