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Saturday 6


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday! Sharing a few things going on around here! Six things to be exact. :) What a rainy week we had!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

It has been wet to say the least but the sun is supposed to pop out this weekend and I’m excited! It’s always so beautiful and green after it rains.

I’ve also missed my morning walks! The treadmill just isn’t as easy to wake up for. Ha. I’m hoping the trail by my house dries out quickly so that I’m not sinking in mud next week! One thing that always helps me on dark, dreary weeks like this is getting out to meet friends. Everyone is busy, but I’ve found that prioritizing a quick lunch with a friend or two (or three!) works wonders for my overall mood and is especially helpful on bad weather weeks. Sometimes I’ll even meet friends for just 30 or 40 minutes before we pick up kids from school for a quick diet coke! I alway notice my overall energy and mood are instantly boosted after seeing friends. If you have been feeling down at all because of weather or for any other reason reach out to a friend this weekend and schedule something for next week!  My favorite medicine. :)


Organized Jeans (Sunny Side Up)

I didn’t get as much organizing done this week as I wanted to but I did finish one project that I’ve been putting off for over a year! I finally went through my jeans! It took me a few days (I only had time for 15-20 min a day and I tried on every pair) but I’m happy to sat that the floor pile is finally gone.

Organized Jeans (Sunny Side Up)

{similar hangers}

Ta-da! I only kept jeans that I really love and wear often. This wasn’t easy for me and I knew it wouldn’t be which is why I put it off for so long! I love clothes and jeans and often have a hard time parting with them (the reason I struggle to keep my closet clean!). The funny thing is that I actually think I’ll wear more of a variety now that I have less jeans! When I had too many and they weren’t organized I kept just grabbing the same pair to wear over and over. It was too hard to mix it up and find what I needed!

Organized Jeans (Sunny Side Up)

YEA for small tasks that make a HUGE difference. I can’t even begin to express how nice it feels to have that done! On to the next section of my closet this weekend!


Peonies (Sunny Side Up)

{amazon peonies}

{marble lazy susan/faux peonies/concrete planter/similar vase/capiz jar candle/gold candle snuffer/

brass salt mill/brass pepper mill/also sold here – gold salt & pepper mill}

I’ve shared my favorite faux peonies every spring for years! I love pulling them out in February. I ordered these faux peonies to try and can’t believe how realistic they look. Such an amazing price and so similar to my originals that were a lot more expensive!


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{my amazon tulle skirt/love sweater//similar tulle skirt/similar love sweater}

A few weeks ago I saw this cute tulle skirt on-line at Anthro and fell in love! But I didn’t want to spend so much on an item I knew I wouldn’t wear as often so I looked around and found this cute option that I’m thrilled about! So fun for Valentine’s day or any other dressy event.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)


New Rug (Sunny Side Up){cascade rug}

I’m giving my living room a little re-fresh and I started with a new rug! It’s very similar to my old rug (I still wanted something neutral and light in this space!) but without the wear and tear and stains from 10 years. :)

New Rug (Sunny Side Up)

Beautiful and soft and very affordable! I love the pattern too.

New Rug (Sunny Side Up)

Of course as soon as I laid it down I started my “if you give a mouse a cookie” moment. “Love the new rug.. wouldn’t a new dark coffee table look good with it? And for the chairs.. hmmm.. I could move this coffee table upstairs and..”

One new item always makes me want to re-do everything for an entirely new look! Anyone else? :)


{Brown Linen Pillow/Floral Linen Pillow}

I recently shared some pillows I’m loving lately and thought I’d show you what I ended up with in the family room. These two are favorites from fall that worked through the holidays and into winter and I’m keeping them out for spring too!

{green square pillow/frayed lumbar pillow}

The rest are cute patterns from Target! Love the texture on these two.

{brown oblong pillow/oversized square pillow/woven plaid pillow/velvet round throw pillow}

I also love that green is having such a moment in home decor because it’s always a staple color for me. :) The cute round velvet pillow comes in 3 colors and is such a fun accent!

{floral square pillow/multi-strip pillow}

This green floral pillow might be my very favorite.. I love it for spring!

{similar striped pillows/fruit & floral outdoor pillow}

I also picked up this cute fruit/floral outdoor pillow because they sell out so quickly before the weather warms up every year. Tried it in my outdoor area and it’s a keeper too! Nothing like a few new pillows to give your space a new lease on life!

That wraps up this week’s Saturday 6! Enjoy your weekend everyone! I’m excited for some time with family, some time with friends, a little organizing, a little football and lots of sunshine. :)

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. So glad you haven’t been washed away in all the rain! Hopefully you get to enjoy a sunshiny weekend. We have another snowstorm in my neck of the woods. Great job on your closet. I know how great it feels to get that job off your list. Lots of neat items to freshen up your rooms, too. Thanks for sharing, Erin!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Definitely feels good to check something off that has been on the to-do list that long.. ha. I hope you stay warm and safe in all the snow you’re getting! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. Erin,
    May your trail (path) dry out quickly!
    Wow! WHAT IF it had been snow!? Let me tell you! It would be jostling cars for space in garage and side of driveway ( room for plowing/snow blowing ) hearing LOUD plows all night long, Shoveling and shoveling again and again. Then AGAIN. frozen car door jams and or locks on vehicles that didn’t make it into garage. packages and mail delays. Rock salt everywhere to avoid a lawsuit by the Amazon or UPS guy. The only thing I know YOU would like (♥) about it is BOOTS! No cutie-Patootie Sam E. shoes or adorable ballet flats for Valentines Day. BOOTS. BOOTS and more BOOTS. We STILL ♥the good ole Uggs around here……
    BTW, That rug! I LOVE it!!!
    BTW-YES, on the dark coffee table! They say dark wood is back IN. However, I just saw a matt black painted one that is just the best! I’m still a sucker for painted pieces.

    1. Oh a black table would look so good! Sherri I can’t even imagine this city if it ever snowed.. we all think rain is a major disaster.. ha! We would all crumble in your every day! But I hear you on the boots. I could definitely handle that situation! ;) Happy Super Bowl weekend!

  3. Wow! The first picture showing your front driveway almost looks like a lake! Lots of rain out in CA and our news is showing mudslides in LA. Here in GA the rain is to start on Sunday through Monday with almost 4” to be received in our area. Crazy weather. Then in March we are so lucky to have the pine pollen (which is green) start and it lasts through April. Needless to say, everyone is scheduling their May power washing of their homes, sidewalks, docks and boats. Hope you have some sunny days ahead!

  4. By the way, I meant to mention in my previous comment that I love all the new items you have added to your home to re-fresh the areas! I may have to look for those floral pillows to refresh my living room. Ha!

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