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This & That & holiday decor!

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Star Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{tree sources}

One week until Christmas! How are you holding up!? Exhaustion is definitely hitting for me! Ha. Very excited for some down time with my family. I’m bummed I haven’t had time to share more of my holiday decor here on the blog! It has been such a busy month (honestly probably our craziest December yet!) so I’ve been sharing more on IG lately because I can do that faster (you can see a little video home tour here!). I’ll still try to get more Christmas decor pics taken this week and I have a few things to share today, but I want to tell you about a fun party that I did with some friends this year that you might want to do too!

My friends and I have always joked and laughed about the state of our stockings on Christmas morning (they are usually flat unless we fill them for ourselves!) so we really loved SNL’s Christmas Morning skit when it came out!  (If you haven’ seen it yet look it up on YouTube!). It’s the one where everyone gets fun gifts for Christmas and the mom just gets a robe. She burns her hand on the oven and her stocking is flat and even the dog gets a robe. It’s hilarious and the reason it’s hilarious is because it’s so true! Often it’s the mom doing everything to make the magic happen on Christmas morning and she doesn’t get much in return. I have been joking with my friends for years that we should be filling each others stockings! Well this year two of my cute friends ran with that idea and took charge and planned a stocking party! They sent out a little survey about our favorite colors/stores/gifts and then they drew names and assigned each of us one person to buy/fill a stocking for. We had a nice budget so we were able to really spoil each other! (You can obviously decide on any budget for this.) Then we had a beautiful lunch together to celebrate and we each went home with a stocking full of personalized gifts that we get to open on Christmas morning. So much fun! I wanted to share that idea here if it’s something you want to do with your friends this year! Or just a fun idea to plan for next year. :) We’ve done pajama parties and favorite things parities and lots of fun get togethers but this was our first official “stocking for mom” party and we loved it. :)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

Pic from the lunch!

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

My friend made this gorgeous flower arrangement for the table.

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up){satin shirtdress/over the knee boots/teardrop earrings/initial necklace/rings are all pictured below}

Not the whole group but the 5 of us snapped this on our way out. Grateful for good friends this year! I wasn’t able to throw my holiday party (boo.. just didn’t have the time for it!) but it has been so much fun celebrating with different friends throughout the month. I was chatting about this party idea on IG stories right after the lunch and got lots of outfit questions so I linked it all here (including the rings I’ve been wearing this year!). My dress is on sale and comes in black too. :)

Cyber Monday Deals (Sunny Side Up)

{ruffled turtleneck top/AG bootcut jeans/similar booties}

Also on a sidenote while we’re talking clothes.. my favorite jeans just went on major sale! 40% off! I’ve shared these so many times. They are so flattering! Especially if you are curvy! I’m almost 5’4 and they are long on me so I have to wear them with a higher boot heel. They are my go-to’s and I love them so much! My cute striped top is on sale too and comes in lots of colors.

holiday favorites (Sunny Side Up)

You can see the cute ruffle sleeve of my top in this pic with my girls!

holiday favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Which led to this pic.

holiday favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Which led to this pic and then we tipped over.. ha. They keep me young!

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{Christmas cards}

If you need some cute last minute cards to pair with a little gift this holiday season this set is my favorite! I love the patterns so much! It’s a nice set of cards for the price. We send out holiday cards with our family picture, but I always feel like I need some blank cards to write a little note on for friends/teachers that week before Christmas!

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up){detangling brush/dry shampoo texture spray/ponytail holders (we love & use these too!)/woven jewelry box/laneige lip sleeping mask}

{similar pine branches here/here/here/lighted brown branches/black serving board/white ceramic vase/gold glitter trees}

I did some wrapping yesterday and snapped a pic of a few things my girls are getting! Their favorite elastics, this cute jewelry case, my dry shampoo (this one is also a texture spray and I am LOVING it), some brushes for wet hair and then this lip mask my friend gave me last month and I love it so much I bought it for my girls too. :) I also realized I had more Christmas gifts for my girls than I do for Kole (I’m always worried about making it even for my kids.. you too!?) so I found some cute things for him on Amazon. I linked a few things I bought and other fun ideas at the end of this post if you are also shopping for teen boys. He has hands down been the hardest for me to shop for this year!

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

I’m also giving these cute pom sherpa throws to a few people this year! Bought several because they are on sale. I love the look of them draped over a chair and they are SO soft to curl up in.

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{black & natural wood blanket ladder /bobble knit throw blanket/faux fur throw blanket/knit tree throw}

Did I ever share this cute blanket ladder!? I’m loving it in this corner of our family room! It’s black and wood and has a modern look. Perfect to hold extra throws and it doubles as cute decor.

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{7 foot wooden bead garland/4 foot wooden bead garland/faux cedar garland/eucalyptus garland}

Ok.. I have to share this fun idea for Christmas cards! I have always loved hanging our past Christmas cards from garland on our stairs and in previous years I have used ribbon to hold them. I went to my photographers house this year to pick out our Christmas card picture and she was using this cute wooden bead garland to hold her Christmas cards. I looked at it and said “oh I do this too but what a fun idea to add the little clothes pins to this bead garland!” and she said “that bead garland came with the clothespins and I got it on Amazon!” Then I of course said “no way.. I need that link ASAP!” Ha. GENIUS!

