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Swimsuit Organization

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

The closet progress continues! One drawer at a time. Which is precisely what I’m sharing today.. an organized drawer. But I’m feeling especially excited about this organized drawer! I’ve struggled with how to organize my swimsuits and cover-ups for years. Anyone with me on this!? Suits and cover-ups are hard to fold and no matter how nicely I fold and organize them all, the second I start wearing suits in the summer and going through them my drawer ends up a mess. I had my suits in one drawer and cover-ups in another but I went through them all and I’m only keeping what I really use and love so I was able to consolidate them all into one drawer. Progress already!

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{mini clear bag small bags – I bought this same bag in the 2 sizes listed above}

{similar slightly smaller bags here}

I spent some time researching ideas for swimsuit organization because I knew I needed a better system and found an idea I’m really excited about! I saw a few pictures of swimsuits organized in small clear bags so I looked on Amazon and found lots of fun options. I knew I wanted two different sizes.. small for swimsuits/bikinis and a larger size for my cover-ups so I ordered two different sizes of the same bags (listed above).

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I folded everything..

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

and then decided to fold everything even smaller.

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

The perfect size! My favorite part about these particular bags is that they are flat on the bottom so they stand upright on their own. The two sizes I ordered were perfect for suits and cover-ups! It took me 5-10 minutes to put each item in a bag and set them in my drawer. Ready to see the after!?

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. hellloooo angels! Welcome to my closet and happy you showed up! Seriously I could not be more excited about this solution. Let’s discuss why it’s so good! For starters it looks amazing. I mean how much fun is it to open a drawer and see this beautiful sight!? But on a practical note.. I can now see every single suit and cover-up that I own at first glance. No more digging through a pile to find the suit I want! No more finding half of my bikini and not the other half. No more trying to keep suits folded when they don’t fold well. I AM IN LOVE with this solution.

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Easy for beach days, pool days and the best when it’s time to travel! I can easily find the suits I want to pack for a trip and use the clear bags to hold a few suits along with sunscreen and lipgloss!

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)


Let’s see one more before and after.

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)



Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Also I can fit SO MANY MORE in this drawer. I slid the bags up to see and can easily almost double them. Bonus. Too bad I don’t love swimsuit shopping. Ha.

I might use some of the extra mini bags for my girls suits and other organizing projects!

Swimsuit Organization (Sunny Side Up)

But I do love swimsuit organization! And singing angels are always a good time. :)

I linked a few other swimsuit organization options below along with some of my favorite suits/cover-ups/beach bags/beach wear! I’ll be adding these cover-ups to my newly organized drawer as soon as I share them with you. :) Enjoy your day and happy organizing!

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Swimsuit Organization

  1. Great job on your swimsuit organization. It looks great! And yay for being able to see at a glance which one you want to wear. You are making great progress on your closet! Go, Erin! (cue singing angels). :)

  2. I have the little boxes with dividers for my swimsuit and cover up drawers, but even with those I think they’re still hard to go through. I might have to try the bags instead. Thank you for the tip!

  3. Erin, this look amazing. Will have to try this for my daughter’s swimwear. Doubt mine will fit in these bags. Love it. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Rita! I’m so happy you like it! Try ordering the bags I used for cover-ups if you feel like you need more room for your suits! Suits fold up so small and I bet most would fit in the cover-up size! xo

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