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I’m dreaming…of a white…

kitchen!  Ok.  I actually already HAVE a white kitchen.  And I still love my white kitchen.  I have been a fan of white kitchens for as long as I can remember and when we built our current house nine years ago a white kitchen was my top priority.  As styles come and go over the years that is the one thing that I still love and probably always will.  White kitchens.  Such a clean look!  And a great back drop for any and all colors.  
If we were staying in this house for a few more years I would replace our tile with wood floors, repaint, add a fun light fixture in the kitchen, change the light fixture over the dining room table, and re-decorate.  
I’m  a bit antsy lately so the re-decorating part may happen regardless.  :)
I have been saving pictures of white kitchens I love for a while now and thought I’d share some with you!  These are a few I’ve cut out of magazines…

I just love the island in this one.  And the painted hood over the oven.  And the windows over the sink.  I just love it all!

These are my favorite wood floors.  Big thick planks.  I’m not a fan of this back splash or island, but I love the cabinets.  And the dog.  He looks like he loves white kitchens too.  :)

Love the oven hood.  Love the legs below the sink.  
I absolutely adore this green island!  So fun.  
Several of you mentioned Pinterest in the comments after I shared my binder.  OH YES.  I have definitely joined Pinterest!  Have you all heard of it?  You MUST check it out if you haven’t already.  It has proven to be the most addicting thing ever.  Dare I say that it maybe even ties with blog stalking!?  So much fun.  I’m not creating an amazing variety of boards – just using it strictly for home decor/ideas.  You can find me pinning up a storm here.  Like I needed one more thing to occupy the free time I really don’t have!  
Here are some of the BEAUTIFUL white kitchens I’ve pinned on Pinterest and their original sources…  

How gorgeous is this kitchen!?  Love the bead board cabinets.

I can’t get enough of this one.  How heavenly is all that GREEN!!!  I especially love the green paint behind the white dishes in the cabinet.  LOVE it.  

Beautiful ceiling.  Beautiful kitchen.  Still debating whether or not I love the big white farm sinks that are so in right now… anyone out there have one?  Pros?  Cons?  

How dreamy is this kitchen!?  Such a clean, calm look and the light fixtures are TO DIE FOR.  

This kitchen is perfect.  Maybe I’d change the chandeliers (a little too fancy for me) and the chairs, but everything else…perfect.  

SWOON!  I couldn’t get over this one, but I think that has just as much to do with the organized pantry as it does the kitchen!  Be still my heart.  

Source: via Erin on Pinterest
Love those island legs and the windows.  Gorgeous!  

This kitchen is just FUN.  It makes me happy every time I look at it!  
So there you have it!  Kitchens I adore.  Kenny is so sick of hearing me talk about white kitchens.  When we check out a house the first place I head is to the kitchen to see if it has the “bones” to someday be transformed into my white dream kitchen.  It especially baffles him because he knows how much I despise cooking.  I tell him I don’t plan to COOK in it.  Silly.  I just want to organize it and decorate it and bask in its loveliness every day.  
And then call for take out.  
xoxo, Erin
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27 thoughts on “I’m dreaming…of a white…

  1. Oh Erin…it’s as if we were separated at birth. Love these ideas you picked out. I am super fortunate and super blessed to have the bomb kitchen (that I too call for take-out). It just feels good to bask, doesn’t it?!? :)

  2. Love it and how exciting for you! I can see you having a beautiful white, crisp kitchen! I guess it tells a bit about me that we opted for natural colors and a tile that kind of ‘hides’ the dirt with its design! When we built our last house six years ago I wanted double ovens. Steve teases me that as much as I cook we really could have a facade and use the space in other ways but I love them for those parties, big family gatherings and such!

  3. beautiful pics! i also have a white kitchen! love it :) i have a whitehaus farmsink and would never go back to a regular one. it has no dividers which i love and it’s so durable!

  4. Erin, I had a copper farmhouse sink in my last house and I LOVED it! I swore I’d never go back…but then we sold the house and moved. If I ever design my own kitchen again I will for sure pick a farmhouse sink. All of that room to wash dishes, fill pots, oh, and bathe babies! Love it!

  5. LOL, you are too funny!! I loved that one with the green walls. so pretty. I also love pinterest and I am going to follow you now (because god knows I need more ideas!!)

  6. I absolutely LOVE those, all of them!!! And I think I would LOVE a farmhouse sink too. But, then again…I do cook…..

    :) love you Erin!!!!

  7. I’m a white kitchen fan too. It has such a classic feel that can go with so many styles. We had a white sink in our last house and to be honest, I’m not sure I’d get one again. It scratched easily and if you didn’t rinse it immediately after dumping anything or clearing out dishes, it would get yellow-y looking. Magic Eraser usually took care of it but it was always a chore. When we redo our current kitchen, I might look for a stainless steel farmhouse sink. The best of both worlds?? :) Here’s hoping you get your dream kitchen at your next place!

  8. I adore those kitchens! Great taste.

    Okay, I actually LOVE to cook, it’s one of my “things”, but recently I looked around my kitchen in despair and said, “Oh wow, my kitchen is SUCH a mess!” and my 3-yr-old said, “Then you shouldn’t cook in your kitchen!” She has a good point. ;)

  9. Love a white kitchen also. We moved into our house 2 years ago (it’s a 10 year old house) and I so badly want to renovate the kitchen…but hubby wants to move (again)…but you’ve provided lots of inspiration here…I might just need to have a “kitchen meeting” with him soon ; )

  10. You crack me up! I do LOVE kitchens too…whenever I get sucked into the real estate site looking at homes that are for sale, the kitchen is the picture that determines whether I like the house or not. I’m so amazed at how many homes have such small nothing nice about it kitchens! After all, we spend most of our time in there, right?

  11. I am right there with you with the white and the pop of color. I love yellow, but I am more drawn to the green in a lot of these pictures. I have never done Pinterest (gasp), but I’m hearing about it all over.

  12. Love the kitchens Erin, you know what though…..your kitchen was right up there with my favs :)
    Emma in Australia

  13. As you know, I am a white kitchen convert. I am soooo loving my new white kitchen. It is glorious. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your dream kitchen!!!! You were lots of help with my redecoration…. even from what probably is a million miles away!

    Thanks again!

    Shannon in PA

  14. I LOVE white kitchens too! That is what I want when I get to build a house someday. Also…my aunt Megan has a white farm sink and I have LOVED it when I babysat her kids. You can wash anything in it. The white porcelain is so hard that it can break dishes pretty easy if your not careful with them. That’s the only con I see.

  15. Erin, Love your kitchen now!! Quick question….where did you get your kitchen table? I LOVE IT!

    Love the blog! Thanks!

  16. Anonymous –

    I actually bought the table from a lady who had a home in a home show. The table was in the home and I asked her if she was selling any of the furniture because I loved the kitchen table. She said she’d let me know and later sold it to me. Sorry that’s not much help to you!

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog and kitchen! :)

  17. Maybe you could send your research this way. I would let you build our house. We have a gorgeous 2.5 acre lot, but I have made no effort in the gathering of ideas to build.

  18. Hi Tabitha!

    I bought my canisters years ago at a store in Southern Utah that has now gone out of business. :( Sorry that’s not much help!

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