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

So excited about this! The bead garland comes in 4 feet or 7 feet and I’m using two of the 7 foot strands to hold our family Christmas cards this year. The clothespins make it so easy to hang cards! (Ignore the garland in this pic.. I was still attaching things when I snapped this!)

I love seeing our family pictures/holiday cards through the years.

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

Especially long time favorite pics like this one when Kole would NOT stop screaming and trying to run away during the photoshoot so we just snapped the picture and rolled with the “better not cry, better not pout” theme. Ha! Good times. :)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

Last 4 years. My kids are growing up! {tear}

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

These are cell phone pics at night so not the best lighting but my little tree turned out so cute on my shiplap wall! It sold out quickly this year. (It was from grandinroad.)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

Especially fun at night. :)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

But my favorite part of this little hallway off our mudroom is the tree I made with our Santa pics. You knew they would pop up somewhere! :)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

I just used painters tape to attach them all to the wall and then hung this cute star ornament with a little command hook. We need to get our 2023 Santa pic taken this week! My kids are always good sports because they know it’s a non negotiable. If they want to live here rent free they are getting a pic with Santa every December. ;)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{kitchen sources/rib crewneck top/khaki velvet ribbon}

I added these cute little wreaths all over my house this year! They sold out so I’ll try to share them early next year when they are back in stock. I tied little bows with my favorite velvet ribbon and then ended up just using a glue gun to hold the ribbon. Just a tiny dot and then they will be easy to pull off if I want to switch the ribbon next year.

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

So cute! They make me happy. :)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

{command hooks/counter stools}

These clear command hooks are my favorite for small items like wreaths during the holidays.

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

I put them on all of my barstools and chairs.

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

And then decided my hallways needed wreaths because why not?

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

So festive right!? I’ll take it. :)  (Sorry for all the poorly lit night shots.. they only time I’ve been home lately to take pics is at night!)

Stair Bead Garland (Sunny Side Up)

I also added wreaths to our mudroom lockers again like last year. You can never have too many wreaths in my opinion!

Below are a few last minute gift ideas that ship fast including teen boy ideas since that’s what I’ve been frantically ordering.

One more week! We’ve got this. :)

1- marc jacobs bag   2-tula eye balm   3- sleep set

4- monogram necklace   5-throw blanket   6- faux fur blanket   7- the softest throw

8-zip up hoodie   9-herschel dopp kit   10- sexy lips & lashes


1- portable charger   2- the driving book for teens   3-headphone stand

4-hooded sweatshirt   5- night light   6-  drum set pad   7- flying disc


1- slim wallet   2- adidas backpack   3- sherpa wearable blanket

4- champion hoodie   5-cell phone stand   6- trust the grind   7-sweatpants

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “This & That & holiday decor!

  1. I sure enjoyed this fun and festive post. Your house is looking fabulous for the holidays. The theme for your get together is fabulous. I like how you ladies look out for each other. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a little less busy week before Christmas, my friend. You’ve earned some down time!

  2. Hi Erin – I’ve been following you for quite a while on IG and also your blog. I wanted to thank you for your postings – I enjoy reading about your family, home and what’s going on in your life – thanks for sharing. I wish you and your family a blessed holiday season and all the best in 2024. Tina

    1. That made my day Tina! So kind of you. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoy my blog and IG. Very grateful for kind readers like you! Happy holidays and wishing you and your family all the best! xo

  3. Hello, could you please tell me where the green plates in the photos from your stocking lunch are from? I would love to find them for a Christmas gift for my daughter.
    Thank you so much,

    1. Hi Patty! Aren’t those beautiful!? We were at a restaurant! So I don’t know where they are from.. so sorry I can’t help. Try googling plates with a green trellis pattern and see if anything similar pops up!

  4. Merry Christmas Erin! I wanted to say how grown up Kole looks in your Christmas picture this year (insert wide eyed emoji here)! You have a beautiful family, home and spirit. I always look forward to your blog posts. Good luck with the last week before Christmas, you’ve got this! :)

    1. Oh thank you so much Julie! You are the sweetest.. that made me so happy to hear! And I know! Kole really shot up this year. I can’t keep up with the amount of food he is eating! Ha! :) Happy holidays to you and your family! xo

  5. Everything looks amazing as usual! Love the tree on the shiplap board. Where are the wreaths in your mud room from? So cute!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Erin,
    Oh you ALWAYS present us with the most fun ideas! The “moms stocking party” is perfectly priceless! is just the perfect thing! Just love this idea!
    The Christmas cards on the stair railing idea is great! I’m using that one!
    OHMYGOSH. The kids! Why, they are not actually kids anymore (well, Kole, a little bit- still!) The girls are just as beautiful as their lovely mom!
    Erin, as busy as you have been, you have done such a wonderful job! Me? well, I got off to a sprinting, sort of early start and then hit a wall. We all got sick and I am just now STARTING to get the momentum back. I leave so much of the decor up well past Christmas/New Years as “winter decor” that I have given myself permission to be late. LOL. this would not be the FIRST year! This might be a good reason for me to host a 3 Kings party as I am not hosting Christmas this year!
    Merry soon to be Christmas!

    1. Sherri! That was me this year too! I got such an early start but then we got slammed with life and I have been really scrambling at the end to get things done! I never like that feeling so I’m seriously starting in August next year.. ha. ;) Planning on leaving mine up to enjoy for a while this year too! Happiest holidays to you and your sweet family! xo

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