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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof

Mexican Chalupas

Hi everyone!  The weekend is upon us.  YEA.  So you are all in for a real treat today.  Another recipe by yours truly!  (By this point I’m hoping you can tell when I’m being sarcastic.)  I cooked one of my favorite easy recipes this week to take dinner to a friend and she loved the recipe!  Said her kids loved it too!  It made me so happy.  And so mad because my kids don’t love it.  What’s up with that.  Then I remembered that the last time I made this was in December and I was going to blog the recipe and forgot.  Or more likely I got sidetracked with my mass production of pretzel hugs.  So here’s a little Christmas decor in May!  Along with a simple, tasty recipe that is pretty hard to mess up.  
What you need:
1 pork tenderloin
1 large can chopped green chilies (I always buy two little ones because I can’t ever find a large can and I get impatient looking for ingredients in the grocery store)
1 large can salsa (that’s always easy to find)
2 cans rinsed pinto beans
1 jar green salsa (optional – I’ve never added this)
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 fake poinsettia – not really but it does add a bit of flair, doesn’t it?
What you’ll do:
Cook 1 pork tenderloin in crock-pot on high for 3-4 hours (optional – lightly season with salt and pepper – I’ve never done this either because I think pork is plenty salty on its own)

 Remove tenderloin and shred into small pieces

Rinse out crock-pot and put shredded pork back in
Add all of the above ingredients
Stir and heat everything until warm (this takes a while – at least another hour)

 Serve in warm flour tortillas with cheese and sour cream

Delicious and easy.  Here’s hoping that you and your kids will love it too!  
Have a great weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Mexican Chalupas

  1. it makes sense that your kids don’t like it. most kids don’t like food that has strong flavors. they prefer bland foods unless you expose them to different kinds of flavors and types of food early in life (like babyhood)

  2. This looks fantastic and I’m going to try it this weekend. My kiddos will eat almost anything wrapped in a tortilla, so I’m guessing it will be a hit! {If you use corn tortillas like we do, it’s a gluten free recipe, too. So cool!} You’re recipes are great~always something I know we’ll like around here! I should also let you know that we regularly…not just at Christmas…make your pretzel hugs. And we’ve started doing them will Rollo candy, too! Thanks again for the recipes!

  3. Made it this weekend and we all loved it. My older one said it was a little too spicy…I told her to take a drink of water and she will be fine…and she was! Thanks. It was so yummy!

  4. I’ve never commented before, but it’s now time. I’m a single girl who doesn’t cook. I’m forever on the lookout for things I can do. Since you’re so open about your lack of cooking skill, I figured I could give it a try.

    I loved these Chalupas and they were as easy as promised!

  5. I made this! It was good the first night, but AWESOME the second night!! I reheated it in a skillet and served it over nacho chips. I fed it to our friends, they were groaning about it’s tastiness, telling me I needed to open a restaurant. haha! Pretty darn good for a “Quick-n-Dirty, Dump-n-Stir” type recipe! Thank you, Erin! Oh, I did add the green salsa stuff to mine that you don’t usually add.


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