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Saturday 6


Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

It’s Saturday! And it’s March! Feeling good about both of those facts. So good I’m thinking we’re due for a fruit rainbow around here. Because why not? It’s Saturday and it’s March.

Happy Saturday and happy March to all of you! :)


Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

{Left Canvas / Right Canvas}

Sharing a few things I’m loving around here including two new art prints! I’m excited about both of these.

Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

Target Canvas

This canvas is even more beautiful in person than it looked on-line. It’s minimalistic but adds so much warmth. I ordered it for my console table but now I’m torn because it looks good in several spots in my home.

Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

Amazon Canvas

I ordered this canvas from Amazon thinking if I didn’t like it I would return it.. ahhh! It’s SO good. I love it and love the colors and it’s perfect and I’ll show you where it’s going soon! Below are a few other great options I found at both Target and Amazon when I was looking for these! (I have most of the prints from Target and they are smaller!)


Recent Favorites (Saturday 6) - Sunny Side Up

{New Balance 327 Sneakers/Retro Runner Sneaker/Bay Cutout Slide Sandal/Bambi Raffia Buckle Slide Sandal}

Last week I shared some shoes I’m loving this spring.

Nordstrom Spring Sandals

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 }


Along with other cute similar sandals!

Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

Sam Edelman sneakers

Then these cute sneakers arrived at my house a few days later so I decided we aren’t done discussing shoes. :)

Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

Sweater / Pants / Sneakers

I had this cute sweater and pants on the day that these sneakers showed up on my doorstep. They worked so perfectly with my outfit that I knew they were meant to be mine. :) Aside from being cute they are so comfortable! They were perfect to run around in all day and then I switched to boots in the evening for dinner out. I love sneakers. And sandals. And boots. And cute sweaters. And then I wonder why I’m struggling to keep my closet clean. Ha.


Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

natural woven tray / natural woven tray with handles / oval rim woven tray

Spring baskets! That work for fall and winter and summer too, but I especially love baskets like this in the spring. Perfect to hold Easter decor or tulips or lemons or outdoor dishes. I’ll share how I’m using them all soon! Probably to hold Easter decor or tulips or lemons or outdoor dishes. ;)


Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

Woven Basket / Bunny ceramic bowl

A few other inexpensive spring favorites!

Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

Bunny Serving Board / Egg Serving Board

Adorable. I bought the bunny last year and he’s back in stock! With a cute egg serving board to accompany him. :)

Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

Faux Willow Leaf Bundle

I didn’t fan these branches out very well so I’ll share a better pic soon but I really love the look of these bundles!


Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

I’m still trying to walk at 6 am as much as possible! I’ve missed a few days here and there for different reasons and I really notice a difference. The days I miss I don’t feel as happy and productive overall as I do on the days I walk early (even if I still exercise later in the day!). Walking first thing in the morning just starts my day off right. It helps me focus on getting to bed earlier the night before and I start my day drinking more water. It clears my mind and I’ve noticed I’m not as scattered during the day. A few different days friends have come with me and that has been so fun too! It’s honestly the most positive thing I’ve done for myself in such a long time and I’m loving it. :)

Saturday 6 (Spring Finds)

{similar option here & here}

One of my cute friends who came with me this week can’t believe I’m heading out alone most mornings when it’s still dark outside and dropped this gift off at my house.. ha! Now I’m really set. :) It actually is such a smart thing to always have on hand and I’m buying one for my girls to take to college next year!

Grateful for good friends who keep me safe and stylish. ;) Grateful for morning walks and the month of March and fruit rainbows and comfy sneakers and spring baskets.

Grateful for all of you. XO

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Fun post with all the new goodies. Love the art prints you selected. And yay for walking and then big yay to your friend who gave you that important gift. I only walk in my neighborhood now. I tried walking on trails and I was just too nervous about it that I stopped. You have to be careful unfortunately. Happy walking!

  2. Erin,
    What a wonderful trip! Great and very helpful post! Travel writing is in your future, I think!
    Only thing more lovely than that Island is that beautiful family of yours! You are so very blessed.

  3. Dogs work really good as personal protection too ;)
    It’s probably getting that first look at sunlight every day that is helping you. If you can’t walk, at least go out on your patio and get that first sun for about 10 minutes each morning. I have heard a lot about the effects of our circadian rhythms on our system when we get that first sunlight.

  4. Just ordered the personal protection spray. I walk on a trail near my home every single day of my life- and have been wanting to find something like this. Once you feel and see the benefits of walking, you never go back. I love to pray, or listen to podcasts when I walk. My favorite part of my day! Good job! Also, I can’t believe the beauty of the art you found on Amazon. I love it. Have a wonderful day.

    1. So happy that was helpful Kelly! I love that you walk daily! I agree.. best part of the day. :) I’m also thrilled you like that art too! Excited to hang it soon. Thank you! xo

  5. Hi Erin! How do you style your hair? It’s so pretty in your picture! Do you use a curling wand or iron, or is it just naturally like that? Happy March (and birthday month :))!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! You are too kind! So sweet of you. I curl it lots of different ways but the day I took this pic I used a curling iron! I just curl the middle section of each strand of hair and leave the bottom straight to get this look. :)

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